Yunnan Zhaotong 16 -year -old junior high school girls gave birth at school, and the police had accepted the alarm of their families

Surging news reporter Peng Yu

On May 24th, Surging News ( learned from authoritative channels that in early May, a 16 -year -old girl who was a 16 -year -old girl in Zhaotong in Yunnan gave birth in the school dormitory.Go to the hospital.At present, the local county public security bureau has accepted the alarm of family members, and the case is under investigation.

The resignation of the case issued by the local police showed that the little dream of girls (a pseudonym) relatives reported on May 6th that the "raped case" was accepted.Xiao Meng’s brother Ajun (pseudonym) said that on May 7, they received a notification from the police that showed that "it has been planned for criminal case investigation", but there is no latest progress.

Xiao Meng was described in a video. She was 16 years old and attended the first year of the local middle school at the time of the incident. "This is a very unfortunate and shameful thing. I was raped."

Xiao Meng said that on May 4, she bleeds during delivery in the school dormitory. Aunt Su Tan heard her crying and found her, and contacted the principal, and sent her to the hospital urgently.

Xiao Meng said that the father Cai Moumou, the father of the village next door.According to her, in July 2021, when she was in the sixth grade of elementary school, she took Cai Moumou’s van to school. On the way, Cai Moumou forced to have a relationship with her.I didn’t dare to talk to anyone, including my parents. Later, he threatened me and violated me 3 times before and after. Later, I had been at school and did not dare to go back. "

Xiao Meng’s brother A Jun said that his sister was late in school, so she was only at the age of 16, and the school contacted him after the incident.He usually worked in a foreign country, his parents, and planting fields at home. His sister has been living in school for a long time. Previously, the sister’s grades have been very good, but the mobile phone is not used for a while.He only knew that the sister threw the phone early, "She was a good girl, and she was silent. After this incident, she was unwilling to speak, and her performance decreased."

Xiaomeng said in the video that she didn’t know that she would be pregnant, and she didn’t understand her pregnancy until her stomach became big. "I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, and I dare not talk to anyone.helpless."

The A Army said that in response to Xiaomeng’s pregnancy and childbirth at school, the school explained that because of the loose school uniform, it was not noticed. "The teacher said that the school uniform was not seen. After the incident, the school helped her arrange a ward separately and bought it.Some fruit snacks visited the hospital. "

The surging news learned from the authoritative channel that on May 6, the local county public security bureau accepted the alarm of Xiao Meng’s relatives, and later extracted Cai Moumou’s DNA to compare with newborns.

The Army said that their family was controversial and even attacked by the local.At present, Xiao Meng has been hospitalized for more than half a month, and medical expenses and milk powder have become the burden on their family.The Army said that it took more than 26,000 yuan, and my sister recovered. "I hope that my sister’s affairs can attract more relevant departments."

On May 24th, the surging news called Cai Moumou’s verification based on the number provided by the Ao Army, but his phone was shut down and unable to connect.

Editor in charge: Cui Yan Picture Editor: Le Yanfeng

School pair: Luan Meng

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