Xia He Nianyue#Super beautiful

Xia He read the moon.

The film emperor and I pretended to be a superficial couple. She loved me like a life, and fought with me with other men.There is a beautiful little lover outside. He brought him a wedding ring to call her a good wife. His brothers called that girl: Xunzi, I don’t cry or make trouble, but I just deleted silently.In the past, he said that he would always love my text messages. We were entangled with each other’s first love for many years, until I became ill and gradually forgot everything about him.He began to panic and made a romantic surprise for me with intention. He tried his best to make me better, but he could only watch me others.

In the seventh year of Song Yanli and I fell in love with each other, he met the woman he really liked. The girl was Su Meng. He was a little actor who just graduated. He was pure and cute. He laughed like me when he was young.Friends said that Su Meng was my stand -in, and Song Yanli probably just played with him for a while.

Song Yanli and I have divided into years. Everyone watched him as proud of him, laughing for me, crying for me, and breaking a hard bone for me.Everyone knows that he loves me to love me.Suddenly I remembered the night when we broke up and reconciled.Together and torture each other-life.

I thought Song Yanli would never love another woman like love me again.Until the third year of getting married, our emotional rupture was happened.Su Meng appeared.

At first Song Yanli hated Su Meng. They filmed in a crew and played couples.Su Meng is a fan of Song Yanli. Every time he holds hands with him and hugs, he will blush and can’t hold it a little.At that time, Song Yanli’s relationship was still good. He always told me that he didn’t like Su Meng’s idiot.Su Meng wore a cartoon T -shirt. Song Yanli said that she was naive and ridiculous. Su Meng wore hot spicy shorts. Song Yanli said that she was unbearable. What Su Meng did Song Yanli felt annoying.

But maybe he didn’t even find himself. Every time he mentioned Su Meng, he laughed.During the time we called and chatting every night, he gradually began to get rid of.Most of the time, because Su Meng is too stupid, she always uses various problems to trouble Xia He.

Song Yanli was disgusted, and he was annoyed to answer her.

I asked Song Yanli: Can we not talk about Su Meng tomorrow?He smiled badly and asked me: The good wife vomited.While teasing me, he gathering Su Meng’s number.

Until a few days later, Su Meng issued a Weibo: A lingering kiss scene had two emotional people who couldn’t sleep tonight, and I wanted to talk to the person I like overnight.

Song Yanli didn’t find me that night, and I called him to occupy the line.I think this time Song Yanli was about to be a fake drama.

After that night, Song Yanli didn’t seem to love me suddenly.We started the Cold War. He did not explain or coax me. For a whole month, we ignored anyone.

Until the day of killing the Qing Dynasty, the crew interviewed reporter asked him: What he wanted to do is now at the end of work.He turned on the phone and revealed a picture of me wearing apron and his coquettishness, and said softly and said, "Now I want my wife the most, I want to eat my wife’s meal.

To some extent Song Yanli is my gold master. If he doesn’t love me, I will hide it. It is good to listen to his words.

That night I made a good table of good dishes. Song Yanli didn’t go home. I didn’t wait for him to sleep early.Until the night, he called me as if he was drunk and muttered and coquettishly: Good, good wife, I miss you, you come home.He hasn’t called my wife for a long time.My eyes were sour and I didn’t speak.His brother coaxed by his brothers: Is the big film emperor call Su Meng?They kept shouting at the handset: Xunzi.

Today, Brother Song wish to be with you forever forever.

It turned out that Song Yanli called Su Meng. He called her good wife, and his brother called her sister -in -law.She had already brought Su Meng into his life.

I suddenly hung up the phone with a headache and wrapped myself in the quilt.It doesn’t matter, I can pretend not to care.My acting skills have always been very good, and Song Yanli and I have a disagreement.The people in the circle said that he fell in love with Su Meng. He took her to eat a house car for a candlelight dinner, and occasionally he would pack the whole playground to accompany her to play with the naive rotating Trojan.

