Will you use the ovulation test paper correctly?

Do you want to have a healthy and smart baby?The right to be a mother is in your own hands.In order to have a healthy and cute baby, many friends are in preparing for pregnancy. We must not only condition our bodies, but also female friends also need to know our ovulation period to increase our conception.At this time we will use ovulation test strips, so will you use it correctly?

Test strip principle

Popularization of pregnancy

Ovulation test strip key hormones

Maginal formation: It will promote ovulation in the body.

Principles of ovulation test strip: within one or two days before ovulation, the level of luteal formation in the body will increase or reach a peak, which is reflected in the color of the test strip.

Early pregnancy test strip key hormones

βHCG: It is a hormone that promotes cell division. Women without pregnancy will not be detected.

Principle of early pregnancy test strip: This hormone will produce this hormone in women’s body. With the increase of conception time, HCG in urine and blood will increase, showing obvious positive.

Netizens asked: I heard that you can use ovulation test strips to test early pregnancy ?? Look down, Xiaobian will answer it for you ~

Ovulate test strip uses big blindness

Operation time:

Between 10: 00-22: 00 every day, a time is fixed for a time to test to ensure accuracy.

Try not to drink water two hours before the test.

Analysis of the presentation:

1. Two purple -red lines appear, and the lower end line (detection line) is obviously light color than the upper end line (control line), indicating that there is no peak value in the LH in the urine, and it must be tested every day.

2. There are two purple-red lines, and the colors of the upper and lower end lines (control lines, detection lines) are basically the same, or the lower end line (detection line) is dark than the upper end line (control line), indicating that you will be within 24-48 hours.ovulation.

3. Only one purple -red line (control line) appears on the upper end of the test bar, indicating no ovulation.

Common test strips (brighten your mobile phone screen):

The ovulation test strips that are often used on the market are: David, Tyenkang, Xiuer, etc.


Features: Low sensitivity, slow response to the luteal production, and after use at the same time, it is necessary to see color changes after a long time.


Features: High sensitivity, a positive reaction can be displayed under the effect of low concentration of luteal formation, preparing for ovulation early.

Tienkang (other test strips that represent moderate sensitivity)

Features: moderate sensitivity.

Understand the characteristics of the above ovulation test strips, so how to better combine their characteristics for ovulation testing?

Super practical test strip MIX usage (Tibetan)

You need to buy three ovulation test strips including David and Xiu’er. Because the price of the test strip is not high, it is recommended to test it together.

Tip: Do not throw the test strips after testing. Some sensitive test strips may take a long time (even 2 hours) to reflect the positive.In addition, you can make a record for your ovulation cycle.

Let’s take time according to time. First of all, after the aunt ends (the seventh day of the menstrual period), began to use the sensitive test strip -Xiuer, testing it every day.When the color appears, that is, when there is a positive reaction, it is tested with three ovulation test strips at the same time. You can find that there are differences in the comparison of the three test strips.

Tip: After Xiu’er appears positive, the homework can maintain the frequency every two days.

When the three ovulation test strips are deepened, they can focus on the color changes of David. At this time, when David’s color gradually becomes weak, it can increase the frequency of David’s test.Yang (that is, the color of the test line and the contrast line is completely consistent), usually ovulation can be ovulated within one day.Except for sleeping time, it is best to test the ovulation test strip every 2 hours. You will see David from Yang to Qiangyang, from strong yang to yang to weak yang. This is your ovulation.

Tip: In order to conceive more accurately, it is best to carry out human -made operations immediately after the eggs are discharged. Although the lives of the eggs are different, they are generally within 24 hours, and the lower the vitality of the eggs over time.

After David follows the weak yang in the future, you can choose to choose to continue testing. If you are trying this method for the first time, Xiaobian suggested that you continue to use three test strips to detect until the aunt came.In this way, you can obviously see the color difference between the three test strips.

Tip: Because Xiuer is more sensitive, many quasi -pregnant mothers will find that Xiuer has a long pink watermark.

Another situation is that around the seventh day after ovulation, the ovulation test strip did not show the color weakened to the whiteboard, but the color gradually deepened.In particular, there are two lines of David’s test strip, so Xiaobian suggested that at this time you can use early pregnancy test strips to test, because you may be pregnant! But don’t rush to be happy, because although the ovulation can measure the two lines, But it does not mean that it must be pregnant.

You can use Xiu’er’s early pregnancy test strip to test first, because Xiu’er is the highest sensitivity and can find the double bars quickly! Don’t be too anxious to be happy after the double bars appear (maybe the impact of other hormones), and wait to be a big big.Wei also appeared in a double bar (even pink watermark) to judge that you were really pregnant.

Small expansion -can ovulation test strips test early pregnancy?

HCG has two chains α and β. Among them, the HCG structure of the alpha chain is basically similar to the luteal formation, and it is prone to cross -reaction. This is why the ovulation test strip can measure early pregnancy. HoweverThere will still be errors with ovulation test strips.

Early pregnancy test strips (including the hospital’s blood test) use βHCG as the standard. Once measured, it can basically be judged that it is conceived.

After pregnancy, HCG’s alpha chain is more than β chain, so early pregnancy can be found earlier through the ovulation test strip positive reactions, and when the number of pregnancy days increases βhcg, it gradually increases in the early pregnancy test strip.That is to say, after ovulation, the positive response of the ovulation test strip detects early pregnancy, but the early pregnancy test strip shows the whiteboard, but after a period of time, the double bar can be detected through the early pregnancy test strip.


For two consecutive months of Xiu’er, David and other ovulation test strips, the pregnant mothers who could not measure the yang may have no ovulation. They also need to go to the hospital to check hormone and B -ultrasound to monitor the size and ovulation of the follicles.

We use ovulation test strips to test our ovulation period is very simple and fast, but the brand of ovulation test strips is also different, and each has its own characteristics. I introduced some of the different ovulation test strips to friends above.The characteristics and methods of use, I hope to give some friends who are preparing for the baby to help some help.

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