With no boyfriend, I woke up after I was unconscious and found that I was pregnant. What was the truth?over

Qin Bei was calm and looked at his face, picked up his mobile phone and walked towards the balcony, and took the door.

Through the glass, Zhou Zhiyi and Hua Xiaohua saw his mobile phone or silent or what he said.

About five or six minutes.

Qin Beizheng’s voice suddenly raised and asked: "Joanni, I held a meeting to everyone before I was on a business trip, and repeatedly emphasized that no one can bring Zhou Zhiyi away from the hospital. Who gives you right?People, right? Ah? "

Seeing Qin Beizheng’s call, Joanni was very excited and almost didn’t hold the phone.

I never thought, didn’t say a word, and I was scolded with a face.

Suddenly, the smile stiffened on his face.

Within a few seconds, his expression was cracked and his eyes were resentful.

She gritted her teeth fiercely and smiled charmingly: "Bei Yan, what are you angry, you are too nervous. In any case, the aunt and nephew are bloody relatives, ancient words [aunt relative, generation of generations, relatives, Broken bones are lingering], you and I are all outsiders, and are not qualified to participate. I just give them a good opportunity to reconcile, don’t thank me too much. "


Joanni would not admit that she did it deliberately.

Why is there a movie that is no different from the vegetative who is not different from the vegetative, and you can get the entire attention of Qin Bei when lying there without moving there.

She doesn’t accept it!

Even more unwilling!

You know, on the first day when she entered the hospital, she admired Qin Bei. In the past three years, how many times have no face and no skin, but not even a positive eye.

Qin Bei was almost angry: "Thank you for a fart! You are stupid! Your brain disabled! Your brain was kicked by a donkey, or the door was crowded.Self -cleverness will let the hospital carry a lawsuit, and let the entire department be carried on the lawsuit! "

After hearing, the charmingness on Joanni’s face dismissed, she stiffened in an instant.

She asked coldly: "What are you talking about?"

Qin Beizheng’s eyes were cold and his voice was colder, as if immersed in the polar ice: "Joanni, there is a saying that he is clever and clever! You have a disaster for yourself, do n’t let the others of Kori’s instead replace the others in Kerry.Your stupid pay! "

After speaking, he hung up.

After a long breath, I relieved my emotions, and then turned around and opened the door out of the balcony.

"Yiyi, April 20th, in the morning, the duty doctor on the day of the day approved your aunt to give your grandmother’s birthday to see you, and you need to temporarily take you away from the hospital and take you away from the hospital.Send you back. "

Rao was prepared in his heart, but after he heard his own ears, Zhou Zhiyi still had a hard -controlled pain. She couldn’t hide the pain: "Seven hours, say it is not long, it is not short, not short, not short, not short, not short, not short.There can be many things that can happen. For the compensation of her father and mother, she also fights. "

Hua Xiaohua puzzled: "No, if she remember compensation, the sword goes to the front, and she will kill you without knowing it.

"Because, she knows that there is no heritage to let her inherit!" Zhou Zhiyi said, paused, and took the initiative to solve the confusion: "In order to prevent her from jumping from the back of the wall and the back of the back, I wrote a will and made a notarization.In the accident, all my property was donated to the country. "

Hua Xiaohua stretched out his thumbs, his eyes shiny, and said: "Sisters, dry!"

"It seems that what was sent within the seven hours, the answer was only she knew! Yiyi, my suggestion was to call the police, otherwise, with your aunt’s temperament, even if you ask, she will definitely not say it." Qin Beizheng saidEssence

"I agree with Dr. Qin’s opinion!" Hua Xiaohua attached to harmony.

Resentment with virtue, that’s the job of the Virgin. Even if the person was Yiyi’s pro -aunt, she would never persuade Yiyi to be generous.

That woman, it’s so bad!

Batham’s house left by his parents, when Yiyi was in his freshman year, the vicious woman wanted to sell Yiyi to an old man who died three wives with 300,000.

In recent years, I have not been named Yiyi for the elderly for the elderly for the old lady, and look for the money.

