XBB is infected with a small peak or appears at the end of next month!"Eryang" is poor resistance?Do you want to isolate your family?

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On May 22, at the 2023 Greater Bay Area Science Forum Biomedical and Health Sub -Forum, Zhong Nanshan, the winner of the Republic Medal and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that according to the model forecast, the new wave of the new wave of the epidemic this year wasAbout 65 million/week.

"(Epidemic prevention) cannot be done once and for all, because it (new crown virus) becomes too fast." Zhong Nanshan said that the cause of Omikon’s infection was not simply dying of severe pneumonia.Such as heart disease, nervous system disease, kidney disease and other diseases have aggravated death.For people with basic diseases, it is extremely important to prevent infection.

Does the people who have gone through the vaccine?

Zhong Nanshan said that the protein vaccine of the vaccine or sub -unit was infected within six months after the infection of this hybrid immunization, which has a certain protective effect on Omikon infection.However, in the face of possible XBB infection, the peak of the XBB infection, for the injection of new vaccines for basic diseases, low immunity, and the elderly groups to prevent infection.

On April 10, the State Council responded to the new type of coronary virus infection epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group released the "Program for the Recently Corresponding Coronary Virus Infection Epidemic Vaccination Work Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which is mainly aimed at two for twoThe big target group is a crowd that has not been infected and has not completed the established immunization procedures; the other is a crowd that has been infected and has not completed basic immunity.

For people who have been infected and unfinished, the "Plan" stipulates that 1 -dose vaccine can be vaccinated after three months of infection.

In this regard, the National Health and Health Commission explained on the official website that people who have infected and did not complete basic immunity. Due to insufficient antigen -induced antigen -induced antigen stimulation, the effect of immune protection was significantly weaker than the mixed mixed infection after infection after basic immunity was completed.immunity.In addition, protective antibodies will extend attenuation over time. At this stage, some people still need to vaccinate vaccines to further strengthen the autoimmune capacity, make up the gap between immune levels, and reduce the possibilities and risk of death in the future.

"Plan" shows that people over 18 years of age who have been infected and have not completed basic immunity, prioritize the use of Shenzhou cell restructuring new crown virus 4 virus 4 trimer protein vaccine and stone medicine group new crown virus MRNA vaccination.Affiliated with conditions to be listed or incorporated into the emergency reorganized protein vaccine or virus carrier vaccine vaccination.The infected and unfinished basic immunity, the 3-17-year-olds, are implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of the vaccine used.The subsequent will be based on the progress of vaccine research and development and approval, combined with the situation of epidemic conditions, virus variations, etc., and timely research and adjust the vaccination strategy.

In some areas, the new crown vaccination plan has been introduced in some areas. Most of them are mainly based on the above "Plan". For those who have passed the vaccine, they need to meet the unfinished basic immunization conditions.

For example, the Zhuhai City Health Bureau said on May 16th that the new crown virus has been infected, if the people who have not completed the basic immunization can be vaccinated after 3 months of infection;After completing basic immunity (1 dose of secondary adenovirus vector vaccine or 2 stitches vaccine or 3 tattoo hyperthyrous protein vaccine), people who have undergone natural infections do not need to continue vaccination.

Zhuhai Health and Health Bureau also said that if it is a 3-17-year-old population who is infected and has not completed basic immunity, it is recommended that after three months of infection, only Beijing Company, Beijing Kexing Company, and Chinese Medicine Wuhan Company can be used.New crown virus activation vaccine and Zhi Feilong Koma reorganized the new crown virus vaccine (CHO cells) to enhance 1 dose.If it is infected and unfinished people over the age of 18, after three months of infection, you can use Shenzhou cell reorganic new crown virus 4 trimer protein vaccine, stone medicine group new crown virus MRNA vaccine, Zhuhai Lizhu (Zhuhai Lizhu (CHO cells), reorganization of new crown virus vaccine (Chi Feilong Koma (CHO cells), Chengdu Wesk (SF9 cell), Zhejiang clover (Cho cells), Shenzhou cell (2 price S trioplastor), adenovirus carrier new crown virus vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine(Coming for inhalation), and the new crown virus vaccine (Beijing Wantai) was vaccinated by 1 dose.

Infected people have increased

It has little effect on the medical system

On May 22, Zhong Nanshan stated at the Science Forum of the 2023 Greater Bay Area that according to many aspects of materials judgment, there was a small peak infected by a new crown virus infection at the end of April and early May. "This is what we expect."

He said that based on the SEIRS model prediction, the trend forecast of the second wave of epidemic (XBB) in 2023 in 2023 shows that the highest peak infection at the end of May 2023 was 40 million/week.About 65 million/week."A Omikon infection can infect more than 30 people. Our epidemic prevention and control strategy has been adjusted from past prevention and control to the current prevention, because infection is difficult to prevent."

Li Yan, chief physician of the infection of Beijing You’an Hospital, said that the number of new crown patients who recently occurred in the rib clinics did have risen. 70%of the number of admission to the hot kidney was a case of new crown patients.Among them, more than 80%of them are infections, and less than 20%are secondary infections."Because there will be fewer and fewer patients with first infection, the proportion of secondary infection patients will increase."

