Will you still get pregnant after the ring?

There are many ways to contraception, but among the many contraceptive methods, the Sheung Wan is chosen by many women, especially the married and educated women., But there are also women who have doubts. Do you still get pregnant after the ring? Let ’s take a look at it together!

Will you still get pregnant after the section?

In fact, no matter what kind of contraceptive method can be 100 % security, it is generally not pregnant after the on -board.But no exception is excluded.

Reasons for pregnancy

There are many reasons for pregnancy after going on the ring.First of all, it is very likely that the health in the uterus of the woman has fallen off, but it has not noticed itself, causing contraceptive failure.Secondly, if the placement of the breeder is too low, it is particularly close to the cervix mouth, and the effect of fertilized eggs cannot be suppressed.In addition, if the size of the uterine cavity is unable to adapt to the sizes of the birthplace in the uterus, or the phenomenon of transfiguration or even a break, the contraceptive effect may fail.

There is also the model of the ring when we are on the ring. The model of the ring is not suitable for the size of the uterine cavity, or the ring has twisted and deformed, and it cannot play a contraceptive effect.In addition, women are related to the physique of women, and some women are not sensitive to the active contraceptive components of this kind of birthpool, which leads to contraception failure.

In most cases, women must undergo surgery. Three days before surgery and the operation of the operation must not have intercourse, this may also cause infection and increase the risk of pregnancy.Secondly, it is best to go to the ring in three days after menstruation. At this time, it belongs to the safety of women, and the possibility of pregnancy is relatively small.In addition, if unexpected pregnancy occurs after the ring, female friends can choose to make painless abortion, so that the harm to the body is the least.

Reminder: Women will basically not get pregnant after the Sheung Wan, and they may be pregnant in time. Due to improper disposal, the ring falls off.Therefore, it is recommended to choose a regular professional maternity hospital when it is recommended to the ring.

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