Women’s medical examinations found polyps, is it serious?Does it affect pregnancy?Cut or not cut at 2 o’clock

Women’s health awareness is relatively high, and they will take the initiative to check their bodies, especially gynecological projects.For women who have planted family planning, detecting polyps is more troublesome. On the one hand, they are worried about affecting pregnancy, on the other hand, they are afraid of surgery, and hesitate to cut it, so today I will answer everyone through the article.

What is polyps?

Long polyps indicate that there is inflammation in the body, which may be inflammatory cell irritation, or it may be related to the changes in estrogen levels. In addition, chronic diseases, high -fat diets, random health products, and excessive weight, etc., may stimulate it to grow.

A kind of B -ultrasound grows on the endometrium of the uterine to find that women cannot know that they have polyps before they have symptoms.A kind of growing on the cervix, because it is closer to the vagina, there will be bleeding after sex, which can easily attract women’s attention.

They have different sizes, some are small, some are a few centimeters larger, and the number is usually more than one.As long as the stimulus factors have always existed, there is no treatment intervention, the polyps are difficult to fade by itself, and the inflammation of the local mucosa will form polyps, resulting in more and more.Although most of it is benign, the symptoms of bleeding and possible female friends need attention.

Ms. Huang has been married for 2 years and has been preparing for pregnancy. She found that she often had bleeding symptoms and had pain in her sexual life. Therefore, she went to the hospital for examination. It turned out that the uterine polyps grew in the body.She heard that the operation was very scared, but when she thought of the child, she finally decided to perform surgery.

After the surgery, it recovered very well, and the menstruation was normal. Good news came from less than 3 months.It can be seen that female friends still need to pay attention to the problem of polyps, especially those who have been preparing for a long time but have no movement, may be affected by polyps, may wish to check it.

What is the adverse effect of polyps on fertility?

The polyps have a high incidence, and women can reach 25%of women. When the cervix grows polyps, it is like putting road stones at the door. It is difficult to pass the uterine cavity at the door. Many "soldiers" need to be damaged halfway.

If the polyp has signs of infection, it will affect sperm survival.Its metabolites are full of inflammatory factor, which will cause sperm to lose vitality and cannot support to meet with eggs. In the end, it will affect the dynamic perforation power.

Even if you are lucky, polyps will increase uterine uncertainty factors. It may be unstable in the embryo bed, or it may be infected during the development of development, resulting in poor uterine environment, unable to cultivate life, and higher abortion risk.

Is there only this way to remove surgery?

Female friends are still nervous when they hear surgery. They are full of concerns about their physical recovery in the later period. In fact, if there are two aspects of surgery, it may not need to be cut.

The first is to see if there are any discomfort.Some women have already experienced obvious abnormal bleeding. They usually have to end with menstruation for more than ten days. They are deeply disturbed, so don’t hesitate.If there is no symptoms, you can observe temporarily without checking or even knowing it exists.

The second is whether the doctor evaluates whether it will affect pregnancy.There is no pregnant for two or three years of pregnancy. Both sides are healthy. Only women have polyps. So most of the reasons are related to polyps. According to the size and number of polyps, the larger the more, the more you need to deal with it.

At the same time, we must also consider the risks during pregnancy. In order to reduce the risk of abortion, it is best to remove it.

Stay away from polyps and change 3 bad habits as soon as possible

Eat too much health products

Some women attach great importance to maintenance. They often eat health care products and nutrition products. They do not pass the doctor’s examination. They can eat it directly at the pharmacy. These behaviors may change the hormone level in the body.Female friends should not rely on drugs and health products, and often eat risks.

Don’t pay attention to controlling weight

There are more troubles brought by obesity, which is not only prone to gynecological inflammation, but also increases the risk of hypertension and diabetes. It also affects hormones after metabolic dysfunction.To change the habits of high -fat diet, eat less greasy and fried foods, and eat less sweets.Pay attention to the measurement of the waist and weight, and find that you need to control the weight.

Don’t pay attention to personal hygiene

Most women prefer to be clean, but some women are "fake and clean". They like to use sanitary pads, resulting in local imbalanced breeding bacteria to cause inflammation.Pay attention to hygiene in sexual life, puerperium, and after childbirth, and rinse with warm water. Pay attention to hygiene to reduce inflammation.

Can surgery during menstruation?

The endometrium continues to fall off during the menstrual period, which has become the best hidden helper for polyps. It is difficult to perform surgery by itself. It is also easy to miss it. After menstruation, polyps cannot be hidden. At this time, surgery is appropriate.

At present, there is no way to eliminate polyps. Usually, surgery is removed, but a small number of small polyps may disappear naturally, but if women are anxious to get pregnant, and the number is more, it is difficult to wait for the polyp to disappear by themselves. The operation is faster.a little.

It can be done for a few minutes with hysteroscopy technology, so women should not have too much psychological pressure. After surgery, the body can be recovered soon without affecting work and learning.The surgery is safe and will not cause damage to the uterus, and you can get pregnant normally in the future.

However, it is necessary to remind everyone that after removing, it is possible to relapse. Women should change their own bad habits, pay attention to personal hygiene, pay attention to diet health, and also check blood pressure and blood sugar regularly, pay attention to changes in weight, and healthy body health.

It is recommended that you exercise more, which is helpful for balanced hormone levels and reduced inflammation levels. There are three to four exercise opportunities a week. Aerobic exercise properly, your body will be healthier.

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