Women eat tomatoes and cause stomach pain.

I saw this news this morning.

Many people comment below: Isn’t it tomato?Is it a persimmon?

Some people commented: Why can Cola treat stones?

Because I am a tomato madness, I am very worried about the habit of eating tomatoes every day.The news aroused my great interest.

First, take a look at what is the tomato?Is tomato tomato?

There are many elites answering: tomatoes and tomatoes are not the same.

To understand this, I searched on Google and found the answer on Wikipedia.

"Tomato (scientific name: Solanum Lycopersicum), often uses tomato writing in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, while Chinese and Taiwan [1] use tomatoes, which is a plant of the genus Estaee.

The Han nationality gathering place in northern China is specially named. It is called "tomato" in writing, and it is called "Yang Shizi" in spoken language, but the tomatoes are actually not persimmons.

The word "Fan" of tomato is derived from its meaning. In other words, tomatoes mean "foreign eggplant", and tomatoes mean "red persimmons from the West"."

There are many types of tomatoes. For this reason, many people think of tomatoes as another food -tomato.

Types of tomatoes

Especially in the Northeast, there are many types of tomatoes on the market.Peanut tomatoes, thieves do not steal, Provence tomatoes and so on.

Third, the benefits of eating tomatoes:

No need to talk about this, tomatoes anti -oxidation anti -aging, protecting the eyes, protecting the heart, and protecting the skin.

4. Precautions for eating tomatoes:

There are many benefits of tomatoes.But not everyone can eat tomatoes, nor can they eat casually.Eating tomatoes also requires people.

Those with poor gastrointestinals are not suitable for eating more: tomatoes are rich in ip acid and citric acid, which may cause excessive gastric acid and lead to gastric esophageal flow; do not eat more if they have intestinal syndrome.

Kidney patients are not suitable for eating more: tomatoes are rich in potassium and calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate will precipitate in the form of kidney stones, affecting the kidneys; patients with advanced kidney disease should not eat high potassium food.

People with allergies are not suitable for eating more: Tomatoes contain very high histima, which may cause rash or skin allergies, causing problems such as oral cavity, tongue, facial swelling, and throat blocking.

Those who take certain drugs are not suitable for eating more: for example, taking hypertension β -blockers.

In addition, you should pay attention to eating tomatoes:

1. Eating more will affect the skin color: Excessive intake of tomato red essence can cause pigment precipitation, cause the skin to yellow, stop eating and recover.(In recent years, my skin tone is extremely yellow, and many friends have repeatedly suggested that I have done a biochemical examination to confirm whether it has liver disease)

2. Ueiced green tomatoes cannot be eaten: Green Western tomatoes contain sunflower alkali, which are toxic, which can cause stomach pain, vomiting, and even dyspnea and organ failure.

3. Do not eat it on an empty stomach: Tomatoes contain a large amount of glue energy to respond to gastric acid, condense into pieces that are not easy to dissolve, block the stomach, and then tear the stomach.(Gastric Stone disease in the news)

Fourth, why can Cola treat the stomach caused by tomatoes?

Coca -Cola therapy of botanical gastric stones is no longer new.

In 2003, Greek scholar Ladas reported that Coca -Cola treats gastric stone patients and was successful (5 cases).

The mechanism of Coca -Cola treats stomach stones is speculated as follows:

Stone stone stays in the body for a long time, which can cause mucosal erosion and bleeding.Use cola as soon as possible after suffering from gastric stones, which can increase the full dissolution rate of gastric stones and reduce patient pain.It is worthy of community promotion.But the current time and amount of cola have not been determined.


Zhang Lingyun and others "Clinical Effects of Oral Coca -Cola Treatment of Plant Stone Stone disease" Journal of Qingdao University (Medical Version) 2022

I am a Lin Pharmacist in the village. Welcome to follow me and take you to raise knowledge together!

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