Women’s leucorrhea is many and dirty. These 4 problems are "roots".

For women, most of them encounter such a situation, that is, it is found that leucorrhea suddenly increases and dirty.Faced with such problems, the first thing female friends need to do is to find the true roots, and then make targeted adjustments and treatment.

1. Ovulation period

The so -called ovulation period refers to the second week after women’s suspension. At this stage, women’s uterus will perform once a month ovulation.When women ovulate, leucorrhea will increase, and there are long strips.For women with more leucorrhea in this situation, there is no need to do any treatment and adjustment, because this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

2. Excessive pressure

For women with great pressure, including the pressure and work pressure, most of them will be under a state of impatient and irritable state.When this state lasts too long, it will affect the endocrine system of women, and when women’s endocrine disorders occur, the symptoms of leucorrhea will be increased and dirty.Therefore, moderate decompression is a compulsory course for contemporary women.

3. The warmth measure is not done well

Now it has entered the coldest season of the year, that is, winter.In this season, for women, the most important thing is to keep warm.Because if women are cold for a long time, light will affect the normal operation of the metabolic system, and the severe may affect their pregnancy.Therefore, warmth in winter is a good thing for women. When making warmth measures, it should pay particular attention to the warmth of the feet.Because there is an old saying that it makes sense, that is, the cold starts from the feet, and it can be seen how important the warmth of the feet is.

4. Nutritional uneven

Many women like to control their weight by eating in winter.After all, the outdoor temperature in winter is low, which is not suitable for outdoor sports.However, female friends who want to lose weight, their fat -reducing packages are mostly unscientific, which seriously destroys the nutritional balance in their body.For example, some women only eat apples to lose weight, while others only eat oats for a long time.Although apples and oats contain some nutrients, their nutrition is not comprehensive.Therefore, if women maintain such a diet for a long time, they will have an imbalance in nutrition, and then the increase and dirt of leucorrhea may occur.

Warm reminder, for women with more leucorrhea and dirty leucorrhea, in addition to considering factors above, pay attention to whether they have other symptoms, such as leucorrhea with blood and physical discomfort.If the above reaction occurs, the disease is needed, and at this time, you need to go to the hospital for professional treatment.

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