The responsibility of the elderly cannot shirk.

Pay 3,000 yuan per month.

The woman didn’t say it, but every time Yiyi had to go back, even if she ate a bowl of rice, she had to pay for drinking a glass of water.

Obviously it is Yiyi’s home!

Zhou Zhiyi was silent and drooked.

Hua Xiaohua and Qin Beizheng did not urge her, standing and waiting quietly.

About two or three minutes.

Zhou Zhiyi moved, reached out and got his mobile phone, dialed a number out, and pressed the removal.

"Grandma, it’s me!"

"It’s Niuniu, have you been back for a long time, have you been busy recently?"

"Grandma, I miss you!" Zhou Zhiyi acknowledged that he deliberately said that.

Over the years, although Grandma lived with her aunt, she lived in her parents’ house. Except for the past two years, she had been paralyzed by her old man in bed, and her aunt had no eyes to her, and her nose was not nose.

Several times, she heard that her aunt’s back to the ground was cursing.

Because of this, she deliberately was particularly good to grandma.

Every time I meet, my grandma’s face will shed tears of remorse.

Recently, the style of grandma has changed.

Severally told her not to go to her aunt, and said that her aunt had been used to it over the years, and became selfish, greedy, and forgotten.

To be honest, grandma can have such a field, she is not sympathetic.

Nothing at all!

Because, she knows that the nature of grandma is no proficiency, and it is impossible to really be the heart with herself.

More than ten years ago, Grandpa was furious because of his grandmother’s selfishness.

"Niuniu, grandma miss you too."

"Grandma, have you dinner?"

"Grandma eats, eat corn paste."

Speaking of which, the old lady’s voice was mixed with a little cry.

Zhou Zhiyi didn’t have a hint of fluctuations in his heart, but his voice trembled with a hint: "Does her aunt give you this?"

"Your aunt said that I am old, and the mouth of the teeth is not good. The corn paste is both nutritious and good. It is easy to digest, so that I do n’t know if I am blessed.OK? Grandma wants to eat braised meat from the Northeast Restaurant downstairs. "

"Grandma, I accidentally hit the motorcycle when I crossed the road yesterday and flowed a lot of blood. Now in the hospital, the doctor said that it takes about a week of hospitalization.

This time the phone came from the phone was not the voice of grandma, but the cousin Sun Jiaojiao’s sharp voice: "Zhou Zhiyi, you say it again, what’s wrong!"

"I was hit by a motorcycle, and I had a lot of blood, and I needed to be hospitalized for a week." Zhou Zhiyi’s temperament was calm, and his long fingers fell on the recording key.

Don’t ask why.

Ask, she said that she had an inexplicable hunch, and the truth was not far away.

Sun Jiaojiao’s voice became more sharp: "Mom -Zhou Zhiyi was hit by a car by this cheap hoof! It flowed a lot of blood! She flowed a lot of blood!"

"how come!"

Zhou Jia’s eager voice came.

Panician is clear.

Sun Jiaojiao’s voice was exhausted: "Mom, is that bitch aborted?! No! No! My child …"

Suddenly, the phone was hung up.

The later words were not listened.


It’s enough to guess one or two.

"Qin Bei, the meaning of the last words of Sun Jiaojiao’s words is that the child in my stomach is her?"

Qin Beizheng was unwilling to admit it, but in the reality, it was unbelievable.

He said: "Yes!"


The next day, lunch time.

Qin Beizheng came to the house left by Zhou Zhiyi’s parents.

He didn’t hesitate to go upstairs directly.

Through the eyes of the cat, Zhou Jia saw that the person was Qin Beizheng, and he was extremely impressed with him. He didn’t plan to open the door, but the door bell kept the door. She had to open the door.

She was dark, as if Qin Bei owed her millions of dollars.

"What are you doing?"

"Yiyi said that Grandma wanted to eat braised pork, and let me send it." Then, Qin Beiyi deliberately showed the packing box in his hand.

Zhou Jia reached out and said coldly: "Take it!"

