Women found that they were deceived by married boyfriend after pregnancy. Boyfriend: I have three such girlfriends

Falling in love, having children, and getting married is a big event for everyone.Moreover, these things should have normal procedures. If the order is reversed, it is easy to have problems.

Ms. Liu of Chongqing encountered such annoyance. At the age of 30, she met a man on the Internet and soon fell in love with each other, and lived together.

During the period of getting along, the man told Ms. Liu that he was unmarried.After the two lived together, the man promised Ms. Liu again: If you are pregnant, give birth to the child and then get married.

Ms. Liu thought she had met true love, and she was really pregnant.It was only at this time that the man was married and asked her to kill the child.She promised to give her 80,000 yuan as compensation, pay 10,000 first, and pay the rest.

Not only that, the man also said that there were three women who maintained this relationship with herself like Ms. Liu.

For Ms. Liu, this bad news is like five thunder bangs, the most thorough feeling and wish.

Ms. Liu said that the compensation paid only 10,000 and 70,000.

The man said that the remaining 70,000 had been paid in cash.I think Liu Nu has premeditated.

The two sides have caused economic disputes.

Moreover, because Ms. Liu was an ectopic pregnancy, the tire was removed from the fallopian tube on one side, and the chance of pregnancy would be reduced by 50%in the future.

It can be described as losing his wife and folding soldiers, and good love becomes a nightmare.

Many netizens believe that Ms. Liu encountered the scumbag.

Judging from the actual situation of the man, there are wives at home, and there are also women who keep the wrong relationship with Ms. Liu and other three women. A total of 5 women turn around this man.

The man is like a "Emperor Emperor" who is alive, and the beauty around him is like a cloud.

At the same time, it also shows that this is a master of love field. At the same time, he can play with five women in the palace and four "concubines" at the same time.

But is this just the problem of this man?Obviously not.

As the saying goes, men are not bad, women do not love.

The reason why "four wild flowers" like this man at the same time is because the man is bad enough.

A man who is honest, and wants to find a girlfriend to work hard, because it is not bad enough to coax people, women don’t like it.

Really good men, they can’t enter their eyes, bad men and scum men will make them feel excited.

This is obviously not a man’s problem, but a problem of women’s preferences.

Therefore, although this man is not honest and authentic, it is not entirely his fault, and there are many problems with these women themselves.

Another reason why Ms. Liu was deceived was her way of acquaintance with the man.

The two met each other on the Internet.

Obviously, Ms. Liu did not really understand the man’s true personal marriage status, so she hurried to the other party and lived together.

This shows that Ms. Liu’s personal style is not cautious enough, and she ignores the risks of online dating.

Ms. Liu is already an 30 -year -old adult. She needs to bear the risks brought to herself by online dating, and cannot push all responsibilities to that man.

The man was married, and he was still stained with flowers outside. He hooked up with 4 extramarital lovers. It is not an exaggeration to be called a scumbag.

How should his nature be qualitative?

In our country, extramarital affairs do not belong to the category of restrictions and punishments in the law, and there is no clear legal provision in this regard.Therefore, men’s behavior is not illegal.

His behavior violated the traditional moral bottom line and the category of moral condemnation.

If the two parties do have a large amount of economic disputes, they will involve legal problems.

Ms. Liu’s online dating experience not only caused her to be deceived, but also made her remove the fallopian tubes on one side, which had a significant impact on the future fertility, and the lesson was profound.

Therefore, keep in mind that online dating, you need to be cautious; living together, anxious.

Everyone thinks that the problem is greater in this incident?

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