Women with a pregnant "crazy" husband, a woman likes to "work", these two reasons are worth understanding

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In the life of a woman, there are two stages that will become particularly unreasonable. Many men say: "Although women are fickle animals, they will become the most terrible animals in the world during pregnancy and menopause."

Most men have endured the experience of "tricks" of their pregnant wives, but they can only swallow their voices and seek all. After all, they have our children.

咚 咚:

"My wife is sad every day when I am pregnant, like Lin Daiyu, I get up in the middle of the night for a while, saying that dreaming is a silly child, I can’t accept it, throw the two of them. You say you can crazy."

Little madman:

"When my little fat was pregnant, the fat one was really Kamen. I gave me the tie. I got up to help. I really turned into an all -round male nanny.Facing, I ca n’t touch my legs, I ca n’t touch my waist, and I do n’t even have a stomach. I think I ’m long nails and I think my hand is strong. In fact, my nails are really bald.”


"My daughter -in -law is proud of her, and she is more proud of her children. Not only is they proud, but she is also very wayward. You do n’t let her do what she do.If you do n’t buy her, she ca n’t sleep with one night and one night. The question is to buy her in the middle of the night. ”

Women who are pregnant are more sensitive and need their family’s careful care, but sometimes many needs are indeed very excessive, but in fact there are reasons:

1 physiological reason

Women who are pregnant, due to the sudden changes in hormones in the body, not only begin to discontinue menstruation, but also grow up slowly with the fetus, from pregnancy to puffy, insomnia to fatigue, all kinds of discomfort come from, and there will be fear of positions and right positions.Mother’s tension, these will cause women’s emotional instability, or sensitive and suspicious, even irritable, lose my temper for no reason, and be dissatisfied with everything.

2 Psychological needs

During pregnancy, women have changed their physiological state during pregnancy, and their normal life has also been changed. Many things and living habits they like to do before were forced to terminate because the babies in their stomachs, such as drinking tea, drinking coffee, fitness, etc., and their bodies will also happen.Change, at this time, it is inevitable to be fragile and grievances, and more concerns are needed, and the requirements for people around them are higher. At this time, the family will feel "excessive".

When pregnant women have made these unreasonable requirements, if the family does not understand, and even cold words, the grievances of pregnant women will become increasing, which will not be beneficial to the fetus and their own health in the abdomen.

1 Try to meet the needs of pregnant women, but it is necessary to lose principle

If pregnant women put forward some desires such as diet in "inappropriate" time, the family should evaluate whether the diet will damage the health of the fetus, and try to meet the requirements of the pregnant woman."Psychological fluctuations" are not really unreasonable, and when they think of "normal", they will be more relieved.

2 Terminal reason when they are "normal", don’t speak coldly

Every year, there are many cases of abortion or abortion due to disputes between couples during pregnancy. Because pregnant women make a "unreasonable trouble" request, the husband and family do not understand and start to "shout".On the face of pregnant women, pregnant women opened "self -harm" due to emotional excitement, resulting in tragedy.

Family people should understand and respect the pregnancy of pregnant women. Do not speak coldly or even violently. After they have passed the "energy", they can make sense to them. In fact, sometimes they do not realize that they can do so at the time."" ".

Please give pregnant women with more understanding and care. Women who are pregnant are not easy. Of course, family members are not easy, but in ten months, it is good to maintain a longer "depression".

I am a candy mother, a senior childcare teacher, and a 4 -year -old baby mother. I can ask me any questions I encountered during the parenting process. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the process of bringing the baby.And confusion.

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