Zhu Zhu ding’s 6 -month -old pregnant belly took a photo, stroking his pregnant belly with his hands and showing a smile, and the charm couldn’t stop it.

On June 4th, the Youjia Painting Officer micro -exposure of a group of actresses was slightly exposed. In addition to wheat and Zeng Keni, the pregnant mother Zhu Zhu also appeared.Just now, Zhu Zhu herself also showed this pregnant belly photo on her social account, and wrote happily: "Happy Woman".

In the photo, Zhu Zhu has a long hair shawl, wearing a green suspender skirt with the same color trench coat, and green gemstones on the neck. The summer dress is refreshing and beautiful, perfectly lining Zhu Zhu’s elegant and intellectual temperament.

Compared with Zhu Zhu’s own photos, in the official exposure photo, Zhu Zhu actually appeared in the whole upper body.Earlier, Zhu Zhu, who exposed the 6 months of pregnancy, has become more and more pregnant in recent photos.

Zhu Zhu’s body appeared on the half side, his hands stroked the pregnant belly gently, his movements were gentle and careful, and looking at Zhu Zhu’s expression, there was a light and light in his face with a light smile on his face.Can’t stop.

Basically, Zhu Zhu will gain praise from netizens every time. This time, it is naturally no exception. After reading it, netizens have commented: "Beautiful Sister Zhu Zhu", "Pregnant mothers who are so beautiful, good friends, good -looking green" "I really like itYou, beautiful intellectual and elegant. "

Since the officer Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy, Zhu Zhu has often exposed the daily pregnancy on personal social platforms. Not only did he take his girlfriend to support her husband’s career, but also worked with her own pregnant belly.Pregnant mother.

However, Zhu Zhu himself did not think so. Zhu Zhu bluntly did not feel that he was fighting, but felt that the day of business would be fulfilled.Yeah, life is boring during pregnancy. Instead of staying at home in a daze, it is better to continue to do what you like!

After pregnancy, Zhu Zhu not only had edema reactions on the body, but even the mood and preference seemed to have changed.On June 4th, Zhu Zhu, who was shot to the mirror, generously revealed that he only liked to wear black and white and cold jewelry, but recently somehow I like green, and then I started wearing yellow gemstone.EssenceIn this regard, Zhu Zhu is also playful and "the whole person’s temperament has changed."

In fact, no matter what color clothes wearing or what color gemstones, our pregnant mother Zhu Zhu can easily control it, and compared with before pregnancy, Zhu Zhu after pregnancy is more beautiful!

In the end, I wish the pregnant mother Zhu Zhu safe to give birth to the baby, and enjoy the beautiful process of pregnancy!

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