Woman stealing sperm to make herself pregnant #Good drama recommendation

It turned out that IVF came.

This jar stores a lot of sperm. Women want to steal a little bit. They don’t have to worry about sperm without vitality. They use liquid oxygen to store sperm. There is no problem for 10 years.Women carefully choose, see who is better.To prevent two people in case of eventually chosen two people.Now everything is ready, and put on clothes to the operating room. Because sperm can only be used for complete families, women are unmarried, so they can only secretly perform surgery.

This operation is also very simple. Women first wear gloves, then draw gold with a thin needle, and then enter the body.The woman lying on the operating table took a deep breath, and then took a few days to bite her teeth. The woman gathered the courage to buy a side pregnancy stick, worried that she was not pregnant.Because the older the woman is, the activity of the eggs will be reduced.Women are happy, and they can’t wait to watch the baby condition.Although it has not yet been formed, it can be seen that the original feeling of one or two for experienced doctors.I am a mother, I am very happy to see you.

The woman had a baby dream that night, flowers everywhere, and the room was beautiful and romantic.There is also a precious and beautiful necklace on the table. It is said that you can know whether children or women are men or women through fetal dreams.So will Ms. Park want to be a girl?He also asked his friends to verify.

The woman said that when he was pregnant with a child, he dreamed that he liked to eat peaches.Her husband dreamed of whale, and the child born was really a boy.Ms. Park asked her uncle’s dream again, because Ms. Park and his uncle were the best friends.He said it seemed to see glowing in the stream.Pick it up and take it away.

When Ms. Park heard it was a gem, how could she be so similar to his fetal dream.The more you think about going home, the more wrong, it is too similar to his gem necklace.And the two sperm used by Ms. Park, there is that friend.

Recently, I also found that the taste of men was particularly strange before, and the two were very different.But after pregnancy, I especially like the food that the man eats, and even now I can’t wait to see him.After driving the car downstairs, he found that he was with a woman.It seems that the two are still a little ambiguous.

The two of them were here, and the hot men’s mother and grandma came.How can this be good?The two don’t want to make it public now, waiting for the men to open the door for a long time at the door.Sorry, can you come again next time.I was in a hurry to go out now, and my mother said that putting the pickles in the refrigerator and leaving.Men again stopped the old mother’s doubt.As soon as they came in, they observed carefully and found no suspicious places. It seems that women are hidden.My mother turned around and found that half of the dishes were made. The man quickly explained that it was made by herself, but it could not be eaten by this weight.

And how can a man say that if you have a tight thing to cook?At this time, Dasao found two coffee cups, indicating that my mother -in -law went there, and I generally do not use the cups I used.At this time, Gui Ying was hiding in the air -conditioned room. The hot sweat was sweaty. The old mother felt that the room would be swollen, so she had to open the door of the air conditioning room.If this is open, Guiying will definitely be discovered.

When it was about to open, the old man had a rush to call them back, and the man and Gui Ying fled.The two think that this is not a thing, and they have to arrange a day to meet their families.The old couple here discussed that I decided to send the elder brother to meet first. If the woman is not qualified, there is no need to see it.Men quickly told Gui Ying to meet what they met tomorrow, and both were looking forward to the arrival of tomorrow.

Our nephew is really funny, saying that he wants to see his uncle’s girlfriend.The man also sent a picture of a nephew, and when Gui Ying saw the photo, he started.Isn’t this Gui Yingdi’s child?Gui Ying gave birth to a boy’s brother, what is this called?When I got married, Dasao vowed secretly that I would definitely drive them out.

In the first season, Dasao heard that the new daughter -in -law recently entered the door and was responsible for preparing breakfast for a week.Will you do this?The mother -in -law couldn’t listen to it anymore. The two people lived far away, and they had to go to work to make breakfast every day.Dasao knew that her mother -in -law was in front of her sisters, so she came to force.Your friend will definitely ask, do you have breakfast made by your daughter -in -law?

This time, my mother -in -law was moved, and Dasao’s shelves were set up. He watched his brother and sister, and looked at it.The little uncle distressed his daughter -in -law and discussed the Ministry of Criminal Ministry.However, Dasao was poisoned in a word.I have made breakfast for more than 17 years.Women’s affairs will look at them by themselves.The man still felt that it was too long a week, and complained to his mother.This is the favorite of old moms.The younger son agreed without saying a word, and returned to the house to tell Dasao for a day.In addition, the eldest son also agreed to sit for a day. The woman felt that she was very faceless. She asked her sister and sisters to find an excuse. Then there was a sarcasm that asked the uncle to help you with face.You say no, but let your uncle and mother -in -law face face, and let you only make a day of meals. Isn’t this ignoring me?My sister was unable to fight, so I had to promise to do it for a week.

· On the first day, Dasao got up the moth and took away the nanny, so that the woman did it by themselves. I don’t know what kind of food like parents like to eat. You can ask me.It was Hui Jiao, and Dasao didn’t say anything about it, and he was still gloating.After trying a soup, I felt difficult to drink, but I didn’t let it go.Sure enough, the old man tasted that he was too light, and they all liked to eat salty.There are also problems to see this small dish of Dashan.God, why don’t you ask me?You said that you often cook, I think you all know, there are also problems with pamana cut, you have to ask me more if you do n’t understand it in the future.

· The next day, the woman accidentally made a very delicious dish.The old couple praised, and Dasao was unwilling to enjoy it at a glance, so it made it broken again.I seem to be able to make food today, so let you do it tomorrow.What do I want you and destroy this child.The girl would not dream that it was his mother who destroyed him.

The woman also stole her daughter’s mobile phone.According to the content of the mobile phone, the man quickly found the black material. Now as long as the black material is uploaded to upload the black material, the girl will lose its name.Because the girl is now a little star, the black material of the girl is not surprising.Now she wants to compensate for huge liquidated damages.

The girl was only 17 years old. She lived in an orphanage since she was a child. She had just two days after a good day. She didn’t expect her to be pitted again.The woman persuaded her to study abroad in name for girls.In fact, the woman was afraid that her mother -in -law knew that she still had a daughter outside, and hoped that the girl would go far.However, the girl thought that his mother was for him, and she thought her mother still loved him.

However, a few people returned home to analyze, and one happened to see her mother take her mobile phone, which was really thunderous.The girl couldn’t believe that it was harming him.Her mother thinks that the woman is good for him, and she is full of malice.But the girl still doesn’t believe her mother will be so ruthless, she can’t do that kind of thing.No matter how much, my mother intends to go to the interview. I don’t want to study abroad anymore.As soon as the woman heard that she didn’t leave, she hurriedly told the contents that did not send in the mobile phone.How can you excite those things, which proves that women have checked the content of the mobile phone.

The girl believed that her mother stole her mobile phone.I have been abandoned by your daughter, your truth, I am afraid I will say it?You stinky girl, I said it, I have no daughter you, you are meaningless to me.Will I become your mother because of this?You are just the biggest mistake in my life, it is the stain I should have erased.

How can you say that kind of words, you don’t even have a word to accommodate, how can you?Why do I apologize, at least I let you get birth.I knew that I shouldn’t give birth to you.I will make your life do not need to worry about money, go to study abroad and never appear in front of me.Understand?

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