Zhang Bichen’s friends showed their pregnancy photos, denied that the surrogacy was raging and scolded the black powder, and the child was exposed to a premature infant

On the evening of June 20, Zhang Bichen’s friends showed rumors of rumors and surrogacy, which caused netizens to watch.

The netizen who claimed to be a friend and working partner said: "I have never thought so absurdly. One day a mother needs to send a pregnancy photo to prove that she had given birth." The friend revealed that the child came to the world in just 33 weeks and came to this world in just 33 weeks., Birth weight is only 1.76 kg.

In the photo, Zhang Bichen was lying on the bed and closed her eyes and closed her eyes. The other photo was that she held her baby with a smile and smiled at the camera after production.Tears in my eyes.

And all this was faced by Zhang Bichen as a single mother. My friend said that the child was born in 33 weeks. What is the concept?Normal people are pregnant for about 40 weeks, and 33 weeks are 7 and a half months, which is equivalent to children’s premature birth.

For pregnant women, it is also a matter of running a ghost door. As a result, this can be surrogate by some black powder rumors. No wonder friends will scold them. No wonder these black powder has no heart?

Speaking of which, the cause is because of the child’s father Hua Chenyu. It was Father’s Day on the 19th. Some netizens wished Hua Chenyu a happy day. As a result, the fans were scolded, and then the netizens were reversed.Related topics quickly appeared on the hot search. As a result, the entries were directly blown up without a long time.

The man fans believe that this is related to Chen Lizhi, because there is Zhang Bichen and Liu Yifei in the circle of friends of Chen Lizhi’s friends, and Liu Yifei’s academic qualifications cannot be suppressed that day. Therefore, Hua Chenyu fans think that Chen Lizhi is picked up to Liu Yifei’s focus.So along, Hua Chenyu’s fans began to abuse Zhang Bichen’s various attacks.

Zhang Bichen’s friends also specifically mentioned that this time not only to make all kinds of rumors and abuses Zhang Bichen, but also involved children, and malicious rumors and surrogacy, which directly exceeded the bottom line and had to stand up to defend.

As a child’s mother, Zhang Bichen must protect the child. At this time, I do n’t know what Hua Chenyu would think?As a child’s father, in the face of various attacks and abuse of his own fans, I wonder if he will be distressed?

We do n’t know if we do n’t feel bad, we only know that in the past two days, some netizens have picked up Hua Chenyu and Xinhuan Wang Yueyi suspected to go to Zhejiang for a date.It is reported that when Hua Chenyu went to Zhejiang to record the variety show "Meng Discovery Case", Wang Yueyi also went to Zhejiang, and the two were like paint.

In fact, as a premature infant, Zhang Bichen has experienced what difficulties have experienced in the process of their children’s growth. It is unimaginable. There are too many fans of the man. In the early days, Zhang Bichen was dissatisfied with Zhang Bichen."Entering the bone", the contradiction between the fans on both sides is also inseparable for a while.I hope that for children, both sides can be reasonable, don’t harm others in the name of "love", let alone be so vicious to a single mother.

After all, female stars are more harsh in public opinion in this kind of thing. The male celebrities have collapsed and there are fans. Female stars will directly affect work.Mu has become a boat, I hope the fans on both sides are calm.

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