Xie Na is pregnant during the live broadcast, bloated abdomen, and suddenly canceled her job.

Recently, some netizens found that Xie Na suddenly canceled the next live broadcast.Xie Na, like many stars, also joined the live broadcast of the live broadcast. From the November itinerary released by Xie Na’s studio, Xie Na had four live broadcasts in November, and the last time was the 26th, but Xie Na on the 26th was not as promised as an appointmentLive, but suddenly canceled.

You must know that Xie Na has always been a desperate female star. She has always been a shaft of work and has never been absent. She temporarily left the stage when she had a child.After giving birth to a child, she quickly returned to work.So many netizens speculated that this time Xie Na’s sudden cancellation of her job may be related to her recent pregnancy rumors.

In the past two months, Xie Na has often been suspected to have been pregnant with a second child, and all signs are more obvious.

As we all know, "Happy Camp" is Xie Na’s home. On the stage of the base camp, she is always the most active one. She not only runs full, desperately active atmosphere, but also actively adds every game.

But in the recent "Happy Camp", Xie Na’s status came to a big turn of 360 degrees.At that time, Xie Na was wearing a large puff skirt and making a game. Xie Na did not participate in the whole process, but just sat down on the stage and watched other guests playing games.It can be seen carefully that Xie Na’s lower abdomen is obviously raised, and even the wide skirts can’t cover it.

Xie Na also picked up a blanket herself and covered her abdomen deliberately. She didn’t know what it was.In this episode, Xie Na can be felt a lot of quiet. She said less and did not participate in the game, and other guests also regarded Xie Na as a group pet, and felt that she had been taking care of Xie Na.

Many netizens who watched this episode speculated that Xie Na was pregnant.

Some netizens analyzed: "It is indeed as pregnant, and his stomach is big. He is used to leaning back there."

In addition to the performance in the show and the past, Xie Na also had abnormal situations in a live broadcast.At that time, Xie Na was introducing a certain product, but suddenly his face changed, and the whole person became a little low, and Liu Weili on the side took Xie Na’s job.What is even more exaggerated is that Xie Na suddenly lowered her head and made vomiting movements. Liu Wei quickly turned her head to see Xie Na.

After vomiting, Xie Na seemed very uncomfortable and simply lay on the table.It is estimated that at this time, Xie Na was very uncomfortable, so she was completely disregarding the camera.

After lying on the table for a while, Xie Na got up to find water and rinse.

In the whole live broadcast, Xie Na’s situation has not improved. Her complexion is pale, obviously not very comfortable, and she has made deep breathing movements many times to suppress vomiting.Perhaps it was because in the previous live broadcast that Xie Na had a series of discomforts. In order to prevent her from being uncomfortable, she was photographed by the camera. Then she suddenly canceled her job.

In September 2011, Xie Na and Zhang Jie held a wedding on Shangri -La. In February 2018, she gave birth to twin daughters. Xie Na often exposed her dynamics about her two daughters on the social platform.Happy time together.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie have been married for many years. They have always been the immortal couples in the entertainment industry. No matter what occasions appear, they are loving and sweet.Now that it is more than 2 years old, the second child is normal.

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