Xi’an pregnant women ate twice a week. Dr. ICU: Pregnant women diet, high oil, high fat and hyperlipidemia

The 32 -year -old Xi’an pregnant woman Wang Dan (pseudonym) has a recent experience. Because of her love of hot pot, she actually entered the hospital ICU in 8 months.Baby.

I like the taste of hot pot, my husband said I dare not control

On the morning of September 15th, Wang Dan, who still looked fat, recovered well in the Department of Obstetrics and Inpatient Department of Xi’an International Medical Center, and bent in the corridor with a smile.As everyone knows, she experienced a "ghost gate" a week ago, which was really frightened to herself and her family.

Wang Dan is not tall, only 1.55 meters. Because he loves to eat greasy tastes, he has always been fat, and usually weighs more than 140 kilograms.When the first child was born 8 years ago, the doctor found that she was chylite.

Cylinoma is commonly known as milk blood, which is the blood of floating oil or lipid blood, and the plasma is milky or turbid.After digestion and absorption of human intake fat, after the small intestine is digested and absorbed, it becomes small chylis particles to enter the blood. When the chylis particles are as much as a certain degree, the serum has a clear and transparent pale yellow liquid, which becomes milky and viscous liquid.Cylinoma, indicating that the blood contains high amount of fat.

At that time, the first baby was very smooth, and Wang Dan did not care about the problem of chylite.With a second baby this time, she still maintains a habitual diet, especially like hot pot."Twice a week, I like that taste, and it seems uncomfortable not to eat." Wang Dan embarrassedly told reporters that because she didn’t want to be too fat during pregnancy, she had worked hard to control her diet, but she could not change the taste.It is love, just like this spicy and greasy taste.

Of course, the pregnant woman is the boss at home. For Wang Dan’s hobby, her husband dare not."Pregnant women have a strong temper …" Wang Dan’s husband said that his wife was a good mouth, but he did not expect that he had caused such a big disaster.

The surgery found that a large amount of milk in the belly eats less hot pot during pregnancy

The accident happened on September 7. Wang Dan felt the pain of the stomach. He looked at the nearby hospital. The doctor said that it was okay, but he was still painful after returning home. He went to the Xi’an International Medical Center to hang the emergency department at night.I went home, but I couldn’t do it the next day, and I was hospitalized directly when I came to the hospital again.

"It is really dangerous, and acute pancreatitis is terrible." Recalling the situation of the consultation at the time, Director Guo Hongyu was still impressed.She said that although the indicators of patients were not high at the time, she judged that acute pancreatitis was very likely, and it was severe, and it would lead to dying life such as liver and kidney failure.Because the 8 -month -old baby is still in the belly at this time, in case the mother is in danger and it will endanger the baby, so decide to immediately produce the section to ensure the safety of the baby.After opening the abdominal cavity of the pregnant woman, it turned out that there were a large amount of chycatosis inside, with about 200 ml of blood. It was mixed with blood stains like milk. It was the characteristics of acute pancreatitis caused by high oil and high -fat diet, and immediately arranged drainage.After an emergency surgery, a 4 -pound male baby was born safely. Although he had been born for more than a month and had lung infections, the baby’s condition was good. After accurate treatment, Wang Dan recovered quickly, and his mother and child were safe.Wang Dan was also afraid, and said that he would take care of his mouth in the future.

Just like hot pot, why do pregnant women have such a serious illness?Director Guo Hongyu explained that acute pancreatitis is more common among pregnant women, and the incidence rate is one thousandths to one thousandth, especially the mortality rate of severe pancreatitis."Normal people’s metabolism is better, and because of the abnormal hormones, pregnant women have eaten these high -oil and high -fat diets prone to hyperlipidemia, which induce acute pancreatitis." She reminds everyone that she must eat scientifically during pregnancy, and she does not want to eatEat whatever, hot pot grilled these greasy diets are still less.

China Business Daily reporter Li Lin/Wen Zhao Bin/Picture

Source: Huashang.com-Huashang Daily

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