Zhou Gong interprets dreams, hands, fingers, nails, feet


Hand master career.

Dreaming of his hands is long and strong, which means that his career will be successful.

Dreaming of being cut off with both hands indicates that he can get God.

Dreaming of his own hand is more popular than before, which means that he will be in charge.

Dreaming of your own hand is weak and yellow, which is a sign of illness.

Dreaming of holding money in both hands, indicating that the opportunity to be entangled with family is coming.

Women dream of their hands hard, indicating that their lives are very hard.

Dreaming of shaking hands with strangers represents friends.

Dreaming of finger

Dreaming of cutting his own fingers means that he can be the winner in the love field.

Dreaming of being burned by steaming fingers implies that it is easy to be jealous of others in real life.

Dreaming of many fingers, indicating that there are noble guests.

Dreaming that his fingers have become longer, representing the prosperity of the business.

Dreaming of short fingers means that life will face a lot of money due to a large expense.

Dreaming of distorted fingers indicates that it will use the means of corruption to pay for money, but it is also easy to be exposed.

Dreaming of bleeding with fingers indicates that money will be deceived.Should pay more attention.

Dreaming of nails

Dreaming of cutting nails implies that hard work can make money.At the same time, it will also gain something in the opposite sex.

Dreaming of staying nails means that he will endure hunger.

Dreaming of black nails will be lost.

Men dreamed that there was a short nail, which represents business that can make a profit.

A married woman dreams of staying with long nails. She should remind her husband to take care of his body and go out with caution.

Men dream of turning red nails, which is a sign of strong body.

The patient dreamed that the nails became red, indicating that the illness would heal soon.

The patient dreamed of the yellow nails and white nails, indicating that it might not be able to bed.

Dreaming of dirt in the nails, implying corruption public funds, heavy losses.


The foot is the foundation of people.When the feet appear in dreams, it usually means that the foundation of a person will change.

Dreaming of being chopped by my feet implies that I can be good at adapting to the environment, adjust myself, and correct my name for myself.

The businessman dreams that he has grown many feet, which means that his foundation will be distributed wider, and there will be many things that can make a profit.

Merchants dream of washing their feet, which means full of desire for wealth, full of greed.

Dreaming of kicking other people’s feet implies that if you want to touch others, you will encounter strong resistance. Such a dream indicates humiliation.

Dreaming of scald feet implies that he will suffer major losses due to a moment of confusion.

Dreaming of swollen feet indicates that people face the difficulties that they are unable to deal with, and they often do not make ends meet, and their debt is exhausted.

Dreaming that your feet are disabled, you must be careful to beware of other people’s false accusation, and a scandal will happen to you.

Dreaming that the hair of the hands and feet is thick and dense, it indicates that love will be unpleasant.

Dreaming of his hands and feet is tied, indicating that there will be trouble in interpersonal relationships.

Dreaming of a puppet with feet, it means that wealth will rise rapidly.

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