Xun Mengyao’s second child insists on work, and the lower chin is obvious, the eyes are blurred and tired, and the fatigue can’t hide

Star actors in the entertainment industry have always attracted the attention of the public. Compared with their works, they feel that their private life will be more attractive. NextHusbands and wives, compared to He Yanjun, maybe everyone will be more familiar with Xi Mengyao. After all, she is often active in the screen.

Xun Mengyao is a well -known model in China. After becoming popular, she participated in recording a lot of variety shows. She also shot some film and television drama works. Many people were at first being circled by Xi Mengyao because of her high -end appearance and devil figure?Although Mengyao’s facial features cannot be said to be very delicate and three -dimensional, the combination is inexplicably given a sense of high -level sense. It is natural to be so popular in the model circle.

Xun Mengyao met He Junjun in a variety show in a love class. In fact, for many people, the variety show is a script, but what I did not expect was that the two actually came together in private, and the development of this pair is indeed very very very developed.It was quickly, and the government announced that he had not been proposed for a long time. At that time, many netizens speculated that this pair was married to Fengzi. I did not expect that Xi Mengyao really gave birth to a little baby.

He Junjun is a famous door, and everyone knows that being a daughter -in -law to have children is the most basic requirement. Even if Xi Mengyao eats on his figure, there is no way to eat.In the family, after the birth of the first child, Meng Yao’s adjustment status has also participated in some party and activities one after another. The overall state is still very good.

But what I did not expect was that the news of the first child of Xi Mengyao was quickly revealed that the news of the second child was burst.The pregnancy belly started, and I have to say that she is really too hard. She still insists on work with the second child. In fact, she and He Yijun have no need at all.

It can be seen from Reuters that the overall state of Xi Mengyao is still very good. In the case of no beauty filter, her face value is still resistant, and Meng Yao’s skin condition is really good.The most important thing about a bit of flaws is that after losing the refined treatment, Meng Yaoyao has a very real beauty. Suddenly she gets her face value!

However, the weight gain after pregnancy is unavoidable. In this group of students, I can see that Meng Yaoyao’s face is a lot more rounded. It feels that her entire face has no depression at all, and the double chin is obvious, but the inexplicable feeling of getting fat is still fat.It’s cute, and the face value has not declined.

I do n’t know if it ’s because of the hard work with the little baby. When the makeup artist, when the makeup, she feels that the whole process is absent -minded, and the eyes are blurred.In fact, female netizens should know that they will be more drowsy when they are pregnant, and their mental state is not as good as usual. Presumably, Meng Mengyao is really too hard.

After the Reuters photos of Xi Mengyao’s pregnancy were exposed, it caused a lot of heated discussions. Some netizens talked about He Yanjun who did not feel bad at his wife at all.Different, maybe Mengyao did not want to be idle during pregnancy, so he came out to work. How did a relationship only know that the people of the parties knew and the people who eat melon did not need to be too suspicious.

Well, the above is what Xiaobian wants to share with you. What do you think of Xi Mengyao’s second child insisting on work?What do you think she is in present?Welcome everyone to leave a message to discuss.

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