Yang Zishan’s pregnant belly is rare, and the belly is as large as walking.

On the morning of December 10th, some gossip media broke the news that the actor Yang Zishan went out to eat. The couple had been married for 6 years and still sweetly loved their first love. Ten fingers were close to love and walked on the road near the community.I saw Yang Zishan’s mask covering his face, leaving short shoulder hair, wearing a plush jacket and gray sports pants. Her body was slightly bloated, and his movement was very delayed like a pregnant woman!

About ten minutes later, Yang Zishan and Wu Zhongtian stepped into a high -end western restaurant for dining; the two seemed to have an endless topic during the table, and kept chatting constantly.IntersectionPerhaps the temperature of the air conditioner in the restaurant is too high. Yang Zishan took off the plush jacket during the food and wore only a white knitted bottoming shirt.

Yang Zishan, who has not appeared for a long time, appeared in the photo, the facial contour was round, and it was fatter than in the past, and the double chin was very obvious.Looking at Yang Zishan’s social platform dynamics, she found that she only shared some food photos in the past six months. The last time she appeared in the appearance, it was dating back to early March this year. At that time, some netizens found that Yang Zishan was suspected of signs of pregnancy!

After the meal, Wu Zhongtian put on a coat intimately for his wife. The two returned home with holding hands and continued to chat all the way.Judging from the side photo of the exposure, Yang Zishan’s pregnant belly is very obvious, high bulging, and the belly looks like a big belly.As the fetus continues to grow up, the pressure on the waist and legs of pregnant women increases, Yang Zishan supports his waist slowly throughout the process, and her husband Wu Zhongtian will be carefully served!

Yang Zishan, 35, was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and was born in Nanyi Music Performance Section.After graduating from college, Yang Zishan successfully signed a contract with the brokerage company as an actor in 2005. For more than ten years, she has participated in "The Youth we will die", "Return to 20", "Before the Dynamics", "The Love of the Antarctica""" Passing the Future "and other episodes, the acting skills are exquisite and there are audience reputation!

With the popularity of "To Youth", Yang Zishan could be chased by victory, and he went further.However, at the peak of the acting career, Yang Zishan faded out of the performing arts circle for love, pushed away all work invitations and scripts, and concentrated on accompanying her boyfriend Wu Zhongtian’s hospital bed.It turned out that Wu Zhongtian accidentally injured the basketball accidentally, causing a crushing fracture of the calf, and the situation was critical!

Yang Zishan gave up his career to take care of her boyfriend, which moved Wu Zhongtian to move. Two people took two years to receive the registration on October 14, 2015, and officially became a legitimate "cross -strait couple".In mid -June 2017, actor Wu Zhongtian set up a banquet in his hometown and 5 -year -old Yang Zishan to make up a romantic wedding. Friends in the circle were invited to attend the time of the two of them happy, envy others!

After marriage, Yang Zishan and Wu Zhongtian were a reality show in the Mainland in the name of the husband and wife, and talked about "public funds" in love.On the show, Yang Zishan exposed his own serious cleanliness. Mitakers had to wear anti -bacterial clothing when visiting customers, and their emotions easily collapsed.In the eyes of the outside world, she inevitably appeared a little confusing, but after her marriage, Wu Zhongtian spoiled his wife into a little princess.The two have been married for six years, and they are about to upgrade to a family of happiness.(Picture source network, infringement must be deleted)

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