Will you get pregnant just after menstruation?Meeting

Soon after Qinqin got married, the newlywed Yaler inevitably had impulse.The couple traveled to live a life without contraceptives, like paint.

Qinqin said: "Menstruation has always been accurate, and rarely goes wrong." The day of the holiday was here, and there was no news after two days.This made Qinqin a little scared. After all, I just got married and discussed that I had to wait for two years.Qinqin didn’t want to wait anymore. I simply buy a test paper box and try it. Where can I still start the test when it is torn.As a result, it is always unexpected. It was surprised or scared that only the parties knew.

"Her husband had a business trip since that after that menstruation, why did he get pregnant?" Qin Qin was puzzled.

She was sitting there and made a stun. Her plan, she threatened to want her husband to accompany her to the world.She couldn’t cry, ready to be the flow of people.Sitting in the gallery of the hospital, she was afraid, she was scared, and her heart was compassionate about the fertilized egg.

Yes, you guess, she regrets it.

Now I think of these piano can always open their mouths into "O" shape, and use exaggerated expressions and sensational language to say that experience.Five years have passed, and the fertilized egg that made her disgusting came to this world after her compassion, named "honeymoon".The daughter’s big eyes, the ancient and strange mind, and wiped the honey’s mouth, and made Qinqin forget the former embarrassment.The daughter is the happy fruit of their family, and threatened to want a family of three to break through the world.

The answer "meeting" is certain.

Although the success rate of ovulation is high, the chance is not low.For families who are not ready for children, don’t be superstitious about the safety period. Safety and safety are just an example. If you take an example to guide tens of thousands of women, the damage is not only a star.

Contraception is the most civilized progress of human beings, allowing women to get rid of the nightmares that can only be listened to the day. Since then, women have more rights and opportunities, and therefore have more positions that may go to higher.

Sister Ya Tsai: I was in the same room after the moon, and I couldn’t believe it when I went to the hospital to see the date.

Youth: Yes!My girlfriend had just been in the same room for two days, but I was pregnant. It has been 5.6 months now.

Cherish: My daughter is pregnant for two days.My husband said it was impossible.I can’t get angry.Fourteen years old [cover your face] [cover your face] [cover your face].

Sunny: Women with a pregnancy -prone physique except for menstrual periods are safe periods, there is no safety period at other times.Everyone knows why I say that [Tears] [Tears] [Tears].

Hexl: Hmm, this will definitely be, my aunt’s cycle is 28 days, and the last aunt came on February 11th to clean on the 15th.].

Unexpected pregnancy is very harmful to women’s body and psychological harm. Do not leave the child not only to withstand physical destruction, but also to be guilty of children.Therefore, for women, except for menstrual periods is a safe period, everything else requires contraception.

Those mothers who accidentally gave birth to their children also had the same happiness, but the child changed his mother’s choice and focus.If the mothers are not ready, then protect it. The egg sister and the sperm brother are deeply affectionate. If you have a relaxation, it is easy to recruit, creating a little monster.

Among all contraceptive measures, I advocate contraception.It abandoned a lot of unnecessary damage and has a high success rate.The couple check whether the air leaks when using the suit, and do not take off the hat when used.

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