Women put unknown liquids in the restaurant soup pot, causing customers to vomit multiple times, and women’s monitoring exposure

At more than two pm on the day of the incident, a woman with a black bag and a pink dress came to the restaurant for dinner.

Because at this time it happened to be non -meal, there were not many guests. After Mr. Zhan’s mother sent the food to the female customer, she took an hour at the door. However, before leaving the restaurantAct.

Less than an hour later, a male customer came to the restaurant for dinner and had symptoms of vomiting.

Mr. Zhan told reporters that the male customer just felt a bowl of soup and felt odor, so he vomited.

Later, Mr. Zhan’s mother also heard the strange smell in the soup, and hurried over to taste. The soup exuded the flavor of flavors and disinfection water, so she was forced to vomit.

Then, the male customer continued to eat, and it didn’t take long for the restaurant to vomit again.

Mr. Zhan felt a bit wrong at the time, and immediately sent the male customer to the hospital for examination.

According to the content written by the doctor’s diagnosis book at 4:38 in the afternoon, the diagnostic result is detergent poisoning.

Mr. Zhan’s family knew nothing about the specific cause of the problem, so he hurriedly returned to the restaurant to check and monitor the video.

The woman wearing a pink dress placed unknown liquid in the seasoning box in the restaurant.

According to the surveillance video provided by Mr. Zhan, the woman wearing a pink dress went to the restaurant at about 2:22 pm that day. At that time, Mr. Zhan’s father had left, and only his mother left in the restaurant to stay in the restaurant.

From 2:38 pm to about 3 pm, the woman took out a black mineral water bottle three times. While Mr. Zhan’s mother didn’t pay attention, she poured the liquid in the bottle into the seasoning box and soup pot.

In addition, the woman also poured some liquid into the cup and entered and exited the restaurant kitchen many times, because she could not see where she poured the liquid without installed monitoring in the kitchen.

She has been paying attention to the monitoring of the boss and the restaurant throughout the process, and washed her hands many times.

Then, at more than 3 pm that day, the woman poured unknown liquid again into the soup pot, and then put on a mask and left the restaurant.

According to monitoring, Mr. Zhan’s mother asked her to pay, but she claimed that she had left the cash and left.

At about 3:55 pm on the same day, a male customer came to the restaurant to drink soup and found abnormalities.

He sat on the table where the pink skirt was sitting on the table and dinner on the table. After eating the seasoning, he felt uncomfortable.

Mr. Zhan said that after inspection, in addition to the unknown liquid in the soup pot and seasoning box in the video, the marinade in the kitchen was also put into the unknown liquid.

The male customer had vomiting many times that night, causing inflammation of his throat, and his voice was hoarse and unable to speak.

Mr. Zhan’s family was puzzled about why such a strange woman was doing this behavior in their restaurants.

They bear the medical expenses of customers.On the day of the incident, they reported the case to the police, and the police rushed to the scene and took away related tableware.

They are now waiting for the police’s investigation results.They really can’t understand why the woman conducts this kind of unknown liquid.

No matter what kind of liquid is, it is illegal and must be severely punished by the law.

Xu (female, 35 years old), the suspect involved in the case, has been arrested


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