Young girls are in the danger of people who are people.

I do n’t know if friends have realized that there are more and more people around us. The reason for the flow of people may be diverse, but the flow of people will undoubtedly bring great harm to our girl’s body., Especially after the sequelae, let’s take a look at these issues today.

The abortion surgery is unprofessional and there are many risks.Young people, especially unmarried women, are pregnant when they are pregnant. Most of them choose private clinics, and they are insufficient in terms of sanitation and professionalism.Secondly, even regular abortion surgery may have risks.

1. Breeding.Improper surgery may cause major bleeding during surgery.The amount of bleeding during abortion surgery exceeds 200ml of blood can cause hemorrhagic shock and hemaldy -in anemia. In severe cases, DIC (coagulation dysfunction) is dangerous.

2. Anesthesia accident.Drug anesthesia is not suitable for everyone, and anesthesia during surgery may cause certain risks.For abortion surgery, especially painless abortion, a certain accident may occur with drug anesthesia, such as allergies of anesthesia drugs, venous anesthesia (general anesthesia), causing respiratory cycle disorders.Improper operation of anesthesiologists, and the unexpected treatment of anesthesia may also cause danger.

3. Inconsistent flow of people.Insufficient flow of people is relatively common, especially for doctors who lack experienced doctors are not complete. Some embryonic tissues remain in the uterine cavity. The abortion of the abortion will show that the vagina has been bleeding for more than two weeks after surgery.There may be a certain secondary damage.

4. Postoperative infection.During the abortion surgery, the surgical environment and the strict disinfection of medical equipment may cause infection during surgery.In addition, improper surgery and hygiene, or eager to perform sexual life, may cause postoperative infection.Flow surgery may cause gynecological inflammation such as acute endometritis, attachmentitis, pelvic inflammatory disease.

5. Evil infertility.The sequelae left by patients with infertility are clinically.Especially for patients with multiple abortion, infertility is more likely.If the painless abortion is done many times, the endometrium must be damaged after the endometrium. If the endometrium is too thin, if you are pregnant in the future, it is very likely that habitual abortion or infertility will occur. MoreoverIt will cause 3%secondary infertility and other symptoms.Because the flow of people may cause infection or cause a variety of gynecological inflammation, it will cause interference to normal conception, resulting in women’s unable to conceive normally, and secondary infertility occurs.

6. Psychological damage.After being worried about pregnancy again after painless abortion, it may cause fear of sexual life, cause discord of husband and wife, and some women will have pale, sweating, dizziness, chest tightness due to bleeding and tension after the abortion.Symptoms such as slow heartbeat and decreased blood pressure.

The above mainly introduced some of the harms that girls brought us about artificial abortion, so some girls try not to steal food forbidden fruits. Even when we are with our beloved, we must protectEssenceEven if you want to choose a abortion, it is recommended that friends must go to a regular hospital. Do not blindly choose those small hospitals.

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