You must also pay attention to bathing during pregnancy. Do not clean these parts at will.

Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers have become particularly careful, fearing that they do not pay attention to a bad impact on the baby in the stomach for a while.For the healthy growth of the baby, many things are taboos. For ordinary people, bathing is just the most common thing every day, but for pregnant mothers in a special period, there are still many bathing baths.You need to pay attention.

Xiao Xia has been pregnant for more than 6 months. Now the weather is so hot, and sweat stains breed a lot of gray on the belly.There is a bathtub in a good family. If it is a shower, I really don’t know how tired it is. "

Girlfriend said in surprise: "It is best to take a shower after pregnancy. It is not recommended to take a bath with a bathtub, which is not good for the baby."

Xiaoxia wondered: "I am tired of holding a big belly now, and I can’t use the bathtub? I have to take it for half an hour every time I take a bath. If you shower, you must not be tired of me."

My girlfriend said: "I used to take a bath with a bathtub. After I was pregnant, I heard the doctor say that bathing must be shower. Sitting or bathing baths are not good for the fetus. And you can’t take it for too long, you can’t rub your body at will.They all have negative effects. "

Xiaoxia: "Oh, I said that I was not very comfortable after these baths. It turned out to be the reason. It seems that I should pay more attention next time I take a bath.

1) Clean the chest

Pregnant women’s breasts cannot be touched at will. This is because the amount of hormone secretion in the pregnant mother changes, and the increase in estrogen and progesterone will have white secretion logistics. If these white secretions are not timelyCleaning will crust on the nipples. Many pregnant mothers like to pick up or scrub them with their hands when taking a bath.This is easy to hurt your breasts, causing contractions by stimulation, and easily lead to premature fetal birth.

It is recommended to wash the breasts with warm water every day. If the nipples are difficult to remove, you can apply some vegetable oil first. After the crust is softened, it can be cleaned with water.Try to avoid this around the bath. When cleaning, you should gently. The two fingers can be slowly massaged and scrubbed.

2) Clean the abdomen

Now the weather is so hot, the belly of pregnant mothers is getting bigger and bigger, and they will definitely sweat on the belly when they walk.And sweat stains will also breed a lot of gray dirt.This may accidentally hurt the baby, and the consequences are very dangerous.

When pregnant mothers rinse the stomach with water, they cannot rinse directly at the abdomen with too hot water, and they cannot open the water too urgent. The amount of water is too large, which is easy to put greater pressure on the belly.

The correct method: Use a small amount of water with a moderate temperature to lightly clean it from top to bottom, which is safe and soothing.Protecting the pregnant belly is to protect the baby indirectly, so pay special attention when taking a bath.

3) Clean private parts

After pregnancy, the increase in estrogen and progesterone leads to an increase in the lower body secretions of pregnant mothers. In addition, the frequency of going to the toilet every day is too diligent, so cleaning the private parts is one of the things that pregnant mothers must do every day.And keeping the private parts clean can prevent bacterial infections.

However, when cleaning, remember not to force it, you cannot abuse various cleaning liquids. You must choose neutralized pH, and you must not be strongly scrubbed, which may cause inflammation.Normally clean it.

1) The time control of bathing

Because the temperature of the bathroom will be high during bathing, it is easy to cause pregnant mothers to syncope due to hypoxia.Especially for pregnant mothers with poor constitution, bathing time should be controlled.It is recommended to control the time of bathing in pregnant mothers within 10-20 minutes.

2) The opportunity for bathing should be appropriate

When you are hungry or one hour after meals, it is not suitable for bathing.Now this weather can take a bath once a day. Some pregnant mothers wash several times a day. This is wrong. It can be washed 2-3 days in winter.

3) Control of temperature during bathing

The overheating temperature will cause the pregnant mother’s vascular dilation significantly, exacerbate the possibility of hypoxia, and the high temperature may also damage the baby’s development. Too low temperature can cause pregnant mothers to catch a cold.It should be controlled within 38 degrees.Comfortable temperatures can soothe the emotions of pregnant mothers and relieve tension during pregnancy.

In October, pregnant mothers endured a lot, and worked for this difficult process, so every mother was very great.

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