Winter is cold, and the mothers during pregnancy are prone to get sick and fever. How to treat fever during pregnancy

Winter climate change is great, which is the season of high incidence.The mothers during pregnancy are very careful, fearing that the illness will affect the baby’s health.Even if you are careful, some treasures will inevitably get sick and fever during pregnancy.

Fever is due to the changes in the immune system of Baoma during pregnancy. During pregnancy, Baoma is more susceptible to virus bacteria infection, causing Baoma to have symptoms of cold fever.How to treat colds and fever during pregnancy scientifically and effectively!

The phenomenon of low fever in the early stages of pregnancy may be a normal physiological response. Generally, the fever is within 37.2 degrees. Mom does not have to worry.

If you have a fever during pregnancy, the cause of the fever is first to determine whether it is physiological or pathological.

Pathological fever causes fever, and the cause itself is harmful to the pregnant mother and fetus. The cause is more harmful to the harm of fever to pregnant mothers and fetuses.At this time, the mother who was pregnant should find the cause of the onset, pay more attention to rest, and proper physical antipyretics.

The fever during pregnancy will increase the speed of metabolism of pregnant mothers. At the same time, there will be a lot of discomfort in the body of the pregnant mother, such as headache, loss of appetite, dehydration, and physical weakness.It also increases the burden on the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mothers who have fever during pregnancy should not touch cold things. (Especially in winter) Daily necessities should be kept clean to avoid bacterial infections and rest.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have symptoms of low fever, and their body temperature is not higher than 38 degrees. At this time, the condition is not serious. You can use cold water to wet the towel to wipe the body to heat and put it on the forehead.Wait for physical cooling methods.

When the fever temperature is higher than 38 degrees during pregnancy, or accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms, you must go to the doctor.Do not have more than 24 hours of fever to 38.5 degrees, which will cause the baby to be hypoxic and affect the baby’s health in the belly.

During the fever during pregnancy, Baoma should use drugs for treatment under the guidance of a doctor.Baoma drinks more water, urinate, and rests more every day.

The pregnant mother can also choose to eat food supplements to improve their resistance.

Chicken soup: Drink chicken soup often after pregnancy. Chicken soup is rich in nutrients. Experts suggest that pregnant mothers should drink more chicken soup to improve their immunity and resistance.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, keep the diet light, and ensure sufficient sleep, which will help the mother during pregnancy.

If you get sick during pregnancy, don’t stiffen it, delay the best time for treatment.It is recommended not to be nervous, go to the hospital for examination, find out the cause, and cooperate with treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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