Qin Beizheng took away the hand in the bag and refused: "No! I promised Yiyi to look at the grandma in his mouth."

"There are so many things!" Zhou Jia’s face was as dark as a coal ball, and snorted disdainful: "Who is rare!"

After speaking, let the aisle open the road and let Qin Bei enter the door.

Qin Beizheng thought that he had received a lot of money to get Sun Jiaojiao’s portable supplies. He never thought that he had no effort.

Because as soon as the braised pork was opened, Sun Jiaojiao, who had no meat or dog nose, rushed out.

Smile to the old lady with a smile: "Well, the person you usually hurt most is me. I don’t eat much, so I will taste the taste for you."

That’s what he said.

In fact, she opened her sex chopsticks, a drums, one after another, and stuffed more than ten mouthfuls in her mouth.

The braised pork in the packing box becomes less visible to the naked eye.

This can give the old lady in a hurry, and shouted: "I can’t eat it anymore! I can’t eat it anymore! This is what Niuniu bought it for me."

Sun Jiaojiao quickly stuffed a few more pieces in her mouth, and she was satisfied until she found that there was little left in the packing box. She sneered, and her eyes contempt: "Don’t eat a few pieces of meat in you, it’s really stingy!"

After speaking, throwing off the disposable chopsticks and turning away.

When the old lady looked at the remaining one, two, three, four, five, and six pieces of meat in the packing box, her blood pressure was soaring, and she almost did not directly pass, humming and panting.

Qin Beizheng was stunned by Sun Jiaojiao’s operation.

Is this eight hundred years since I have eaten meat?

It’s simply!


"Yiyi, I have sent Sun Jiaojiao’s saliva sample and fetal sac to DNA testing, and I can get the test results after three days."

"Qin Bei, thank you!"

"Yiyi, I am very happy to give my absolute trust since the beginning and end!"

"Meeting you is the luck of my life. Without you, I am afraid I would have died on the operating table long ago."

"My medical skills are one of them, and the most important point is that you have a strong desire to survive yourself.After you raise your body, call Xiaohua to go on vacation with her boyfriend, let’s go to the sea together! "


Zhou Zhiyi’s voice was weak and smiled sweetly.

Under the sun, the skin on her face was white, white in white, and crystal light, and the small fluff in the pores was clearly visible.

Qin Beizheng looked in his eyes and moved his heart.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Qin Beizheng quickly opened the door.

Hua Xiaohua came in and drank a large glass of water, and said, "I go out in the morning, the more I think about it, so I deliberately went to the community where Sun Jiaojiao and her husband lived. What do you guess? Sun JiaoJiao is too famous in their community, because Sun Jiaojiao was pregnant three times and failed to keep it three times.

Hearing this, the truth has been called out.

Qin Bei said, "Yiyi, you can call the police!"

"Wait, when the parent -child identification results come out, since the hammer is about to fall, it will make a hammer." Zhou Zhiyi was so calm.

The heart is extremely desolate!

Her aunt, my father’s sister, remembering that her parents changed their money with their lives, and even her fertility wanted to control it.


At this moment, the last desire and expectation of the family also disappeared.

"Do you want to eat? I’ll do it." Qin Beizheng saw the pain that had flashed her eyes.

Zhou Yi shook his head, and he was sleepy: "I want to sleep for a while! Qin Bei, do you really don’t need to go to work?"

"The leader said with me who grew up with me accidentally miscarriage. No one took care of it. The leader criticized me for two weeks." Qin Bei said truthfully.

Zhou Zhiyi was unable to control the movement, and he burst into tears in his eyes: "But I’m not a sister who grew up with you!"

"Don’t have a psychological burden! This incident is unable to take responsibility, take care of you, I am incredible, and I live alone for many years, and I have no popularity at home. You can help me to increase the popularity at home. IIt’s so beautiful! "

"Don’t believe it!"