He likes her very much, so he likes to give her all the good things in the world. Even the rubber -oriented chain that I really want but can’t buy it has been bought back by Song Yanli recently.

I thought he would give it to Su Meng, but when I opened my eyes one morning, I saw the necklace lying quietly on my bedside, with a note next to it, saying that the happy wedding anniversary day was Song Yanli.Character.I rubbed the note silently and threw it into the trash.I can’t understand Song Yanli’s mind, nor does it want to understand.

A few days later, I saw Su Meng for the first time at a private dinner. When she saw me, she laughed, stared at my necklace, and said with a clear voice: Mr. Song bought me a few days agoPacking jewelry, I think this necklace is a bit old, let him give you it, I know that you are mature than me, and it is appropriate to wear it.

Mr. Song said before that he took me as a child, and I was not convinced. Obviously I was twenty -two years old, but compared with Sister Xia He, I suddenly felt that I was too young, I stunnedSuddenly I felt funny.The gift I liked the wedding anniversary, it turned out that it was unnecessary to pick up Su Meng.When Su Meng saw me unhappy, she smiled sweeter, her hair.Continue to show off with me: Sister Xia He, don’t be embarrassed to send you necklace, take it well.Mr. Song bought me too much, and I couldn’t bring it.If you still like it, you can also tell me that you can use it casually.I laughed with her.Ask softly: As long as I like it, will you give it to me?

Su Meng nodded proudly. I reached out and touched the diamond earrings shining on her ears.Su Meng screamed with pain, covering her ears and bent her waist, and blood leaked from her fingers.I looked down at her with my eyelids, and still asked with a smile: Thank you for your gift, can you give me another earrings?Su Meng’s pupils trembled slightly, as if I was a little afraid of me.Her blood splattered.The people around him began to make a commotion. Song Yanli then arrived. He saw the blood on the ground, and his expression suddenly became cold and ruthless.Really the same.

Su Mengsong opened his hand and let the blood flowing down his ears, dripping on a white dress.She reached out to drag Song Yanli and said softly: Mr. Song, I hurt.Song Yanli raised her arms, avoided her, and glanced coldly. At this glance, Su Meng was in place, and she bit her lips with embarrassment.She didn’t understand that Song Yanli had a lover, and it would be better to play in private.If it is on the table, it will be too shameful.Before people.

Song Yanli can only love me.His fingers rubbed my frowning brows and coaxed me tenderly: Who made you unhappy, I didn’t speak, and no one dared to speak.

Two seconds later, Song Yanli suddenly picked up the vase at hand and smashed the ground, and scolded him with a fierce voice: he was deaf, who made my wife unhappy.The atmosphere of speaking was terrible. Su Meng tightened his fists and shouted: It’s me, it’s me, all blame me, okay? "

Song Yanli, she finally couldn’t help it. With the tears that rolled down, she looked at Song Yanli, choked and opened: blame me to be close to Sister Xia He, but she was hated.I would rather be scolded by Primary Three, and I have to stay with him regardless of him. I blame me to be passionate. I thought he liked me too. I was a fool.

She raised the wine glass in her hand and fell down, mixed with the wine and blood, dyed the fabric on her chest, and she cried.

Ask Song Yanli: Mr. Song, is this enough?Is your beloved wife angry?Song Yanli’s hand holding my shoulder, the more tighter, she probably distressed.Does she ask me if I get angry?I was laughing by him, and the tears were almost falling out.I asked Song Yanli: pretending to love me, very tired.Song Yanli: Song Yanli, I have a good way to let your name just right to love the money you want to love me, I want a lot of money.

We divorced, Song Yanli’s eyes became colder and colder. He bowed his head to my ears and scolded fiercely: Xia He, I should have seen it clearly that you are a scammer with only money in your eyes.I smiled, pushed him away with a headache, and turned away.Song Yanli, you are really a crow’s mouth, and you haven’t told you yet. The doctor said that my head is sick, it may hurt, may be amnesia, or may die.Song Yanli was right. At the beginning, I promised his pursuit to be for his money.

