Women are still taking drugs when they are pregnant.

Changde Quan Media (Correspondent Wu Linfang Luolan) On August 24, the Sanzhouyi Police Station of the Changdezin Public Security Bureau was in -depth and deployed in secret. He successfully cracked 3 drug drugs within two days, arrested 4 drug addicts, seized drugs3 grams.

On August 23, the police at the Sanzhouyi Police Station received anonymous reports from the masses that the Nazi North Community frequently had drug abuse people. Director He Hu and the police carefully analyzed the case and launched the net collection.

After two days and two nights of squatting and tracking investigations, the police found suspicious personnel Wang Mouhua in a community in the area.After investigation at the scene, Wang was suspected of drug use, and the police took it to the law enforcement area for law enforcement.

After interrogation, Wang confessed to his illegal facts of taking drugs, and the results of the urine test were positive.According to Wang Mouhua, the police were arrested by Liu, Zheng, Huang, and Qin, who would rent drugs in Wang Mouhua to rent drugs in Wang Mouhua.

Subsequently, the police dig deep into Wang Mouhua, and their drugs originated from drug trafficking staff.

At about 2 am on August 24th, the institute arrested the illegal actor Lu and Yu at the crossroads of Liu Gongqiao, Jinshi City, after being searched for the residence of the illegal actor at the crossroads of Liu Gongqiao, Jinshi City.Zhang Moufang arrested.

After inquiries, illegal actors Lu Mou, Zhang Moufang, and Yu Mou confessed to the illegal act of taking drugs.The results of the 3 people were positive.Yu Mou confessed to his drug trafficking.

When the police handled the drug trafficking case, a drug users Xu sent WeChat to Yu Mou, asking for drugs to buy drugs.The machine must not be lost. The police followed the line and pursued it. On the evening of August 24, Xu, who was shopping at a fruit shop on the evening of August 24.

After review, Xu confessed to the behavior of buying drugs to prepare to take drugs at home, and his urine test results were positive.

At present, the criminal suspect Yu Mou has been criminally detained according to law. Six people such as Lu Mou, Wang, and Xu have been detained in accordance with the law. Zhang Moufang was pregnant and adopted the decision to take administrative detention on his illegal acts.The case is still being dug further.

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