Women’s abdominal pain is unbearable, her belly is as pregnant!After checking the hair and teeth in the uterus, what’s the matter

Speaking of the uterus, I believe that there is no need to introduce more about doctors. Everyone should know its importance. It is not only a place for life, but also an organ that produces menstruation. It is also a symbol of women.Therefore, the role of the uterus is self -evident, and it is precisely. Many gynecological diseases are more likely to appear on the uterus. Under the influence of the disease, the uterus will also appear its horrible side.And an obstetrics and gynecology department is set up almost every hospital, which also represents the diversity of gynecological diseases.

And some women do not pay enough attention to their bodies, do not conduct regular medical examinations all year round, so that they give the disease a chance to spread.For example, common diseases such as cervicitis, uterine fibroids, and endometrium are not typical of hyperplasia, and they are always troubled by women.These diseases are very common for most people, but there is a rare uterine disease, and at the same time, it is easy to mislead doctors diagnosis, so that some troubles in treatment.

Below, doctors tell this disease through a real case, hoping that all women will be precepts.

Xiaoning is a senior high school student. At the age of 19, she is a girl who loves to study. She has always wanted to get a famous university. Because she is about to get the college entrance examination immediately, there is not much learning time left.So she was trying hard to review all day. In addition to completing the tasks arranged by the teachers every day at school, she would increase it when she returned home. She would learn late at night every day.

Such a high -load learning, gradually Xiaoning’s body was a little bit unbearable, the problem lies in menstruation.In the past six months, whenever she has a menstruation, she feels painful, but because she has always had irregular menstruation, although the pain is unbearable, she has to endure every time.Coupled with adolescence, I am embarrassed to tell my parents about their condition, so they dragged them again.

However, Xiaoning slowly found that her belly seemed to be bloating again, and she didn’t care too much at the beginning. She thought it might be irregular to eat recently, causing indigestion or gastritis.I have a good stomach.

However, the bloating of the belly did not improve, but her belly became bigger and bigger, as if she was pregnant, and there was a clear sense of mass when pressing.In school, even a classmate teased her how she was fat recently, like pregnancy.

Xiaoning was panicked and felt very shameful. I didn’t know what to do for a while. In the end, I was embarrassed to tell her mother about her situation. Seeing her daughter’s physical condition, her mother thought it was her and male classmates committed.I was wrong, so I immediately took her to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor saw her situation, and immediately gave her an early pregnancy screening. The results showed that there was no pregnancy. Xiaoning’s mother was relieved, but he was very puzzled, why his daughter’s belly would be so big, as if pregnantNormal.

The doctor asked her not to panic, and arranged more fine gynecological examinations. As a result, everyone was surprised by everyone. The reason why Xiaoning had a series of symptoms was because of the teratoma, and the tumor was already very large.To the uterus.

In view of this situation, the doctor immediately suggested surgical treatment. During the operation, the doctor also found that there were many hair and other sticky objects in Xiaoning’s uterus.There is also the possibility of recurrence.

So what is going on with teratoma?I believe many people don’t know much, today the doctor will give you a popular science.

I believe that everyone will feel very embarrassing when I see Xiaoning’s situation. Maybe I can’t help but be surprised how to mix with stickiness such as hair and teeth in the uterus?Some superstitious people even think that they are weird. In fact, they are far from everyone’s imagination.

Favorized tumors are a type of tumor, but unlike ordinary tumors, it is a genital cell tumor and the most common germ cell tumor.If the germ cells in the body are abnormal, it is likely to form teratoma. To judge the benign and malignant of the teratoma, you can determine it according to the maturity of the cells in the teratoma.Tumors are benign.

The emergence of teratoma has a great connection with age. For women who develop in adolescence, they are the most prone to suffering from teratoma.According to relevant clinical data, the prevalence of primary fault tumors is about 15%, but more than 98%of them are benign, and the diseased group is also very young, most of whichFlowers of young women.

So, why does malfunctional tumor cause hair and teeth in the uterus?I believe this is also a place where many people are wondering, the doctor let’s talk about it.

As mentioned earlier, teratoma belongs to genital cell tumors and occurs when germ cells occur.And we should all be clear that under normal circumstances, germ cells have great potential to differentiate. The ultimate role is to prepare for various tissues and organs in the adult body, and prepare for children to give birth to children.

However, if abnormalities occur during growth and division, it may develop in the direction of the tumor. Because the tumor contains the outer embryo tissue, hair, teeth, cartilage and other tissues will occur.

However, it does not mean that tissue such as hair tumors will definitely occur. In fact, in the early days, there can be no significant symptoms in the early days. When it appears tissue such as hair and teeth, it means that the condition has developed to relative to relatively speakingIt is more serious, and at this time, the treatment will be more complicated.So, do you need treatment if you need to suffer from teratoma?

Compared with the cause, people are more worried about the treatment of teratoma. Although teratoma belongs to benign tumors in most cases.However, because its primary part is in the tumor, if it is not treated in time, it may cause ovarian lesions, which can easily lead to reversing ovarian cysts. When the condition is serious, ovarian necrosis will also be caused by the lack of ovarian blood supply.

Therefore, once you find that you have a teratoma, you must actively treat it.However, in the early days, because the symptoms were not very typical, many patients would not consider this aspect, so that the condition was further progressing.In terms of treatment, surgery is usually the main, and sometimes drug chemotherapy is needed.

For early mature teratoma, the tumor can be removed by surgical treatment without chemotherapy. After surgery, pay attention to prevent infection.

For the immature teratoma, the situation may be slightly more complicated. In addition to the treatment of the tumor at the lesion in the treatment, if necessaryIt is necessary to have a certain chemotherapy, and the purpose of this is to have some omissions of some malignant ingredients.

Careful care should be performed after surgery. Do not exercise violently after the operation. It is best to stay in bed and rest. You should also pay attention to your diet. Do not eat spicy and irritating food.Later, the prognosis of teratoma is still very good. After recovery, you can live like normal people.

What the doctor needs to remind here is that the uterus is a very important organs for women. Sometimes when the symptoms caused by the lesion are similar to the symptoms of other diseases, so that people will ignore it, such as abdominal pain. When abdominal pain occurs, people are usually first.For a while, the diseases of the digestive system are often ignored. Therefore, as a woman, we must always care about the uterus that cares and loves themselves. In daily life, we must maintain your uterus.

As a symbol of women, its role is unique, and the uterus is well -raised, and the whole person will look younger.So, how to maintain the uterus?

The first is to pay attention to hygiene. For all women, we must pay attention to hygiene in daily life. Wear more cotton -breathable underwear and clean the vulva in a timely manner, especially during menstruation, but do not overwash too much.

Because the uterus is vulnerable to cold, pay attention to daily warmth.Do not excessively live sex, let alone multiple personality partners, which will increase the chance of infection of some infectious diseases.In sexual life, do not be too frequent. It can be 2 to 3 times a week. If there is no fertility requirements for the time being, you must take contraceptive measures. You must try not to discriminate artificial abortion. This is very harmful to the body.

In addition, you can also perform appropriate physical exercise to improve your own immunity, but try not to do exercise that hurts the uterus, such as a long time of turning around, sitting up and sitting up.Some aerobic exercises can be performed, such as jogging, gymnastics, square dance, etc. are a good choice.

In short, although the teratoma sounds terrible, as long as it is actively cooperating with the treatment, the chance of healing is still very high. This requires all women to love their bodies and conduct gynecological examinations on time, and do not give the disease to be wanton.

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