Women’s dysmenorrhea is related to prostinine?Is "Drinking more hot water" still use it?

Women do not have prostate, why is prostinone secreted?Still affect dysmenorrhea?Today,” 今天 Dysmenorrhea is because of prostaglandin” rushing on Weibo hot search, which seems to subvert many women’s understanding of dysmenorrhea. Since the dysmenorrhea is because of prostin, can I eat ice cream at ease when menstruation?Can "drink more hot water" alleviate dysmenorrhea?With a lot of questions, the reporter interviewed.

Women’s dysmenorrhea is related to prostinin. Can I still eat ice cream during menstruation?

"Prostate is a gland, and only men will be available. Prostatin is a hormone, and many tissue parts in the human body secrete prostaglandin." Wu Qiaizhen, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Nanjing Mingji Hospital, explained that women were before menstruation.During the menstrual period, the prostaglandin in the uterine endometrium was released in large quantities, causing the uterus to shrink, and then discharged menstrual blood. However, when the current glands concentration increases, the uterine is too strong and causes dysmenorrhea."Eating ice cream, drinking cool and white, etc. can stimulate the contraction of blood vessels, which will have a certain impact on dysmenorrhea, but it is not a decisive factor."

Dysmenorrhea is divided into two categories, that is, it is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea."The proportion of primary dysmenorrhea in clinical practice is as high as 90%, which is more common in adolescence. It is often 1-2 years after the first menstruation. Secondary dysmenorrhea often occurs only after the first menstrual period.It is often because the genital organ has a organic lesions, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and uterine adenocular disease. At this timeSending dysmenorrhea will be accompanied by a history of gynecological diseases. Most of them can be found through gynecological examinations and B -ultrasound.

"Drink more hot water" VS "Anti -Anti -Pharmaceutical", what method can relieve dysmenorrhea?

For many men, women’s dysmenorrhea can be good as long as they "drink more hot water", but the actual pain is often unbearable, so painkillers have become the "secret weapons" of many of them.But they all say that "the medicine is three -point poison". When the menstrual period is special, is it safe to take medicine?

"Actually, the painkillers we take are simply the inhibitors of prostaglandin synthetase. Menstrual pain is due to the rise in prostaglandin levels in the menstrual uterus, and painkillers can reduce the synthesis of prostaglandin to relieve pain."Wu Qiaozhen said that although painkillers will have side effects, the premise is to take it in large quantities.For healthy people, eating one or two during menstruation will not have any adverse effects on the body.However, women in menstruation need to pay special attention to keep warm. Paste the baby, drink hot water and other methods can be used as auxiliary effects. At the same time, you should also pay attention to eliminating tension.","

In addition, Wu Qiaozhen suggested that in non -menstrual period, you can also adjust your body by ensuring sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise. For example, jogging and yoga are projects that are more suitable for women."But what needs to be reminded is that exercise must be moderate, because some people’s constitution is not suitable for high -intensity training. Forcing yourself to exercise high -intensity exercises will inevitably cause physical injury."

"Special period" can’t eat more?This may be just a "beautiful" lie

"I am a ‘special period’ now, and eating is not fat." It should be a sentence that many girls have said, but is this sentence deceiving?"When estrogen is higher than progesterone, there will be a strong appetite. The women who are in the body before the menstrual period are relatively high." Wu Qiaozhen said, this explains why girls are in "big aunt".When you are about to come, your appetite will be particularly strong.

"A moderate amount of food can make you feel comfortable, and it is also conducive to women spending the menstrual period steadily. But eating too much, the long meat is still long, and it depends on the physical fitness of the fat."It may be true, but there is no scientific basis for "not getting fat".Perhaps, "Auntie can eat more or not be fat" is just a beautiful lie that girls woven to the sudden appetite, a reasonable diet, moderate exercise and maintaining a good mood is a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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