Your hamster is pregnant, you don’t know yet?

Recently, some Mengzhu told the editor that he didn’t know when his mouse was pregnant, and he saw the mouse produced a cute rats.This unexpected surprise often makes the cute masters feel at a loss.In order to make the cute masters "have the bottom of their hearts", today, the editor tells you how to judge whether the mouse is pregnant.

The maturity of the male hamsters is about 7-9 weeks, and the maturity of female hamsters is about 8-10 weeks.When male hamsters and female hamsters mature, they can have mouse babies.So, how can we judge that hamsters are pregnant?

1. Arrange small nests.Mother mice hopes to create a good birth environment for the baby, so after they are pregnant with their baby, they start to organize the nest.At this time, they will put items such as wood chips or hamsters into small nests, and then bite to increase the soft comfort in the nest.

2. Look at the body shape.As long as it is animal, one of the most obvious features of pregnancy is the large belly.But the big belly is not necessarily pregnant, and it may be too fat!Therefore, it is very unreliable to judge whether a hamster is pregnant through a big belly.However, the shape of the pregnant hamster is usually pear -shaped and the head is small.

3. Touch your stomach.The skin of fat hamsters is all meat, and it feels soft and elastic.The pregnancy hamster feels tight skin and has a hard feeling.

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4. Observe the amount of food.Pregnant women need to supplement a large amount of energy, so the amount of expectant mothers will increase greatly during pregnancy, and the amount of water drinking will increase.You can feed more bread insects to replenish a lot of protein.At the same time, the hamster mother will store a lot of foods under the corner of the cage and under the wood chips for small hamsters to eat in the future.

5. Observe the sleeping position.After pregnancy, the sleeping position of hamsters will change.Because the belly is large, it usually likes to lie on or lying on the side.

6. Observe the temper.Pregnant women’s temper is usually very irritable.They often bite and fight.Sometimes, running crazy on the running wheel.

7. Observe the nipples.The nipples of the pregnant hamster will gradually expose from the hair, and over time, it will become more and more obvious.Under normal circumstances, one -on -one pair of land will be revealed.

The hamster’s pregnancy is about 15-25 days, and it can usually produce 2 to 7 mice babies.It takes about 20 days from birth to weaning.If you want to have more small hamsters, you can raise them in cage after hamster mature.If you don’t want to have so many hamsters, it is best to divide them in advance to prevent them from breeding.

Many people may not know that female hamsters have twin tubes and mate with male hamsters once, and can be pregnant twice in a row.The hamster has such a characteristic because it is difficult to meet each other when they are wild. In order to reproduce the offspring, this ability has evolved.However, once you find that hamsters are pregnant, you need to divide the female hamster with the male hamster as soon as possible to avoid mating again.

It is worth noting that the mouse mother will take care of the babies by her own.When the mouse baby was born, the cute masters were best not to touch the mouse with their hands. If the odor was left, the mouse mother might abandon the babies of rats.The most taboo is that the cute owners are worried that the mouse mothers will not take good care of the mouse baby. If the mouse mother is not good at taking care of or is unwilling to take care of the babies, others will be even more unable to take care of the babies.Therefore, it is best not to add chaos to the mouse mother.

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