Will you really turn black after eating chocolate?Do you know the red and black list of diet during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, I believe that many pregnant mothers will hear the advice of good -hearted people around them; eating more grapes, eating grapes is good for the baby’s eyes, eat more bird’s nest, the baby’s skin is white after birth; don’t eat chocolate, the baby will turn black.

Chocolate is also my favorite. When I was pregnant with Dabao, my mother -in -law hid the chocolate at home and secretly gave them to children in the countryside.

I don’t blame my mother -in -law, because she is also good for me.However, I really can’t resist the temptation of chocolate.Because eating chocolate can make people happy and feel better.

So I checked a lot of information about chocolate.There is also a touching story about the origin of chocolate.

Chocolate is the transliteration of the foreign word "chocolate". The main raw material for making chocolate is cocoa beans.

Cocoa is the seed of the cocoa tree. The Cocoa tree is evergreen in the four seasons. Its seeds are rich in nutrition and unique functions. They are loved by people and are called "green gold".

But do you believe it?The initial chocolate was bitter and spicy, and it was not delicious at all.About 500 years ago, Aboriginal Americans began to include cocoa in recipes.

In 1519, a Spanish expedition entered the hinterland of Mexico. When they were exhausted, they encountered a group of friendly Indians.

The Indians crushed the cocoa beans into powder, put them in a water tank to burn it on the fire, add some tree juice and pepper, and give it to the expeditions. After drinking this bitter and spicy drink, theyThe players quickly recovered their physical strength.

In 1528, the Detective Captain Cordus returned to Spain and brought the "fairy drink" he drank back to China. He was re -assigned. He was dedicated to the king with honey instead of tree juice and pepper.

So, where is the unique charm of chocolate?

For hundreds of years, scientists have analyzed and experimented one by one in more than 300 chemicals contained in chocolate, and found that chocolate is not just as simple as snacks. For the human body, chocolates rich in polyphenols, tannins, and flavonoids -like substancesIt can definitely be called a precious medicine.

Cocoa beans are rich in polyphenols, which can prevent fatty substances from oxidizing or accumulating in human arteries, keep the blood of the human vascular blood, and prevent heart disease.

Nutritionists have proved that they contain natural antioxidant polyphenol complexes in vegetables, vegetables, red wine, and tea.It is eight times higher than strawberries.

Some researchers believe that chocolate can really bring a good mood. This is because phenyleine in chocolate can help regulate people’s emotions, and magnesium elements have the effect of soothe the nerves and anti -depression.

Therefore, as long as you eat chocolate scientifically and reasonably, it will really make our lives happier!

In fact, pregnant women can eat chocolate moderately. Pregnant mothers can eat chocolate in the first three months of pregnancy and the second trimester, but pregnant mothers cannot eat more chocolate in the third trimester.

If the pregnant mother really wants to eat chocolate, she eats pure chocolate!

If it is not pure chocolate, its sugar content is high. Nowadays, many brands of chocolate sugar content on the market are basically more than 50%. The first ingredients in the ingredient table are basically white sugar.

In other words, we also ate a lot of sugar in the process of eating chocolate.

Pregnant mothers will really turn black after eating chocolate babies in pregnancy. This statement is incorrect.

Because of the pigment, it will not absorb the baby through the placenta.There are two most important factor in the baby’s skin black and not black: one is congenital inheritance; the other is the daylight light, the sun is sunny and not sunscreen, of course, it will be black.Therefore, black food will not make the baby black, and eating more "white" foods will not make the baby’s skin white and tender, such as soy milk, bird’s nest, tofu, etc.

1. Tobacco and alcohol

Cigarettes contain a large amount of harmful substances, mainly nicotine, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene.

The fetus has no resistance. If the mother smokes, the harm to the fetus is more harmful than the mother.

Pregnant mothers who smoke or expose in the second -hand smoke environment will be affected by premature birth, fetal deformity and intellectual development.

Alcohol will enter the placenta, destroying the development of fetal neurons and brain institutions, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should be far away from tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy and entire pregnancy, and the family members of pregnant women and colleagues who often contact them should consciously avoid it.

2. Summary, half -life food

Raw meat and unsatisfactory foods are likely to be contaminated by bacteria or parasites, so pregnant mothers do not eat raw, half -life foods that are not eaten during pregnancy, and reduce the risk of infection.

In addition to raw food, we must heat it completely and then eat it with refrigerated or freezing food.

Pregnant mothers should choose trusted shops when dining abroad, especially in hot summer days to avoid eating foods sold in stores with poor sanitation.Such as: blood shreds, pink, bright red meat.

In addition, raw eggs, sashimi, raw meat, raw beans and other foods.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to avoid immutable foods, such as drunk shrimps and drunk crabs, or fat sheeps that are not completely opened in hot pot.

3. Foods with high heavy metal content

Excessive intake of heavy metals during pregnancy will have an irreversible effect on the fetal brain, nerves, and physical development.

For some known high -heavy metal content, pregnant mothers should not eat it.

For example, puffed foods are generally added with puff agents, and the puff agent contains a large amount of lead and aluminum. Long -term intake is likely to cause nervous system damage.And the lead and aluminum that enters the body is difficult to be excreted in the body, and a large amount will accumulate in the body.

Another example is the larger fish, such as: shark, etc. When buying fish, we should avoid choosing a large body.

There are also bacon and balcony: In order to save it for a long time, the salt content of bacon and scripts is high.

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