Before him, I had enthusiastically liked another boy. Song Yanli knew all, but he was still desperately treating me and had to be with me.From love to getting married, I still remember the rainy day when Song Yanli proposed to me, we watched a love movie on the sofa.He suddenly closer to my ear and whispered: Xia He, as long as you say you love me, I immediately marry you home. After the money, the money of the guys will be deafening. I love you three words.Speed out of my mouth.I feel a little dissatisfied.Can anyone propose such a perfunctory shock and deliberately angry him.At that time, Song Yanli was still shameless.I don’t know where he took out a large diamond ring, grabbed my hand and put it up.I want to run, he simply grasped my neck and overwhelmed me on the sofa.He bit my ears and me: I touched it again, I strangled you.Song Yanli’s kiss almost melted me that day, and I asked for mercy under his body.Having said many times: Song Yanli, I love you!

In the past, I really love you, but you seem to never really believe me.My illness is severe every day, and a lot of medicine is perfold in my mouth. I still can’t eat meals and can’t sleep well in a headache.Soon I found myself forgot to forget some little things about Song Yanli.My body became worse and worse, and the doctor added a lot of medicine to me.When he left, he frowned and asked me: Why do you see a doctor alone every time, your family?Your illness requires your family’s companionship and care.But what should I do if I have no family?

At the age of six, my mother threw me on the street. She said that she would buy sugar for me, and she never returned.I thought I would never see my mother in my life.Until I met the ears that Su Meng was torn by me in the hospital, a large piece of ears swollen to change the medicine.An accompanying her is a middle -aged woman.I almost thought that I saw it. The woman seemed to be my mother, and I ran towards her without controlling it.Su Meng was so scared that he took two steps back. My mother protects him fiercely and pointed at my nose and scolded: You bitch, do you still want to bully my daughter?

She suddenly grabbed my hair and shouted loudly: Dare to bully my daughter, I killed you.She slapped me, and I had no time to avoid the corners of her mouth and leaking bleeding, and her tears fell suddenly.My mother didn’t seem to recognize me, and she had forgotten that she had another daughter.

Her daughter is Su Meng.In fact, at the age of thirteen, when I picked up a plastic bottle on the street, I met my mother by chance. She held Su Meng’s hand on the opposite side of the road and said and laughed. It was very gentle.I used the strength of her whole body to run for her and called her loudly: Mom.Xiao Bao is here, her mother doesn’t go, she pauses, and slowly look back at me with surprise.Su Meng dragged her corner and scolded me disgusted: Mom, it’s a beggar so dirty!We are all children’s children, but she is wearing a beautiful little skirt and a cute plush bear.And I wore tattered old clothes, and a pair of worn dirt shoes.I am so envious of her!I whispered: I am not begging, I am my sister.

I reached out and revealed a ugly smiley face, calling her: sister.Su Meng suddenly cried. She hid behind my mother and yelled: Mom quickly drove her away, and she was going to grab my toy bear.My mother knew back and pushed me down.At that time, she was like now, pointed at my nose and yelled: Where did the wild children come?I cried my little treasure.I killed you, no, no, mother, I am not a wild child, I am also your little treasure, you don’t want it.

· Xiaobao, I didn’t cry like when she was thirteen years old, crying my mother: Mom, I am Xiaobao.I pushed her away like she pushed me away from me. She took the opportunity to pull off my mask and fell to the ground and cried: The big star beaten people, Xia He hit someone.Su Meng stunned for two seconds, and suddenly took off the mask, kneeling in front of me, begging me to say: Sister Xia He, I know you have never liked me, you are more famous than me.Usually you beat me and scold me, I can bear it, but my mother is old, please don’t embarrass her.

Many people took out their mobile phones to take a survey. Su Meng can really play a good show. I should maintain my reputation, cover her face quickly, and leave immediately.

