Women were fired for marriage leave!Boss: Follow -up for maternity leave, it is better to dismiss directly

According to the Jiupai news video quoted Sohu Qianli Eye report, on July 12, a woman in Suzhou, Jiangsu said that she was fired by the company for marriage leave, causing heated discussion among netizens.

The parties Ms. Wu introduced that according to relevant regulations, she could enjoy a 13 -day wedding leave, but after submitting a marriage leave, she was rejected by the boss. "Later, the personnel asked me to go to the conference room and said that they would be directly dismissed here."

"I think the reasons for rejection are discrimination against women!" Ms. Wu said that the boss said that he would ask for marriage leave now, and he had to ask for maternity leave in the future.

However, Ms. Wu was rejected when Ms. Wu proposed 2N+marriage leave compensation."I asked him to compensate me. If I was satisfied, I would leave. At present, I just came according to the legal." Ms. Wu said that the company has not yet issued a certificate of dismissal, and she is still working normally and has complained to 12345.

Ms. Wu also said that if the company gave a proof of dismissal, "I will report to the Labor Supervision Bureau first, and then go to labor arbitration."

In this regard, netizens have said, "It’s too much!" "Such a company is unpopular!" "This company really dares, go directly to the arbitration!"

According to the surging news report, the company’s illegal termination of labor contracts can require the company to continue to perform labor contracts, or they can choose to ask for compensation.

For the amount of compensation, Article 87 of the Labor Contract Law stipulates that if the employer violates the provisions of the provisions of this Law, the termination of the labor contract shall pay the workers in accordance with the two times the economic compensation standards stipulated in Article 47 of this Law.

Article 47 of the Labor Contract Law stipulates that economic compensation is paid to the workers according to the standards of working in the unit and paying a monthly salary every 1 year according to the working life of the workers.For less than 1 year for more than 1 year, it is calculated at 1 year; if it is less than 6 months, the economic compensation of the workers pays half a month of salary.

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Source: Beijing Time News

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