Women have blood clots in menstruation?Dr. Gu Fangyi Yuan: Beware is these three reasons

Menstruation is a "barometer" for women’s health. It comes normally every month to show that the body is healthy. It is not afraid of physical problems and worried whether it is pregnancy, so women love and hate menstruation.

However, in life, many women will have irregular menstruation. For example, menstruation does not come on time, and a large amount or less. This is a manifestation of irregular menstruation.Some women even have some blood clots when menstruation comes. Many people think that this is the "toxin" in the body. The menstruation comes out of the way, but is it really the case?

In fact, the blood clots in menstruation are actually the blood clot in the uterine endometrium falling off with other secretions. Therefore, these blood clots are not "toxins" but normal physiological phenomena.However, for some women who have experienced abortion surgery, if they find that there are blood clots in the menstruation they excreted, in addition to the endometrium, there may be no clean tissue before.

But during menstruation every month, there are many blood clots, and back pain and abnormal menstrual abnormalities?

1. Sitting for a long time

Many women in the workplace do not move for a few hours as soon as they sit down, and there are very few to the toilet. Then the result of this brings is that the blood circulation of the human body is slowing down, and daily edema will cause lower limb edema.It will cause poor menstrual blood circulation and accumulate in the body to condense, resulting in the formation of blood clots.

For this situation, Dr. Gu Yitang suggested: Do not sit for a long time. It is best to get up from time to time during work and walk around to make the blood circulation more smooth.

2. Itself factor

Many women’s blood clots are mainly due to the impact of ovarian function, and ovarian function declines. In addition to pathological reasons and menopause, it is also related to the pressure of life pressure and work pressure.one of the reasons.

In the face of this situation, Dr. Gu Yitang suggested that women should maintain a happy mood. In the face of stress, they need to find a suitable vent. In the family, both husbands and wives need to communicate more and understand each other.If it is a pathological reason, you must take medicine and conditioning. Don’t think that this is a minor disease.

3. Unhealthy weight loss

Beauty is the pursuit of women, thinness is the dream of all women. After all, who likes fat people?Therefore, in order to pursue thinness, many women will perform various unhealthy weight loss methods. The most common is diet and weight loss pills. Both methods may cause hormones of the human body to disordinate, menstruation will be affected by hormones, hormone disorders will be disorderedOf course, menstruation will not be normal.

Dr. Gu Yitang suggested that women should lose weight healthy, mainly due to the excessive intake of carbohydrates and oils, coupled with the accumulation of energy to cause obesity.At this time, the healthiest way is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, increase the intake of protein and vitamins, and then cooperate with exercise to lose weight.

If it is said that the internal remained in the uterus will easily cause damage to the uterus, and it will also cause the fallopian tube blockage, affecting women’s health and fertility.

Therefore, once women find this kind of meat in their lives, they must also pay special attention. Of course, if they are accompanied by the accompaniment, they must go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant treatment examinations to avoid damage to physical health.

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