Women who want a baby know in advance that the benefits of folic acid tablets must be prepared. The first is extremely important

For female friends during pregnancy and during pregnancy, it must be no stranger to the drug of folic acid tablets, because folic acid tablets have a very good promotion effect on the body of the female friend and the growth and development of fetus during pregnancy, so many manyFemale friends who are pregnant will choose to take folic acid tablets. What is the amount of folic acid tablets and how long does it take?Today, Dr. Mint has come to popularize related knowledge.

1. What is the amount of folic acid tablets?

According to the relevant medical research, female friends during pregnancy need to supplement the amount of folic acid tablets every day for about 800 micrograms, that is, 0.8 mg.In terms of, you only need to take about 0.4 mg of folic acid tablets during the day, which can effectively prevent the disease of the fetus suffering from neurotransidal deformity.However, it is recommended that female friends during pregnancy, it is best to take the drug under the guidance of health care staff or doctors.

2. Precautions for taking folic acid tablets

It is important to note that taking folic acid tablets is that although folic acid tablets can have a good effect on the growth and development of the fetus, if you take too much during pregnancy, it will cause serious adverse consequences to the fetus and pregnant women.If a large content of folic acid tablets, you don’t have to worry too much, because folic acid itself is a water -soluble vitamin. If it is slightly too much, the body can excrete it with the urine.

Third, who needs to take folic acid tablets

1. Women prepare for pregnancy and during pregnancy: preparing children and female friends who are pregnant need to supplement a large number of folic acid tablets, because it is special at this stage.Time must be used for folic acid tablets.

2. People who drink for a long time: People who drink for a long time also need to take appropriate amount of folic acid tablets, which is of great benefit to their physical health, because the harmful effect of alcohol itself is relatively large, and the appropriate amount of folic acid supplements folic acidIt can alleviate and make up for the effect, and can effectively improve the physical fitness of drinkers.

For the drugs such as folic acid tablets, everyone must have heard of it in daily life. During pregnancy and during pregnancy, female friends need to take an appropriate amount of folic acid tablets, which can ensure the healthy growth and development of the baby, so folic acid tabletsThe role played itself is very large. What are the benefits of folic acid tablets?

1. Prevent pregnant women with pioneer eclampaic

Some female friends during pregnancy often suffer from the disease of sigwood epilepsy, and the onset of the disease will cause irreversible damage to the body of female friends. ThereforeIt can effectively prevent you from suffering from the disease.

2. Prevent neural tube defects

Neural tube defects are currently a more common disease of newborn. If you say at least one month before conception and the first three months during pregnancy, you can insist on taking a appropriate amount of folic acid daily, then you can then you can use it.The risk of children’s neural defects is greatly reduced, which can play a good prevention role.

3. Improve the symptoms of multiple discomfort

Most female friends during pregnancy will have symptoms of discomfort, such as redness and swelling of the tongue, insomnia, excessive fatigue, etc., and female friends can improve these discomfort symptoms by taking folic acid tablets.Female friends promote their skin’s health, and effectively prevent the onset of diseases such as oral mucosa ulcers. If they are taken with aminozyle acid, they can also prevent the appearance of white hair.Can effectively promote and increase your appetite.

4. Promote the healthy growth and development of the baby

Taking folic acid tablets during pregnancy can effectively promote the healthy growth and development of the baby. Not only can reduce the risk of baby’s birth of defective diseases, but also to promote the rapid growth of the placenta and the baby itself, because folic acid itself can also affect itselfBasic structures of cells and DNA.

Because folic acid tablets can effectively ensure the healthy growth of the baby, for novice mothers, it is still necessary to take some folic acid tablets in an appropriate amount for their bodies, but for novice mothers, it is not possible to eat for too long for a long time.Folic acid tablets, otherwise it may be counterproductive, to grasp the accurate timing, how long does it take to eat folic acid tablets?

1. How long does it take for folic acid tablets?

Generally speaking, ingesting small -dose folic acid tablets daily can continue until everyone’s delivery, but if you forget to take folic acid tablets for various reasons before pregnancy, and do not take folic acid tablets in advance, then confirm that pregnancy is confirming pregnancySupplement every day in the future, and stop after delivery, and will not have a lot of impact on the fetus in the abdomen.

And it should be noted that because the first three months of pregnancy belong to the peak stage of the child’s nervous system development. At this time, taking folic acid tablets on time can effectively reduce the possibility of fetal suffering from nerve tube defects.Therefore, for female friends during pregnancy, folic acid tablets must be taken at least in the early stages of pregnancy to stop, which is three months of pregnancy.

2. When is folic acid more suitable?

1. Starting three months before pregnancy: Generally speaking, it is the best time to start taking folic acid tablets in the first three months of pregnancy.Different, if you have no way to make accurate dose judgments, you can go to the hospital to consult a professional doctor to make a decision.

2. The best time to take time every morning: For 24 hours a day, the best time for folic acid tablets is in the early morning. You can take it after eating for half an hour or one hour, because at this time everyone’s body is for your body for your body for your body for your body.The absorption rate of folic acid is relatively high, which can maximize the use of folic acid tablets for human body.

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