Xiao San was pregnant and wanted to divorce men with a child. How can a man be persuaded? How can the original match reverse?

What kind of primary three is the most difficult to get?

It is not the most beautiful, not the best way to say, not the poorest chasing.

Instead of pregnancy!As long as there is a child, it is a layer of concern for men in terms of humanity and law.

Therefore, if you want to deal with extramarital affairs that want to deal with this situation, the child must be solved.

And we must solve men and primary three!

So how can I do it?

Talk about a case just finished last month:

Ms. Jia and her husband have been married for eight years. Because they are all born in rural areas, and although the work is stable, the salary is not very high, so the days of Xiaoshi have always been rich, even not even a well -off.

However, Ms. Jia is still willing to be with her husband. She feels that no matter what the life is, as long as the family is together, there is no way to go. Maybe this sincere God feels very moved.Getting better and better.

Not only did I buy a house, but the children also smoothly gave away a good school. Everything finally entered the right track, and the pressure of the two was no longer as big as before.Life, who can expect a strange lady’s phone call completely breaks her fantasy.

One day, Ms. Jia received a call from a stranger when she got home from work. She asked Ms. Jia in the other side of the phone and said that Ms. Jia’s husband really loved herself. Originally, she did not want to destroy two people.Life, does not want to be a person who destroys others, but now she is pregnant with a child, she can’t let her child no father.

Now Ms. Jia has a job, but she cannot go out to work at home because of her physical reasons, so she begged Ms. Jia to divorce herself and derailed men, and divorce her husband.Ability, I hope women can understand women.

How could Ms. Jia agree with such a shameful and shameless request, she resolutely showed her position. When the Primary Three saw Ms. Jia not loose, she started to be strange to yin and yang, including sand and shot.With marriage, it is the disgusting words that are not loved in love.

Ms. Jia was so angry that she scolded Xiaosan, and then hung up the phone to the man. The man quickly acknowledged the derailment, but said that he knew nothing about Xiaosan’s pregnancy. He had to investigate clearly and go home at night.Give Ms. Jia an explanation.

In the past few hours, Ms. Jia had to turn the river in her heart. She suddenly lost the meaning of insisting on life. She had to persist for so many years. Is this for so many years?

The man went home and determined that Primary Three was really pregnant. He apologized to his wife for his derailment, saying that he was impulsive before, and wanted to find a way to settle Primary Three. As a result, Primary Three entangled himself.Recently, it will be completely broken with Xiaosan, but now there are children.

A derailed man said that children are innocent and this is their own responsibility, so it is impossible for themselves to do not care, and Xiao San does not go out to work. If they abandon their mother and son, they really can’t live.Therefore, I hope my wife can accept three people. If I do n’t accept it, I can only divorce.

Faced with the two sides in front of me, Ms. Jia did not know what to do, while derailing the man, but she knew that what she wanted was the family complete, so she wanted the man to return, but now the third mother wants to be in the position.I couldn’t throw it away like a Laipi snake, and I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I found me.

As Chen Xi said at the beginning, the first thing we have to solve is the child, otherwise he will really become a link for Primary Three and derailed men, so we must change the thoughts of men and Primary Three to solve this obstacle.

1. Convert the role

If we participate in a original way, no matter what we say, we will ignite the wind in the eyes of men, and no matter what actions can be persecuted Primary Three, we must jump out of this role.

First of all, you can propose a divorce, indicating that the three people feel impossible, but our trick is not to really divorce, but to be born to death. We enter the operation of the cooling period through divorce, let us and men, let us and men, we, men, let us and men.It is necessary to have a period of time, but not exist as a wife.

At the same time, we can collect valid evidence. For example, do a transaction with a man, and you can divorce, but you must prove that the child is a man. To this end, both Xiaosan and men have made a timetable for derailment.Extramarital affairs, this is a favorable legitimate evidence for us.

2. Profit

Our characters have nothing to do with the derailed two, but we have to do our best to perform a pattern in front of men. In the past, we were always discussing trivial matters.No matter how good it is, it is just a role of his wife.

But now we no longer belong to each other. We can’t help but estimate our lives and don’t need to go with each other. This is more conducive to our freshness to the other party.

We can ask the request to take a look at Primary Three. Ms. Jia cooked the chicken soup, and even packed the woman to leave some money for the woman.The original match.

Then we have to discuss with men in private. If we divorce themselves, we will definitely defend our property with all powerful evidence. After all, it is a woman with children, and the man is responsible for one by one. Is it not responsible for Ms. Jia’s children?Therefore, the house, the support fee, and the mental losses are absolutely not necessary. You can leave money for Xiaosan. He cares about money, but the trauma in his heart.

If you look at it like this, Xiao San does not work, a man goes to work by himself, and the injuries and bones of divorce against life are really difficult to bear the cost of Xiao San’s child. In this case, economic pressure will be dragged down the lives of the two people.It can be necessary in the future, but think about it, do you want children if you have no ability?

In this way, the words of the time for men really make men and primary three think about it. The two people think that they can still get rid of the time, and do not want children first.

3. Separate Primary Three

As long as there is no child, the rest of the matter will be good. We must let men live with Xiaosan. How can I divide the money after divorce?So how much men make, how much they spend with Primary Three, and the mortgage here still have to pay back.

It didn’t take long for a man to feel the pressure of life, and Xiao San said that he was not good at his body, and he didn’t see anything wrong. He was pregnant normally. Anyway, he didn’t go out to work.Essence

And Ms. Jia still takes care of her children, diligent and frugal, and to condolences to men and Primary Three, and came to help clean up the house and give the small three supplements after the flow of people.Founded!

In the end, the derailed man torn his face with Xiao San, parted ways, went home to ask Ms. Jia forgive, also made a guarantee, then derailed, and went out of the house!

Finally, Chen Xi wanted to say that no matter what kind of man and Primary Three, as long as you calmly find the method of breaking the problem, most of the original match lost to his mentality.

So in the face of derailment, don’t panic, don’t operate randomly, otherwise a good card may be scarce.

If you are facing a marriage problem, you can tell Chen Xi, as long as you think, everything is too late!

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