Zhang Danfeng Hongxin Inner Mongolia Journey is sweet as first, Bi Yan Xiaolong is suspected of pregnancy

The relationship between Zhang Danfeng and Hong Xin has always been the focus of the public.

However, the most controversial problem between them is what the relationship between the man and the agent Bi Yan.

However, Zhang Danfeng and Bi Yan strongly denied that there was any intimate relationship between them, which also made netizens only feel puzzled by this.

From July 7th to July 9th, Zhang Danfeng Hongxin took his daughter to the Mongolian Illi headquarters for live broadcast.

Zhang Danfeng showed a number of videos, and the couple were sweet and sweet.Zhang Danfeng also carried Hong Xin’s umbrella to shade, and he ran away Hong Xin and ran happily on the grassland.The two also played happily on the grassland with their daughters.

Since Zhang Danfeng is in Inner Mongolia, where is Bi Yan?

Check Bi Yan’s IP position and found that Bi Yan is now in Beijing.

On the evening of June 26, Bi Yan updated her social platform and took her recent photos. She was wearing a black doll skirt and busy in front of the barbecue stall.However, after this video was released, netizens’ attention was not on food, but began to discuss Bi Yan’s belly. In the video, her belly was bulging, and it looked like she was pregnant. Although her limbs were still slender, her limbs were still slender, But this belly cannot hide, which has caused people to unlimited associations.Netizens have commented on their questions.Bi Yan responded in the comment area that it seemed that the clothes were not suitable for me.However, she did not have a netizen after response, and everyone agreed to have doubts about her current situation.

Since there are media reports, there are inextricable relationships between Zhang Danfeng and Bi Yan.Zhang Danfeng Hongxin’s husband and wife quarreled frequently, and they also publicly shouted on social platforms to divorce.

In fact, from the perspective of outsiders, everyone wants to see that Hong Xin, who has passed the failure of marriage, can be happy. I hope she will not make a correct decision by others and live a happy life.

This time, Zhang Danfeng and Hong Xin were sweet and affectionate, and their children smiled again and again.Zhang Danfeng has always loved and spoiled his daughter.After this trip to the Inner Mongolia grassland, the family’s feelings are more intimate and firm.


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