Women drink Chinese medicine to regulate menstruation and have a miscarriage. To prove, the male doctor drinks on the spot, see, there is no abortion!

On November 12, 2020, Ms. Zhang, a 39 -year -old Zhang, Changsha, Hunan, found a reporter, hoping that reporters would help their experiences to protect their rights.

Ms. Zhang said that she has been preparing for the second child recently, but she has not been pregnant during the menstrual period.She hit progesterone, but the doctor asked her to use Chinese medicine to condition her after her pulse.

The doctor said how good this traditional Chinese medicine is, so Ms. Zhang thought about listening to the doctor, and drank traditional Chinese medicine conditioning.

The doctor immediately prescribed Ms. Zhang a 10 -paid traditional Chinese medicine.After taking home, Ms. Zhang took the medicine according to the doctor’s order.

Until October 21, Ms. Zhang found that her lower body was bleeding. She thought it was menstruation. Thinking of traditional Chinese medicine was effective, and she didn’t think about it in other aspects.

The day when Ms. Zhang resumed the clinic, this time the doctor prescribed Ms. Zhang for another month of Chinese medicine for her to continue taking it.The fetus, so she takes Chinese medicine according to the doctor’s order every day.

Ms. Zhang’s unit organized a medical examination on November 7, but Ms. Zhang found that she had been pregnant for more than two months. This Ms. Zhang was frightened and thought that menstruation was menstruation.After conditioning, bleeding is menstruation. Now think that it is wrong, and then Ms. Zhang went to a professional maternal and child health hospital for further examination.

As a result, the doctor told her that she was pregnant for 77 days and had a threatened abortion.This also means that the bleeding on October 21 is actually not menstruation. This is a symptom of aura abortion. In the end, the children in Ms. Zhang still failed to keep it.

When Ms. Zhang was sad, she started to recall how she had a miscarriage, so she thought of the traditional Chinese medicine that regulated menstruation.

She carefully remembered that when she went to the clinic on October 9th, she was equivalent to about 40 days of pregnancy, but the Chinese medicine doctor helped her to do other examinations after the pulse was not done, so she opened it to her.After the traditional Chinese medicine of promoting blood circulation and stasis, Ms. Zhang determined that she drank the traditional Chinese medicine that regulated menstruation caused her abortion.

After finding a reporter to explain the situation, the reporter accompanied Ms. Zhang to find the Chinese medicine medicine. He admitted that he had not checked Ms. Zhao’s pregnancy at that time, and said that traditional Chinese medicine was "Wangwen asked".She is pregnant.

But he did not admit that the regulating Chinese medicine would cause Ms. Zhao to have a miscarriage.He said that the traditional Chinese medicine for Ms. Zhao contains cooked land, ginseng, and Angelica. These things have the effects of protecting and regulating menstruation at the same time.

However, at this time, in order to prove that the medicine she prescribed, male Chinese medicine did not cause Ms. Zhang’s miscarriage. Male Chinese medicine medicine disregarded the public dismantling a pack of drinking and drinking, indicating that there would be no abortion.Feed returned to Ms. Zhang, but did not agree with the question of more compensation.

Ms. Zhang was unacceptable to the results of this treatment, and she decided to use legal channels to defend her rights.

In fact, I think that this incident has the responsibility to be responsible for professionals to judge. Ms. Zhang wants to defend her rights should first find a professional institution to investigate the reasons for her miscarriage.

Ms. Zhang also has difficulty in pushing away.As a woman who prepares, and a woman who has given birth to a child, the first thing she thinks of after menstruation should be to exclude whether she is pregnant.Therefore, it is difficult to explain the right and wrong. What do you think of this?

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