But I couldn’t control it, hugging Su Meng’s hair, I looked at her eyes, and said coldly: You are really a filial and good child sister, then I am not polite.How can your mother hit me, I will return it to you.I raised the bag and smashed on Su Meng’s face. Then again, my distress was so painful.If you can’t vent, I will probably find a building to jump down. How can people live so painful?My mother rushed up to tear me, maybe waiting for her to know that I was Xiaobao she lost, and she would never forgive me again.But it doesn’t matter, mother, don’t want Xiaobao, Xiaobao doesn’t want you anymore.

I played Su Meng’s video, and soon spread it on the Internet. Netizens rushed into my Weibo and yelled: Are you jealous of Su Meng and you are younger than you and you are more beautiful than you.It is recommended to check what Xia He’s family is doing.

It feels like she has loved bullying others since she was a child.Don’t cry, I know where Xia He’s family is, I am angry for you.When I saw this comment, I was in the underground garage and just stopped the car and was going to go home.Suddenly I heard someone call me: Is it Xia He?I turned back and saw a man carrying a baseball stick. He was fierce and smashed into me. I was too late to react. Suddenly he was dragged into his arms.On the back.He turned his head and rolled the man, scolded fiercely, and your mother dared to move my wife and I killed you.Song Yanli was crazy, regardless of his disregard, hit people to death.

For a moment, I almost forgot that we were divorced and thought he loved me very much, but I had forgotten what Song Yanli loved me.Song Yanli hasn’t returned home for a long time. He came to me for Su Meng.The family was messy, and I had a headache every day, and I didn’t want to clean up at all.Song Yanli lifted his sleeves and started cleaning.He picked up the underwear that I threw on the sofa and scolded me with a smile: Xia He, you are really not a wife. You really should learn how Su Meng takes care of people. He is so good, how can you be willing to hit herI apologized to her, crying every day, and I looked distressed.Yes, because Su Meng is good, her mother loves her very much.Because Su Meng is good, Song Yanli also fell in love with her.Then me, because I am not good enough, so I will live again and again by everyone?

I was particularly angry, throwing all Song Yanli’s cleaning clothes on the ground, and quarreling with him: Let me apologize to her, you might as well stab me.Song Yanli leaned on the sofa, dragged me into his arms, and clasped my waist to prevent me from getting rid of it.He scolded me with a smile: I knew that you wouldn’t be obedient, and never a good thing.He took out his mobile phone, called the phone, and told the judge of the Film Festival to remove me from the post -year film award.

I have been in my career for ten years, after three years of nominations, and running with three years.After this year, I would be able to stabilize the prize.For this award, I fell down from the hillside, and my forehead stabbed a blood hole. I still insisted that I did n’t need a substitute. I took the full film. The golden trophy was exchanged by my life.I broke Song Yanli’s mobile phone, smashed a tear on his arm, and scolded him: Don’t do it like this.

Song Yanli, he was more at ease, put his chin on my shoulder, and asked me with a smile: Do you want to apologize, you want to say it.I finally couldn’t help crying.

I shouted at him: Song Yanli, I am sick, I can never make a movie anymore, and I have no chance to win the prize again.If you love Su Meng, you want to give him up, you can hold my weakne, but I do n’t let her happy, I do n’t apologize, is n’t it a trophy?I don’t want it, my tears have nowhere to vent with my heart full of grievances.I grabbed Song Yanli’s hand and bit it fiercely.He frowned, silently endured, waiting for me to cry.Looking up, Song Yanli also followed me with red eyes and holding my face.

Speaking softly: Xia He, instead of saying that I love Su Meng, it is better to say that I hate you. I used to love you. You only love my money.You lie to my money to raise another man, you really have the ability, but you have to blame me. I still blame me.Knowing that you can pretend to be pitiful, you will still be deceived by you, you will be soft, don’t cry, isn’t it a trophy?Give you, he hugged me into his arms, kissed my ears, as if doing a farewell.Slowly span: Xia He, this is the last time I am nice to you.But this time, Song Yanli lied to me.

