Worried about your postpartum hair loss?If you are pregnant, you have to do these 2 points well

Colleague Xiaoxia is a very temperamental girl with a very temperament and beautiful appearance. If she hadn’t said it, we would not believe that she was already a treasure mother.Whenever she mentioned her baby, Xiaoxia’s face is always full of motherly love and happiness, but Xiaoxia also has some distress. Although it is worthwhile to pay for the baby, there is a problem.The problem of postpartum hair loss.

Xiaoxia said that she started her hair loss since she was pregnant. At first she didn’t take it seriously, but she did not expect her hair loss to be out of control. Before Huaibao, Xiaoxia had a thick hair.Every time I look in the mirror, I see my hair like crying.

As we all know, women’s pregnancy will cause hair loss due to changes in physical hormones. However, in addition, incorrect hair washing methods can also cause postpartum hair loss, and hormone changes are difficult to control, but the way of shampooing can be artificially controlled:

1. How to correctly choose hair cleaning products

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother wants to have a dark hair, which is very important for the choice of hair care products, such as essences, so how should pregnant mothers choose to be best for themselves?For the essence, be sure to figure out the ingredients inside, try to choose without adding, contain nutrients such as ginseng or ginger, so that you can provide more nutrition for hair and scalp, so that the hair will be more vibrant.In order to better prevent hair loss.

In addition, it is also critical to stick to hair loss, insisting on use. Many women usually use shampoo with shampoo. I feel that it will be troublesome to use essences and other things.The hair is very good for the hair. If you do not care carefully about your hair, your hair will naturally give you away. Therefore, it is best to use the conditioner and essence and other things.

2. Shampooing treatment

Before pregnancy, the shampooing posture will be very casual. If you want to wash it, you will wash it, but after you become pregnant, the situation will be very different. The pregnant mother has a big belly.The fetus, so I can no longer bend her waist and wash her hair. The pregnant mother can choose to be on the chair, the head is appropriately tilted, and then the husband or other people can help wash your hair.

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