Zhen Huan Biography: Zhen Huan was pregnant, and the queen was poisoned twice. Why did Shen Meizhuang be pregnant twice?

In "Zhen Huan Biography", Zhen Huan was pregnant twice, and the queen had found someone to murder. The first time when Zhen Ye had the first child, the queen asked An Lingrong to start, An Lingrong used the cat on the neck of Zhen HuanThe opportunity to give her Shu marks, adding a lot of musk in it, which caused Zhen Huan to abortion. Hua Fei took the pot and the emperor blamed himself.

The second time was the child of the King of Zhen Huaiguo County. In order to save his father to seduce the emperor and let him return to the palace, the queen was afraid of Zhen Huan threatened his queen and used Jing Fei to reluctant to haze Yueyue to make herPut the pebbles in the place where Zhen Huan’s route, and almost let Zhen Ye happen.The queen couldn’t accommodate that someone was pregnant in the palace, but why did they do nothing about Shen Meizhuang?

Shen Meizhuang’s difficult people are An Lingrong. When Wen Shichu and Zhen Huan were suspected of having a rape. When Hong Ye’s identity was questioned, the truth was clear, but An Lingrong deliberately found someone to inform Shen Meizhuang.Then died of blood.Can the queen really endure Shen Meizhuang for pregnancy?I do not think so:

First of all, Shen Meizhuang was pregnant for the first time. The reason why the queen did not do was the reason that the queen mother gave Shen Meizhuang a phoenix after she was pregnant at that time, and this phoenix was the emperor’s brother’s old fourteen, and this was the older brother, and this was the older brother of the emperor, and this was the older brother of the emperor, and this was the oldest brother of the emperor, and this was the older brother of the emperor.The old fourteenth was one of the brothers who had competed with the emperor at the beginning. After the emperor learned that Shen Meizhuang had falsehood, he did not listen to the explanation at all. Obviously, he just played the problem and regarded Shen Meizhuang as a punch in response to the queen mother.Therefore, after the queen believes that the emperor will definitely not be good to Shen Meizhuang after seeing the queen mother’s move. Therefore, she is waiting, waiting for the emperor to do it.Do it.

Secondly, after Shen Meizhuang’s second pregnancy, the queen mother had high hopes, and the queen gradually was left out by the queen mother. She would not be angry, but why did she not do it?I don’t think I don’t do it, but to borrow the hands of others.Why is it so good? When Wen Shichu and Zhen Ye had an accident, Shen Meizhuang received the information?After An Ling was killed Shen Meizhuang, she said a word. She said that only when Shen Meizhuang died, Zhen Ye would be uncomfortable, so that she was so happy.There is a hidden information that An Lingrong is sure that this can make Shen Meizhuang die.

However, An Lingrong and Shen Meizhuang were already hostile at the time. How could Shen Meizhuang tell An Lingrong about her physical condition. In addition to her and Wen Shichu, Shen Meizhuang’s children, Zhen Ye, and the emperor cared about it.I must know the situation of her pregnancy, and although the queen became more and more unsatisfactory because of her popularity, the queen mother left the queen’s last guarantee for the queen before she died, indicating that the bottom of her heart was still concerned about her.Worried that the queen would harm Shen Meizhuang, she must remind that when Zhen Huan was pregnant, the queen did not do it, it was the queen mother who emphasized.

However, on the issue of Shen Meizhuang, the queen has not expelled at all costs in order to keep her status. The queen queen has deteriorated, and she is no longer a threat., But if the queen queen reminds the queen, the queen can know the situation of Shen Meizhuang more, then she knows how to make Shen Meizhuang accidents. In addition, An Lingrong hates Shen Meizhuang and Zhen Huan so much, she will definitely take the initiative.The queen can hide my skills and names. Let’s analyze this. The queen did not do anything, but it was hidden very well.

Zhen Ye was pregnant, and the queen asked An Lingrong to take a poisonous hand. Why did Shen Meizhuang be pregnant twice?In this regard, you have different views. Welcome to share in the comments. Please discuss rationally and civilized. I hope everyone pays attention, likes, collects, forwards, comments, thank you.

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