On the day of the award ceremony, I was wearing the gorgeous skirts and the most expensive jewelry, and wanted to make a curtain at the last scene.The host reads on the stage: Best Actress.

Su Meng, I was holding a skirt, ready to get up, and was captured by the media to become obedient.Su Meng held the golden trophy and smiled at Song’s eyes. Loin said: The person I like promised me. Tonight, if I get the trophy, he will go home to see my mother with me.Mom wrapped the dumplings at home and was waiting for us to go back to eat.He is so happy and has everything I want.There was also the medal I could never get in my mother’s eyes. She gave my eyes in my ear and smiled badly.He asked me if Xia He was deceived?He was revenge on me. He never believed in me. I didn’t believe me, I love him, nor brusted that I was sick, and I had a headache again.

For the last time, looking at it, in my eyes, his memory began to blur in my heart. I held the clothes on my chest and said: I was deceived and blinked!I asked him, who you are?I fainted at the awards ceremony. When I woke up, the person was in the hospital. My agent Ling Sister Ling was quarreling with Song Yanli.She pointed at my eyes and stared at Song Yanli sitting on the sofa and asked her Xia He, where sorry, you have to hurt her so much.Song Yanli threw the photos in his hand hard. In the photo, I was held in her arms by other men, and Sister Lin stunned.

Song Yanli asked him with a smile, why not speak guilty.When Xia He, when he hugged me with other men, did he think that he was hurting me. When he used my money to send a man to study abroad, he thought he was hurting me. LinJie interrupted him, why don’t you find it clearly?Song Yanli sneered twice, gritted his teeth and said, from love to getting married, I chased him like a dog, apologizing for me to take the initiative, and reconcile me to take the initiative.He is derailed now, and I take the initiative to ask him, why don’t you love me?Is it not good enough for me, I fucking.Is it so cheap?There is no shortage of women in my eyes, sweet words can coax a lot, dare to lie to me.His jaw is the first, should he die?The words in Song’s eyes were not finished yet. Suddenly someone pushed the door of the ward, stepped in, and hit his face with a punch.The movement of the activity looked down at the opening of the 10,000 temples in Song’s eyes.Introduce myself, my name Zhou Han is Xia He.The first man he liked was recognized in the eyes of Song’s eyes.The person holding me is also the one I pay for him to study abroad.The two men in the suit and leather strokes twisted together in a blink of an eye.

Sister Lin hurriedly shouted Song Yanli you enough.Zhou Han was the attending doctor of Xia He. He hugged Xiahe because Xia He found out his illness that day, and he was scared to death. He cried and called you, but you hung him on the phone because he quarreled the day before.It’s right.Where are you when you need you most?What qualifications do you have to lose your temper here?Song was stunned in his eyes, and Zhou Han was kicked by this moment.

When he was sitting on the ground and murmured, when did Xia He call me?He didn’t know that I called, because it was the electricity that Su Meng answered him that day.At that time, I burst into tears and just wanted Song Yanli to go home to accompany me, but I heard that Su Meng laughed at me and I was sick.Deserves it?He hung up the phone, holding the phone, I held the phone for a long time and didn’t hit it.

Song Yanli is a person who pays special attention to privacy. His mobile phone has only been able to touch it in the past, and then Su Meng can also play casually.I know that I am no longer the only one of Song Yanli. He is distracted in love, and I can’t forgive it.Since that day, I have slowly made the revenge plan.The first thing I woke up was to grab the corner of Zhou Han, and I scolded some angrily.

Zhou Han: Why do you fight with people again?Zhou Han and I are growing up together.He has been fighting in the courtyard since he was a child. The most fiercely fighting for fighting has nine times, all of which are injured for my fist for my Zhou Han.Do I ask him if it hurts?Song Yanli stepped forward to hold my wrist and dragged my hand from Zhou Han’s clothes. He looked at me with a cold smile, and endured to ask who Xia He cared about?Where is the man here?I watched him slowly pull back his hand and asked: I got married, and the expression in Song’s eyes changed.His hand was put on my head two and laughed and cheated me with jaw.

