Women eat pineapple during pregnancy, and her husband has snatched the trash bin: pineapple is so expensive that you can die if you don’t eat it.

As the saying goes well, "Marry a Han, marry a Han dressed in dinner", no matter how happy a woman is from, once the marriage object is wrong, then the remaining life will not be happy.This is precisely, marriage is really the biggest turning point in life in the eyes of many women.

After marriage, the time when a man cares about whether a man cares about himself is when a woman is pregnant. After all, men before marriage will coax their girlfriends. In the early days of marriage, they will cherish it.It is the most time to test the sincerity and honesty of men.

Recently, the encounter of a woman in Jinzhou, Liaoning has made many people angry. During pregnancy, I just wanted to eat some fruits, but I never wanted to be thrown away by my husband every time.It really makes people look more angry.

It is reported that this woman has been pregnant for about two months. Due to physical fitness, she is also extremely uncomfortable during pregnancy. In addition to having to eat when she wants to eat, it can be said that she rarely eats the rest of the time.

On this day, the woman bought some refreshing because she wanted to eat pineapple during pregnancy. One can alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms, and the second can also increase nutrition.

But just when the woman was eating, her husband went home from get off work. Seeing that her husband was busy for a day, the woman immediately picked up a pineapple and handed it to her husband. fatigue.

But for the kindness of his wife, the man not only did not appreciate it, but even launched a fire directly. Facing the pineapple handed by his wife, the man instantly knocked him off, and it fell to the woman.

"You have only been pregnant for two months. Pineapple is so expensive now. Can you die if you don’t eat it? How tired I go to work alone, you do n’t blink if you buy something. If you do n’t give it to you today, do you?I don’t know how many pounds you are! "

Perhaps the more he said, the more angry, or you really want to give the woman a horse. As the man said these words, he instantly captured the plate in the woman’s hand, and he threw it all aside the plate with pineapple directly into the side.Inside the garbage bin!

Facing the behavior of the person at the pillow, the woman was so angry that she couldn’t say a word. She could only stare at her husband fiercely, and then got up and lay down to lie down, no longer ignore the man.

In this way, many netizens are indignant to acceptance. You know, a woman is very hard when she is pregnant. She can’t sleep well, and there will be life -threatening. This is just eating a pineapple.Just, how can you treat the pillow people who have a child who have a child?

Qianshan want to say

For many women, marriage is unfortunate, but this does not mean that all women’s marriage is unfortunate.As a result, this gap is essentially speaking from the choice of women.

For many women, when they are in love, they always like to listen to some sweet words. They feel that as long as they are happy, then everything is no longer important.That’s why these women are often the most unfortunate after marriage. After all, how can they be reliable?

Just like this woman, she is just eating a pineapple. Even if it is expensive, there is no woman to eat it as a meal. If the economic strength can’t bear it, you can buy less, and you don’t need to buy it every day!

Not to mention that women still want to eat during pregnancy. At this time, if a woman wants to eat something, it is really the best.

In other words, if a man can’t even raise his wife and children, then it is not just failure to be concluded. This is already a great irresponsibility and no responsibility.

Of course, this does not rule out that everything is intentional, the purpose is to attract attention.But no matter what kind of reason, it doesn’t seem to be!After all, if it is true, then such a man is really not worth nostalgic. If it is fake, what is the good place to pass this negative negative emotions?

What do you think about this?

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