Li Yan once said that the patients of "Eryang" are mainly young and middle -aged people from the age of 18 to 60. It may be because their social activities are relatively frequent, there are more people in contact, and the willingness to wear masks has declined.At the same time, from a clinical observation, the overall symptoms of "Eryang" patients are lighter than the first infection, the course of the disease is relatively short, and there are very few severe cases.

Therefore, from this point of view, the increase in the number of "Eryang" patients has a small impact on medical resources, because there are very few severe patients, and the elderly who are mainly infected for the first time and low immunity.

"Although the new crown infection patients have increased compared with the previous, the impact on the medical system is not great, and the entire medical condition and the ability to treat the treatment are far from the peak of the infection at the beginning of the New Year."In the hot ruling clinic, the regular hot kidnapper medical staff is enough to deal with it."Although it is relatively stressful for them, I believe that most hospitals have no problem. In this round, I think the support of the respiratory and infection department is enough."

Lu Hongzhou, director of the National Infectious Disease Clinical Research Center and Dean of Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, also said that the recent increase in the number of infections has not increased significantly, and the growth rate is slow.Therefore, the overall trend of this wave of epidemic should be slowly rising, staircase infection, and the peaks are wide, but the peaks will not be high, but the spectrum is wide and the duration may be longer.

According to Lu Hongzhou, according to the team’s research, the results of the seven months after the infection were followed, and most people still had strong cellular immunity after 7 months, the antibodies may have a significant decline, but they still have good cellular immune capacityEssence"In other words, if a young adult is infected for 7 months, the cellular immune function in the body is still good. If infected again, the neutral antibody in the body plays a role first, and then the cellular immunity will play a role, so many people have no symptoms of symptomsOr it will not be infected. "

Pay attention to distinguish the possibility of other virus infections


Li Yan mentioned that if patients with new coronal viruses have been infected, patients with fever and sore throat symptoms now have to determine whether they are infected by testing.Because in addition to the new coronal virus and flu, there are also respiratory hypotonal virus, especially in children with respiratory syndicate infections.

Li Yan once introduced that fluation is a peak in March, and it shows a downward trend in April. In May, there are few influenza patients.In addition to the new crown, there are many people’s symptoms caused by respiratory cytoter virus or other respiratory viruses.

A few days ago, in an interview with experts from the National Health and Health Commission organized, Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the First Hospital of Peking University, also said that the upper respiratory tract and throat are the portal of the human body.Causes swelling of the throat.Pay attention to identification, treat distinctive treatment, and treat symptomatically.

"If the patient has not been infected with the new crown virus, and symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle soreness, headache, etc., the probability is the case of new crown infection."Mainly relieve relevant symptoms.

If "Eryang" appears, it should be treated as symptomatic treatment as soon as possible to reduce the risk of severe illness.At present, there are already 6 approval of new crown antiviral drugs in China. It is recommended that severe high -risk people use antiviral treatment as soon as possible after infection.

In terms of drug selection, Li Yan once said that in terms of effect, there is no obvious difference in safety in terms of effect. In terms of effectiveness, because there are fewer severe cases, they have not found that in terms of imperial illnesses, they have not found that in terms of imperial illness.Difference.At present, the supply of domestic antiviral drugs is more sufficient, and it is included in medical insurance. The price is more affordable, and the public acceptance is higher.

Why will the new crown virus be infected again after the new crown vaccine?Does it indicate that the pathogenesis of the new crown virus is stronger after mutation?In this regard, Chen Cao, a researcher at the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center, said that monitoring data showed that as of early May, the XBB series mutant strains have become the main epidemic strain in my country’s new crown virus. Basically consistent.From the perspective of my country’s and global monitoring data, compared with the early popular Omikonia branches, the pathogenic force of the XBB series of mutation strains has not changed significantly.

On May 22, Zhong Nanshan said that many studies have shown that after the infection of the new crown virus, the neutralized antibody in the human body decreased after 4 months, especially for the protection of XBB mutant strains.However, there are still antibodies in the human body that can activate cellular immunity and still have a protective effect within 6-7 months.

Zhong Nanshan said that in a one or two months, the people in the body in December last December, the antibodies and immunity in the body would be reduced."The virus mutation is too fast, so it cannot be done once and for all, and it may be infected again."

Lu Hongzhou also said before that from December last year to January this year, many of us have infected the new crowns.Early studies have shown that the protection of the natural infection of the new crown can last about 7 months. Over time, the protection power will be weakened.Some people need to strengthen immunity. If they do not vaccine, the number of secondary infections may increase.In addition, there are certain differences in immune protection effects of different groups.

For the peaks of infection that may gradually increase, Zhong Nanshan reminded that the key group of basic diseases is the focus of prevention and treatment.According to the latest study of the Zhongnan Shan team on patients with severe patients in infection with new coronary virus, more than half of the imaging performance of severe patients is not severe pneumonia, and the effects of virus on circulation, nerves, kidney and other systems are also very great.

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