Are you learning that you learned in the official court to play enough tricks?I didn’t play enough, of course, I didn’t play enough.Who makes me a bad jaw with a bad belly?Zhou Han threw my inspection report to Song’s eyes, and my illness would be selectively forgotten.Some of them were Song Yanli who could not accept it.

I remember Sister Ling, remembering Zhou Han remembered many people who were not important, but I didn’t remember everything about him.He didn’t believe that I was really sick.I found countless expert teams for me, and the results were always disappointed.He stayed in front of my bed all night, and sometimes I heard it. He seemed to be crying. I opened my eyes and saw that he was sitting on the sofa and holding my diary in his hand.The diary reads the beginning and end of Song Yan Li’s heart.

The first thing that Han returned to China in March 23rd was to call me for a medical examination.When I was young, I always had a headache. Zhou Han said that he would be a doctor in the future to cure my headache. He finally learned.I am happy for him, but I am so annoying that I am afraid that I am really sick and I am not afraid of death.Just rest assured to give eye gifts.When his sticky people were so good, he must be crying.How bad I am.The March 23rd Inspection Report was obtained, and the results were not very good.He also said that he was not afraid, and the result still collapsed.Crying to give a gift gift.The heroine in his heart seemed to be Su Meng.People are very sweet, but their mouths are very poisonous.He said that I should be sick, and he should like to give eye gifts.So hate me.On March 24, 23, I asked how Song Yanli and Su Meng felt like?

She said a lot of shortcomings in Su Meng.She observed the Zhen Zi opera observed by Su Meng, knowing that she likes beautiful women soldiers, milk tea, likes to wear super shorts, with black stockings.I was a little angry, and Song seemed to like Su Meng.But she didn’t know, I hope I think too much.

On March 26, two three years, I ate a delicious boiled fish today. Songs like spicy food in Song’s eyes. I said: When she goes home and takes her to eat.She suddenly started to Titun again, saying that she ate boiled fish at noon. Su Meng saw it and asked her not spicy?She deliberately said that she was not spicy, and also gave Su Meng a piece to let Su Meng taste it, and as a result, she cried for Su Meng.Are you funny and funny?But why am I so sad?In April 3rd, I called me in the eyes of Song these days, and I didn’t answer it.In April 4th, I went to the hospital for treatment today.The most painful time was Zhou Han accompanied me, but I thought of Song Yanli particularly unsatisfactory.I saw Su Meng’s Weibo at night, and she said: Song Yanli kissed her.Tonight they will chat overnight.

I called Song Yanli, and it really took the line.I wanted to tell her that I was sick today. Forget it, her heart was not in me anyway.On April 28, two three years, she didn’t find me, and I didn’t find her. It was good. I will take her as a withdrawal machine in the future.

In May 8, two three years, Song severely killed the young. She said that she wanted his wife and wanted to eat the dishes made by his wife, but I don’t remember what she loves to eat.Recently, I always feel that everything about Song Yanli in my mind has been wiped off by rubber little by little. I saw her like spicy food and boiled fish.I did it according to the tutorial, and it was hot.

As a result, Song Yan didn’t go home at all at night. She called in the middle of the night and regarded me as Su Meng.One wife’s call, her brother also coaxed to call Su Meng over there.The person she thought was Su Meng. She wanted to eat the dishes made by Su Meng. She was annoyed and didn’t want her anymore.Song’s eyes closed the diary, and when I saw me awake, I laughed softly.She is now bearded, it is really not good -looking.

I advise her, don’t come tomorrow.Our feelings are not good, and it is not necessary.It seems like you love me very much. You don’t like that Su Meng, prepare for divorce.I gave her the place, and Song squeezed my face in Song’s eyes, shook, and refuted a little angry.I

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