Will uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?Why does the surrogate ability decrease?

Speaking of uterine fibroids, I believe that many women are no stranger. They all know that it is a benign tumor. When the condition is not serious, it does not need to be treated, but some women are more worried about whether the existence of uterine fibroids will affect the existence of uterine fibroids that will affect the existence of uterine fibroids.What should I do when my conception ability affects fertility?What measures do I need to take?

Generally speaking, when women’s uterine fibroids develop to a certain degree, women’s fertility ability will be affected. What are more common is these reasons.

1. Changes in the physiological structure

If women want to get pregnant, they need fallopian tubes to discharge eggs, and uterine fibroids will cause fallopian tubes to be affected during ovulation, and sometimes even cause the fallopian tube to block and make sperm fail to meet the eggs.

Second, uterine contraction abnormalities

Under normal circumstances, uterine activities need to rely on uterine muscle fibers. When uterine fibroids occur, the sorting of uterine muscle fibers will be abnormal, which will cause the uterus to shrink normally.It will cause sperm to be hindered to the body of a woman, causing no way to form fertilized eggs.

3. The secretion function of the endometrium is affected

Women’s uterine endometrium can help secrete a variety of cytokines. The occurrence of fibroids will affect the secretion of endometrium, and there will be excessive estrogen in the part of the uterine fibroids. These will affect the fertilized eggs.Betting in bed, or let the fertilized eggs habitually miscarriage after bed.

1. Surgical resection

The most important way to treat uterine fibroids is to perform surgical resection. After surgery, it can restore women’s fertility after removal of uterine fibroids.

2. Drug treatment

Women can also take drug treatment. Generally, drug treatment is suitable for some women who cannot perform surgery. By using some anticoin drugs to let fibroids be controlled or disappeared.Guide to take medicines. If you take it at will, the body hormone will be disordered, causing endocrine to be affected.

In general, the occurrence of mild uterine fibroids will not affect women, but if women’s uterine fibroids have seriously affected their fertility, they need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner. With the help of a doctor, take a corresponding correspondence.The method of treatment should pay attention to your daily life care during treatment. After all, some care methods in life can also help control uterine fibroids.

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