Xiyuehui: How to relieve pregnancy and vomiting, experts say so

Not every pregnant woman will vomit, but for pregnant women with pregnancy, pregnancy is a very uncomfortable thing.Pregnancy and vomiting is a normal physiological reaction of pregnant women’s pregnancy, but considering the health of the fetus, it cannot be relieved by drugs. So how to relieve pregnancy and vomiting?How to do it to hurt the baby in the stomach?Share a wave of simple and practical tricks here to help you spend your pregnancy with your trimester.

The first move: relax the mentality

A good mentality is very important. If the pressure during pregnancy is high, the pregnancy reaction will be more serious, resulting in the more obvious condition of pregnancy.You know, pregnant vomiting is a normal physiological reaction of pregnant women. Many pregnant women have this situation, which will not affect the health of the fetus under normal circumstances.

You can usually learn more about pregnancy, communicate with the surrounding Baoma experience, learn from each other, and relieve psychological pressure.You can make an appointment for the Xixi Moon Provincial Confinement Center before giving birth to inform your pregnancy status. Xueyuehui will give a reasonable pregnancy and relieving measures based on the experience of taking care of the pregnant mother to help pregnant mothers better spend pregnancy.

Second trick: eat less meals

Most pregnant mothers are pregnant and appear in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy.During this period, the growth and development of the fetus are relatively slow, and there is no need to consume too much nutrition.Pregnant mothers can follow the principle of eating less and meals, which can effectively reduce the reaction of pregnancy vomiting.You can also stimulate your appetite by changing the dining environment.

In the choice of food, try to choose foods that you like to eat and rich in vitamins.If you want to reduce the reaction of pregnancy, you can eat more dry foods such as bread slices, biscuits.Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration of your body.If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, eat more alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables to avoid acidosis.Drink a little honey water to supplement energy to avoid hypoglycemia.

The third trick: smell lemon flavor

The natural and fresh flavor and sour flavor of lemon can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnancy.When you want to smell the lemon peel when you want to vomit, or drink a little more lemonade, it is very helpful.In addition, citrus such as oranges and grapefruit has the same effect.

After pregnancy, female estrogen rises in women’s body, and the sense of smell becomes more sensitive.Note that the food you usually eat should not smell too much, too spicy, and too greasy. These foods are not only easy to digest, but also easily stimulate pregnant women’s sense of smell and cause pregnancy vomiting.It is recommended to have a light diet and balanced nutrition.

Fourth trick: appropriate exercise

Isn’t it suitable for exercise when pregnancy?Is not suitable for exercise?It’s a big mistake.You ca n’t lie in bed all day because of pregnancy and vomiting.Less activities will cause early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, poor appetite, and tiredness, causing a vicious circle.

It is not recommended that pregnant women do too intense exercise, but the gentle exercises such as outdoor walking and pregnant women can still do it.Proper exercise can not only improve the problem of pregnancy vomiting, but also improve the mood, play a health, avoid constipation and other problems.

Don’t take medicine, don’t take medicine, don’t take medicine, for the health of the fetus, don’t take medicine at will because of pregnancy and vomiting.As long as it is operated according to the above, it can effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by pregnancy.

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