Zheng Shuang was exposed to have children in surrogacy!The legal documents are exposed, the two children are born separately, and the father is Zhang Heng

On January 18, the entertainment industry caught off guard a big melon.Zheng Shuang’s ex -boyfriend suddenly issued a post to deny the cheating, and then showed a photo with a pair of twin children, which caused heated discussion.

It was normal to respond to rumors, but the photos released by Zhang Heng caused discussion among netizens.And Zhang Heng’s response is also very clever. Regarding the silence of this year, Zhang Heng said that it was because he was in the United States, and for the reasons for staying in the United States, he said that it was because he wanted to take care of the two innocent little lives.

Then Zhang Heng acknowledged that the child was his own in the circle of friends, and the two babies were one year old and a month.

The media also immediately exposed Zhang Heng’s photo with a pair of twins. From the wearing of twins, one like a daughter and one like a son.

Later, the official website of the United States was found out of the relevant document information. The two children’s birth permits were on the mothers column, saying "Zheng SHUANG"!

And suspected that both children were surrogated separately. The girls were on January 4, 2020, and the boy on December 19, 2019.

More importantly, the two showed a simple divorce lawsuit above!The explanation of the simple divorce lawsuit is as follows:

Subsequently, some well -known bloggers broke the news that Zhang Heng could not return to China because the child could not get a passport, and the passport required both parents to sign.The two are currently being a lawsuit, and at the same time, the woman does not seem to want to be responsible, as long as money.

The incident quickly triggered heated discussion among netizens. Judging from the current performance of Zhang Heng, at least multiple coincidences. First, he had a child, and his circle of friends acknowledged it.

Secondly, he broke up with Zheng Shuang for more than a year, and his child was one year a year.Third, the two fell in love in 2018 and were photographed in the United States in 2019.

Fourth, Zheng Shuang once bluntly hoped to have children before the age of 30. He had similar plans for his own exposure, and also mentioned the topic of frozen eggs abroad in the show.

Fifth, surrogacy is illegal in China, Zhang Heng cannot say directly that there may be hidden feelings.It can only be expressed with "innocent little life".

Subsequently, more netizens came out to break the news, saying that the two who were in love during the love period, one child and one woman, after the breakup, the woman did not want to call the lawyer to make a lawsuit in the United States.20 million.

At the same time, Zheng Shuang’s friend Ma Tianyu also lay his gun. He once said in the interview that Zheng Shuang liked his children and said that he would have three children.Then netizens exposed his past "surrogacy" news.

At present, Zheng Shuang does not respond. It is difficult to end.In addition, surrogacy is illegal in China, I hope you keep in mind.

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