Women’s menstrual flow is poor?Most of these are related to 4 factors.

After women enter adolescence, menstruation will be on time every month.The average menstruation of women is about once every 28 days, and each time it lasts for 3 to 7 days. The entire menstrual cycle is about 30 ~ 50 ml. If the menstrual flow is less than 30 ml, it can be considered that the menstrual flow is too small.

Because the amount of bleeding cannot be measured accurately, women can usually observe the blood volume on the sanitary napkin. If the blood volume on the sanitary napkin is small, and the menstruation lasts only 1 to 2 days, it can generally be considered that the menstrual flow is too small.So, what are the causes of too little menstrual flow?

1. Endocrine disorders

Modern women’s life is fast, and it also bears a lot of pressure. If the normal schedule is irregular and overworked, it always stays up late, which can easily cause endocrine disorders, which will cause too little menstrual flow, which can cause amenorrhea in severe cases.

2. Emotional cause

Compared with men, women are more likely to change emotionally. Many women do not find a way to throw away after being wronged, which can easily cause liver stagnation and stagnation, which will cause symptoms such as excessive menstrual flow and breast tenderness.In addition, if long -term mental tension, or mental stimulation and psychological trauma, may also affect menstruation and cause too little menstruation.

3. Excessive diet

In modern society, the publicity of the media and the Internet has enlarged this phenomenon, which has led many women to the requirements of many women too harsh, and they lose weight at the expense of dieting.If you have too much diet and the insufficient nutrition of your body, it will inevitably affect the function of the uterus and ovaries, causing the consequences of too little menstrual flow or even amenorrhea.

4. Premature ovarian failure

Ovarian is an important endocrine organs for women. Ovarian health can remain normal.

However, many women have caused premature ovarian aging due to poor life and eating habits, resulting in decreased estrogen secretion. Such women start to have a small menstrual flow or even amenorrhea before the age of 40.Treatment and restore the health of the ovarian to avoid making your body prematurely start aging.

The above are the causes of too little menstrual flow. Excessive menstrual flow has a great impact on women’s reproductive health. If not regulated in time, it may cause amenorrhea and affect normal pregnancy and child child.So, how to adjust the amount of menstruation?

1. Life law, adjust your mentality

If menstruation is caused by excessive mental stress, women should learn to regulate their mentality and maintain a good mentality to help regulate endocrine balance.

In addition, the rules should be developed in life to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, do not smoke and drink, do a good job of keeping the uterus, actively participate in various sports activities, especially to do a good job of menstrual hygiene to avoid infection.

2. Diet adjustment

Women with less menstruation should supplement nutrition appropriately, consume more nutrients such as protein and vitamins, and should also be properly replenished to avoid iron deficiency anemia.

You can eat more nourishing foods, such as black beans, black chickens, lamb, walnuts, lean meat, kelp, green leafy vegetables, etc., which can nourish the uterus and ovaries, enhance immunity, and also help menstrual recovery.

In summary, women with irregular schedules and excessive mental stress can easily cause endocrine disorders and affect menstruation.In addition, premature ovarian failure, emotional depression, and excessive diet are also the cause of too little menstrual flow.

Too little menstrual flow is not good for women’s health. Pay attention to conditioning in life, correct bad work and rest habits, adhere to exercise, do a good job of maintaining the uterus, and take more nutritional nutrition, enhance physical resistance, restore menstruation to the recovery of menstruation,It also helps.

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