Will you have a miscarriage when you are pregnant?Dream interpretation during pregnancy, come and get a seat!

Since three months of pregnancy, I do n’t know how many spring dreams have been done. I have the most unexpected thing with strangers, and acquaintances … I have been speechless with foreigners … I have a dream several times.Then I climaxed, and finally woke up. What happened, will this be abnormal?Another time I got up to the toilet and found that there were blood stains. I immediately went to the hospital and scared to death. Will it be because of this? But I can’t control it!

According to incomplete statistics, 90 % of expectant mothers have done "spring dreams" during pregnancy, and nearly 20 % of them will frequently do "spring dreams".Half of expectant mothers are frequent in the middle of pregnancy, and the frequency of sexual dreams in the third trimester will decrease significantly.The survey shows that most of the expectant mothers will have orgasm in sexual dreams. Half of the expectant mothers are ashamed and worried about sexual dreams. Sometimes the orgasm brought by sexual dreams will make the expectant mother’s belly hard and tight, and the fetal movement is frequent.Even contracted bleeding.

Every night, 20%-25%of our sleep is dreaming, but those who think that they do not dream are actually because their dreams are not interrupted. If they have not awakened all night, then people can remember the last dream at most.

After pregnancy, expectant mothers’ sleep habits have been changed, the pressure becomes greater, and the body changes hugely. The number of times waking up every night will become more.After pregnancy, I feel a lot of dreams.

Can remember more dreams, why are you always doing spring dreams?This is a baby in the belly!

After pregnancy, the sex hormone secreted by the body changes, resulting in a long dream of prospective mothers.In addition, babies in the stomach often move, and expectant mothers will feel contractions. The oxytocin generated by this can cause sexual impulse, even orgasm, and naturally enter the dream, that is, spring dreams.

It is clear that the baby is caused by the contraction caused by the baby’s activity, not the contraction caused by the dream of spring, so the spring dream is not dangerous to the baby in the stomach.Spring dreams during pregnancy are normal physiological reactions affected by hormones, and expectant mothers do not have to be ashamed of this.And for high estrogen state, intervention measures will not be taken in medicine.

Some expectant mothers are worried to ask for help "old Chinese medicine" to regulate the tire. This is a completely unreliable approach, and it will even cause harm to the fetus.

As mentioned above, the changes in sleep habits after pregnancy have led to the more dreams that prospective mothers can write down. Among them, because the spring dream is too strange, the pregnant mother is most impressed, but in addition, the pregnant mother will do a lot of a lotOther types of dreams.Emotional and physical changes after pregnancy can also be reflected in dreams.

时 Early pregnancy: During this period, the dream of pregnant mothers is always related to the image of fertility, such as flowers, water, swimming, etc.When I was pregnant, I often dreamed of water.Bao Ma, who has already been born, can recall the dream when she was just pregnant. Is this like this?

妈In secondary pregnancy: expectant mothers will dream more about the image related to babies in the stomach, such as some small animals.In addition, during this period, the expectant mother’s body has experienced various obvious changes and will be reflected in the dream.

Specific mothers will have potential concerns about their physical changes.Pay more attention to the emotions of expectant mothers, give them more confidence, patience and love.

更In third trimester: I will dream more about the scenes related to children.For example, when you talk to your children in a dream, you dream of the baby’s gender or name. The dream during this period is very clear and real. When the pregnant mother wakes up, there is often an illusion of whether it is true or dream.

In addition to these common peaceful dreams, many pregnant mothers also have nightmares related to production!However, some studies have found that pregnant women who have dreamed of giving birth to children will produce smoothly.This may be because the worst situation has been prepared in my heart, but it will go smoothly when it is truly produced.

Don’t associate your dreams with your baby’s health too much. Most of the abortion and fetal stops are caused by problems with the fetus itself.Therefore, pregnant mothers treat their various dreams as much as possible!

Regarding the sleeping position during pregnancy, Duda suggested that pregnant mothers have to sleep on the left lying position.Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, the lying position on the left side can reduce the compression of the aorta and iliac artery in the pregnancy uterus, so that it maintains normal tension to ensure the amount of blood irrigation of the placenta, so that it is not easy for pregnant mothers to cause lower limb edema, lower limb varicose veins, and fetal dysplasia.Waiting for the disease.

If the pregnant mother is difficult for a long time, it can be matched on the right hip in the right hip when lying on the right hip, so that the pelvis is tilted to the left, and it can also have the effect of the left side position.

Dudu Dudu: One stop will help you solve various problems of childcare growth and early education.The baby’s clothing, food, housing, and food, one by one, we all take it all by heart.

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