Women must see!Top 10 truths with breast pain are here

For female compatriots, breast pain is a kind of hidden.In fact, there are many causes of breast pain, some are diseases, and some are based on normal physiological reactions.

Today, let’s talk about it. What causes the breast pain that is difficult to enlightenment!

1. These 6 kinds of Mimi pain have nothing to do with the disease

1. Phantom in the breast: the bra is not worn right

If the pain point of female breasts is 4 and 8 points of the breast (that is, the two ends of the built -in steel ring built by the bra), this is likely to be because the underwear is inappropriate.

A survey showed that 85%of the 200 women with menstrual breast pain have no more pain in breasts after wearing underwear without steel rings.

2. contraceptives, estrogen or chest pain

Some drugs can also cause breast pain, such as contraceptives taken by women in the age of childbearing age, or estrogen replacement drugs taken by menopausal women. These drugs contain estrogen, which is also the cause of breast pain.

If there are contraceptives, you may wish to replace it with low estrogen contraceptives or contraceptives; and for patients who must take estrogen to replace drugs, it is best to observe the breast changes closely to prevent the producer.

3. Breast pain during adolescence and pre -menstrual period: normal physiological process

Girls usually change breast changes in the 2 to 3 years before the early menstrual tide. The specific manifestation is the bulging nipple, and the breast tissue under the nipple found the round hill -shaped hardships of peas to broad beans.Don’t worry too much about physiological phenomena.

Some women will feel bilateral breast pain around the week before menstruation, and in severe cases, they will feel the pain under the armpit.Don’t worry, this is because the estrogen level in the body rises before menstruation, which causes a normal physiological reaction. As the menstruation comes, it will disappear naturally ~

4. Breast pain during pregnancy: preparing food for babies

After one month of pregnancy, the breasts began to reserve milk for the baby. At this time, the level of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin in the mother’s body will change, and the breast gland will also proliferate accordingly.It will inevitably make people feel a little painful. Some mothers will be troubled by this breast pain throughout the pregnancy, but this situation is normal and generally does not need to be treated.

5. Postpartum breast pain: feed the baby as soon as possible

Usually 3 to 7 days after giving birth, the mother’s breasts have full, pain and hardships.This is because the body that has just finished childbirth, the lymphs and veins of the breast will be filled, which causes the milk in the breast ducts to not be discharged smoothly.

So if the milk is smooth about 7 days after giving birth, the pain of the Baoma will naturally disappear.However, once the dredging is not timely, it is likely to develop into acute mastitis, which brings greater pain to mothers.

There are several methods to prevent postpartum breast pain:

Feeding as soon as possible after giving birth;

Palate the breasts before feeding to ensure the smooth flow of the breast;

Two breastfeeding intervals can be applied coldly to the breast to prevent congestion;

If the baby’s sucking power is insufficient, mothers can use their hands to squeeze or use breast pumps to ensure smoothly discharge milk.

6. Breast pain after abortion

After artificial abortion, the hormone level in women’s body will suddenly decrease due to interrupting pregnancy. It is very easy to occur in breast masses and pain, but usually recover after one or two months.

Let’s remind you that you don’t want to do the flow of people as much as possible, after all, this is a great harm to women’s bodies.

2. You need to check these 4 kinds of breast pain

1. Breast pain caused by breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is high in women 30 ~ 50 years old. The specific symptoms are that patients feel breast pain, severity, or tenderness. Generally, this pain will increase 3 to 4 days before menstruation.

The sick woman can touch one or more sizes of different sizes in the breast. The shape is round or irregular, and the touch is very similar to rubber blocks.

Overall, the probability of benign in breast hyperplasia is higher.

2. Breast malignant tumors can cause breast pain

Breast cancer is the number one killer of female smell changes. According to relevant research, about 4.6%of breast cancer patients will take pain as the main symptoms.

In the early stage of breast cancer, the vast majority of symptoms are mainly lumps. Usually, they can be touched in near the armpits.

Therefore, for women, as long as there are lumps in the breasts, professional examinations should be performed in time.

3. Breast fibroma and breast cysts cause breast pain

For young girls, breast fibroma and breast cysts are more common benign breast tumors.During self -examination, the smoothness, clear border, pushing, and painless pupils are likely to be one of these two.

Although most of these tumors are benign, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment in time in order to eliminate hidden dangers.

4. Sometimes spondylosis can also cause breast pain

Everyone is an era of low -headed tribe, which means more and more people with cervical disease.If cervical spondylosis causes spasm and edema nearby, it can also cause chronic pain in the breast.

This is usually a unilateral breast pain, and the neck and shoulders will have pain, but the breast examination is not abnormal.The X -ray of the neck can help us determine whether the culprit of pain is the cervical or chest.

Third, in general, the main cause of breast pain is mainly normal physiological changes or breast lesions.

When women touch the breasts in the breast, and the left and right are symmetrical, they can first consider general hyperplasia. If the "mass" changes before and after the menstrual period, don’t worry too much.~

Breast pain can be divided into three degrees, which corresponds to different treatment methods according to different levels of pain.

At once: there is pain when touching, no need to deal with;

Two degrees: there is pain during activity and exercise. You can take related drugs under the guidance of a doctor to relieve pain;

Three degrees: It feels pain in a static state, such as pain when lying flat. If this happens, you must seek medical help as soon as possible.

It is recommended that women over 35 years of age are advised to conduct regular breast census every year when conditions permit.

If the pain of the breast has reached an unbearable level, and it can obviously touch the mass with your hands, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

Examinations that may be done in breast pain: physical examination, bilateral breasts passing the cardinal examination; imaging examination, including breast X -ray photography (breast molybdenum target photo), color Doppler ultrasound.Examination; further exclude the mammary or ovarian tumors may form a diagnostic results based on cytology or pathological tissue

Daily precautions for reducing breast pain: Sports -free sport -shaped bras are a good choice, which has obvious effects on alleviating cyclical pain, such as the pain in the week before menstruation; it can be moved through regular exercise (3 times a week, each time, each time, each time, each time, each time, each timeMore than 30 minutes) to reduce estrogen levels, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing pain; daily best to choose a diet with low -fat and high fiber partial prime; minimize the intake of caffeine -containing foods, such as coffee, tea, cola, etc.


The purpose of the article is to provide general health information that cannot replace any personal medical diagnosis and treatment. Personal medical problems need to discuss and consult with a doctor.

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