"Sleep! You need to rest now." Qin Beizheng touched her hair, got up, covered her with a small blanket, and then looked at Hua Xiaohua: "Xiaohua, you also sleep with her for a while, dinner is goodI call you. "

"Dr. Qin, what are you going to do for dinner? Do you need my boyfriend to show your hand?"

"Great! You let him come over, almost two and a half hours later, I started preparing for dinner."

"Okay, then I called." Hua Xiaohua was excited, and he rushed to the balcony when he picked up his mobile phone.

Qin Beizheng muttered from the distance from Hua Xiaohua’s mouth: "Finally, you don’t have to be forced to eat dog wolves! Although dog food is good, but eat too much, so special …"


Three days later.

Qin Beizheng, who got the parent -child identification, was dignified: "Yiyi, things are more complicated than we think."

Zhou Zhiyi had no words, waiting below.

"Take out two fetal sacs from your body, one of which is a parent -child relationship with Sun Jiaojiao, and the other is not." Qin Beizheng said, while handing the DNA test report to Zhou Zhiyi’s hand.

In theory, because these two embryos are exoticly implanted, they may not be able to survive to the end, but such behavior is shameless and disgusting.

Zhou Zhiyi was shocked: "!!!"

"Either your aunt said the answer personally, or the police came to investigate. However, I think your aunt will not say it easily."

Zhou Zhiyi also felt.

Her heart was painful.

Close your eyes slowly, say a word and coldly: "Then call the police!"

After receiving the report, the police soon launched an investigation.

At the beginning, Zhou Jia denied it, and even poured dirty water on Zhou Zhiyi, saying that Zhou Zhiyi’s abnormal boyfriend who met her beastly heart was about her.

The police directly throwing evidence.

In addition to the DNA testing and recording provided by Zhou Zhiyi, Qin Beizheng’s surveillance video provided by the hospital, as well as Sun Jiaojiao’s confession.

Sun Jiaojiao was taken to the police station. The police officer responsible for the interrogation just raised three questions. Sun Jiaojiao’s psychological defense collapsed and a whole trick was.

According to the clues provided by Sun Jiaojiao, the police found the hospital involved in the embryo into Zhou Zhi, and quickly locked the owner of another fetal sac.

The owner of the fetal sac just started to deny that the police directly dumped the surveillance video of surgery that day.

Rao is so, and the owner of the fetal sac does not admit it.

The police did not say anything else, just say the most DNA test, and said after the results came out.

The host of the fetal sac was scared.

Soon the truth.

He said that he had been looking for a surrogate mother with his wife, and because the price didn’t talk, he kept on hold, until he accidentally chatted with Zhou Jia, and learned that she intends to let her niece help her daughter to have a child in surrogacy, and he thought about it.

Forty -thousand remuneration, the two sides took a shot.

Zhou Jia has always thought about why it was exposed until Zhou Zhi, who was invited to see her in the invitation of Xiao Chongzi. Zhou Jia knew that the incident was revealed that he had revealed his niece without a boyfriend.

Without a man to work hard, it must be pregnant and not pregnant.

No wonder …

When Zhou Zhiyi left, Zhou Jia played emotional cards, crying for Zhou Zhiyi to issue an understanding letter.

However, this time, Zhou Zhiyi chose Tieshi heart, and his ears disagreed.

Entrusted this case to a lawyer. She hoped that whether she was in the hospital, or her aunt and cousin, and the hospital responsible for putting the embryo into the body, and the owner of another fetal sac.One fairness.

However, this incident always knotted in her heart.

She was a pure yellow flower girl, because of their selfishness and absurdity, the "small house" in her belly became not only not only lived, but also died.

This made her worry.

It is difficult to release.

Therefore, when Qin Beizheng confessed to her true, she almost didn’t think about it, so she refused.

Because she feels that she is not worthy of such a good Dr. Qin.

Autumn to winter.

Winter go to spring.

Everything on the earth recovered, the flowers bloomed, and the hard -working bees were busy.

On this day, Zhou Zhiyi met Qin Beizheng in the Street Heart Park.

The two of them hit a moment, and they laughed at each other. Between the eyebrows, the double dye was stained with joy …


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