Women should understand gynecological common sense. These 7 items hope to help you

There are many gynecological problems, but few people really understand, which has led to more and more women suffering from gynecological diseases.If not treated in time, the condition will come and go.At the same time, it will also lead to female infertility, reduce the quality of life, and even have huge psychological effects.

Being a woman must first understand the common sense of gynecology:

1. Towels should be replaced in time, and cotton bars can be used

Menstruation is the most headache for women. Not only is the menstrual tide uncomfortable, but also bleeding caused by endometrial endometrium, it will cause a lot of trouble.Especially in the hot summer, when women come to menstruation, bacteria will be severely breed.

2. Excessive cleaning private parts

Ladies, do not overwhelm their private parts.Too frequently will actually destroy the pH balance of private parts.And try not to clean the vulva with vulva cleaner and use water directly.

3. The kind of dysmenorrhea must go to gynecology

It does not include endometriosis, and the severity of the disease can be large or small. It can be seen on ultrasound. Even very mild uterine endometriosis can affect pregnancy.

Chinese medicine believes that dysmenorrhea is "physical cold".We cannot argue whether it is scientific.However, the body cold is really not easy to conceive.This at least proves that the observation and analogy of Chinese medicine is in place.

4. Young girls will also get gynecological diseases

Many people think that sex can cause gynecological diseases, so they mistakenly think that girls do not have gynecological diseases, so many parents often ignore their daughter’s body.In fact, many gynecological diseases have nothing to do with age.

5. Drink plenty of water

Female friends should drink plenty of water, urinate more, and rinse the bacteria in the urethra in time. Be careful not to urinate.

Not to urinate in time will reduce the rinse of urine on the urethra, and the storage time of urine in the bladder will increase the chance of infection.

6. Pay attention to urinary tract infection

Women’s physiological structure characteristics can easily cause urinary tract infections, leading to frequent urination, urgency, and pain.The root cause is that the bacteria enters the urethral mucosa or bladder through the urethral exterior and causes pain.

Therefore, maintaining the private parts clean and dry, and maintaining sexual life is very important for preventing urinary tract infection.At the same time, drinking plenty of water every day can help dilute urine, rinse urethrals, reduce the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms, and promote urine excretion.

7. Don’t be afraid of cervical erosion

Cervical erosion is not actually true erosion. This is because the inflammation of the deep tissue of cervical tissue is not easy to eliminate after suffering from chronic cervicitis.The squamous epithelium on the surface of the cervix falls off due to nutritional disorders, and the surface of the shedding is gradually covered by cylindrical epithelium derived from the hyperplasia of the cervix.

Warm reminder: Women should understand some gynecological knowledge. Do not let yourself blindly believe that only by mastering correctly can you take measures when it happens, and it will not allow them to blindly take measures, which may lead to more serious physical damage.

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