Women should protect the cervix!Don’t want to have these three bad habits during pregnancy!

In fact, in daily life, some women’s bad habits will cause the body to be invaded by bacteria, which is easy to cause "infection", and then generate various gynecological diseases.Let’s see which habits of our habits damage our cervix?

3 bad habits damage the cervix

Harm habits 1: Long -term use of pads.Many women think that the use of pads can avoid direct contact with pussy and underwear, which helps maintain the environment of the genitals.This idea is very wrong, because the long -term use of pads can easily cause poor pussy and cause infection.Therefore, it is recommended to use a pad for a short period of menstruation in the short term where menstruation is approaching.

Harm habit 2: Sitting for a long time.Sitting for a long time can cause blood circulation to be unbelievable, which is almost known, but more importantly, women who have been sitting for a long time are poorly breathable in perineum, blood circulation is blocked, and it is more likely to occur.

Harm habits 3: Blind vaginal lotion.Many women usually go to the pharmacy to buy vaginal lotion when they feel uncomfortable.In fact, the use of vaginal lotion frequently will cause great damage to the environment in the vagina, but will cause "vaginitis" to increase.It is recommended that women still use it under the guidance of a doctor, and they really need to use the liquid washing.

What are the terrible harms of cervicitis


Cervicitis is also a cause of abortion. Because long -term vaginal bleeding can affect the normal defense mechanism of the body, making pregnant women prone to reproductive system infections, and long -term bleeding can promote the developmentrupture.At this time, with the loss of amniotic fluid, the conditions for normal growth and development of the fetus have disappeared, and abortion is inevitable.

Cause complications

After suffering from chronic cervicitis, other organs will cause inflammation. If the pathogen of chronic cervicitis can cause endometritis, it can cause chronic pelvic inflammation through the spread of the ligament of the uterine.Disuria, frequent urination, frequent urination, or difficulty in urination caused by urinary system diseases.

Affect husband and wife life

In sexual life, severe pain or bleeding symptoms can make women disgusting the life of husband and wife, which seriously affects the relationship between husband and wife.

What are the main preventive measures for cervicitis

Regarding the prevention of cervicitis, infection should be prevented after childbirth, abortion, and cervical physical therapy, and sexual life should be avoided in the short term. Pay attention to vulva and vaginal cleaning.Avoid unclean sex.Unclean life is easy to bring into various pathogens, and cervicitis and even cervical cancer are induced.Avoid premature, too much, and frequent fertility and abortion is also one of the preventive methods of cervicitis.

The scale -like epithelium of the adolescent cervix has not yet matured, and sexual life is likely to cause squamous cells to fall off and cause cervicitis. However, starting sexual life early is the key to effectively prevent cervicitis.Actively treat acute cervicitis; regular gynecological examination; avoid childbirth or instruments to damage the cervix; cervical laceration of cervix should be sutured in time.The prevention of cervicitis also includes childbirth and miscarriage can cause cervical damage.

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