Women do not want to get married, and life cannot cherish you!#bride price

Women need to be married.

Women must get money to get married.Before marriage, you must have a house and a car. You do n’t need a house or a car. Men will only think you are worthless. You do n’t necessarily pay attention to you.Instead, they would feel that her son married his daughter -in -law without spending a penny.With the ability, people don’t cherish you at all.

Yesterday, a friend said that he did not listen to his parents before he got married. He eloped from Jiangxi to Guangdong. After marriage, he made money to make money.After pregnancy, I found out that the balance on my card is the number of digits.When asking her husband for living expenses, her husband asked him to borrow it at the end of the month.Later, the twins were born in confinement. The mother -in -law made an excuse to say that the daughter -in -law did not like to eat the dishes he made, and the confinement did not ask.

Because there are no rural takeaway.In the confinement, the daughter -in -law often ride a car and go to fast food, otherwise they will starve to death.The child was filled with the end of the month, and the guest said that the daughter -in -law came to the table for dinner.His wife said that he was going to take the child to the table.After the guests left, the doll was crying.When the man saw his wife eat so slowly, he picked up the bowl in his hand and smashed into his daughter -in -law. The bowl was smashed.A lot of blood flowed in her hand, and the woman entered the hospital.Since then, the man has intensified, and often hit his wife.In order to live a variety of part -time jobs, the woman’s look down on her eyes, her husband did not hear, and she had no face when she returned to her mother’s house.He said that he wrote a suicide note, and he was not ready.

Until I saw that I was doing short videos, I was full of hope for life and was ready to change a living method.There have been no pictures in the past ten years, in exchange for scars.Before marriage, the eyes are full of hope and love.After getting married, it is different.When he talked to me about this, I could feel his fatigue and sting.A family of such a family will wear all your hope and thoughts.

It was for love for love, but now it is to survive.Maybe everyone will go through some breaks, and they also need wisdom to bow their heads and bending.As long as you live in life, you have a chance.Except for life, everything else is rough, and it is rebirth.The feelings of money are very elegant, but they lose.expert.The wrong relationship is tacky but the water is full of water.Because all kinds of gross in marriage require money.I don’t want to give something before marriage. After marriage, it will not give you any breaking stuff.

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