Women’s online dating and pregnancy abortion, but the other party sought another new love, the "scum man" was sentenced to infringe on personality

Peninsula reporter Wang Hongzhi

Both men and women seem to be in love, but in fact, the woman does not even know the name of the man’s life.Recently, the Huangdao Court accepted such a case together.

Men and women are connected on the Internet, but the other party is not recognized by the other party

After 40 -year -old Li, after divorcing, he was alone. Through a dating website, he accidentally met Zhao Zhao, who was 14 years younger than himself. He had a good opinion of each other and his personality was very close.With the deepening of feelings, two months later, the two met in Zhao’s house and had a sexual relationship.A few months later, Ms. Li found that she was pregnant, and then sent a text message to Zhao that she was pregnant and asked Zhao to get married as soon as possible. Zhao did not reply.Ms. Li, who was anxious, found Zhao’s house, but Zhao refused to open the door, and said that Ms. Li had nothing to do with herself. She should not find herself responsible and would not marry her.Li felt that Zhao was playing with himself. He thought that the two had a big age gap. He met a scammer, anger, regret, ashamed, Li Mou’s heart was mixed in his heart, and he chose to call the police.

The scumbag is looking for another new love, and the woman complains to the court to discuss the way

After the alarm, it was found that Zhao’s name was fake through investigation and identification of the police station. He also strengthened Li’s thoughts. Zhao was playing with his feelings.Ms. Li, who was deceived, helplessly chose to perform artificial abortion surgery and triggers gynecological inflammation. Not only did she not work at home, she also spent a certain medical expenses.However, on the other side, Zhao quickly married others. The news hit Ms. Li’s head like a thunderbolt. Ms. Li’s heart was depressed and her spirit was greatly hit.After the physical recovery, the more Ms. Li thought, the more she felt that she could not give up, and then sued to the court to accuse Zhao’s deception and asked Zhao to compensate her medical expenses, misunderstandings, and spiritual comfort.

Court: Men infringe their personality rights and shall be compensated

The court held that the case was a dispute over personality rights.During the period of relationship with Li, Zhao caused Li to get pregnant and miscarriage, and at the same time married others, it was enough to explain that Zhao had a deception to Li. His behavior was not only contrary to social morality and public order and good customs.A certain body and spirit have caused serious damage and should bear the corresponding infringement liability.Although the defendant denied that the plaintiff’s pregnancy was related to it, the time of combining the sexual relationship between the two and the plaintiff informed the defendant’s pregnancy time, the plaintiff’s claim was highly calm and should be supported according to law.The disease that the plaintiff appeared after abortion was related to the defendant’s pregnancy.The plaintiff caused the plaintiff’s spirit to hurt the plaintiff’s spirit because of an artificial abortion, postoperative diseases and relationships without disease. The defendant should pay a certain spiritual comfort.In summary, the court supported the plaintiff’s claim.

Judge said:

After the promulgation of the Civil Code, the first creation of the establishment of personality rights in the code of the Code, highlighting the protection of "human value", reflecting the legislative concept of "people -centered people" in my country’s "Civil Code"."Sexual rights" belong to the scope of personality rights. This is a civil rights based on personal rights and interests, and should be protected.The judge reminded that when choosing a spouse, keep a sober mind, and understand the other person’s personal situation with a cautious and rational attitude.In case of similar deception, pay attention to retaining evidence, such as chat history, recording, etc., and can be used as evidence to defend rights when disputes.At the same time, it is also hoped that both men and women will exchanges with the premise of honesty, trustworthiness, and obeying public order and good customs to prevent the behavior of cheating and cheating. Otherwise, emotional problems will become infringing disputes and need to bear corresponding legal responsibilities.

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Source: People’s Daily Client

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