Will there be leucorrhea if you are pregnant?If women’s leucorrhea changes, be careful

I believe that many pregnant mothers have a lot of sense of their feelings for their pregnancy, because this is unforgettable by every woman. In addition to various discomfort after pregnancy, the pain during production makes everyone unforgettableThere are different constitutions, so the symptoms after pregnancy are also different. So, will there be leucorrhea if you are pregnant? If these changes occur in the leucorrhea, the pregnant mothers must be careful.

Lands are a normal physiological phenomenon. Each woman will have leucorrhea. It is normal for pregnant women to have an increase in leucorrhea in the early stages of pregnancy.Also accompanied by special smell, color, etc., it needs to be diagnosed and treated in time.

During pregnancy, affected by the female and progesterone secreted by the placenta, the vaginal mucosa is congested, edema, the appearance is purple and blue, the vaginal fixture increases, soft and elastic, and the surface area increases. At this time, the transparency of the vaginal mucosa is transparentIncreased sex, the exudate is significantly increased compared to non -pregnancy, and the glandular secretion of the cervix is increased. Therefore, vaginal secretions during pregnancy are significantly increased than non -pregnancy.treat.

Generally, the vaginal secretions are more after pregnancy, and it may be thicker than usual.Under normal circumstances, some people will have slight lower abdomen pain in the early stages of pregnancy, with breast swelling, nausea, vomiting and other phenomena.In the early stages of pregnancy, the secretions will also increase, and the transparent water is occasionally pale yellow. It is normal without odor. A small amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is a common phenomenon.

1. White strap has odor

When the expectant mother found that the color of the vaginal secretions changed, it was yellow, gray -white, and accompanied by a severe smell, it was generally a signal of bacterial vaginitis. Bacterial vaginitis was also one of the common gynecological diseases during pregnancy, and the vagina and vagina.Functional disorders are related.In addition to abnormal leucorrhea, pregnant mothers can also be accompanied by symptoms such as severe itching and itching in the genitals.In severe cases, pregnant women will have discomfort such as fever, abdominal pain, abnormal uterine shrinkage, and are very unfavorable to the development of the fetus and need to be treated in time.

2. The leucorrhea is like a tofu residue

The leucorrhea is similar to tofu residue, accompanied by itching of the vulva, and the genital odor.This is often a manifestation of mold infection, clinically common in "mold vaginitis".For pregnant women, itching caused by mold is unbearable, and even can’t even sleep.Therefore, it is necessary to actively treat the doctor’s suggestion, and usually pay attention to keeping the vulva clean and dry.

3. Water -like leucorrhea

If pregnant women suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease during pregnancy, they will also cause changes in the nature of leucorrhea, mainly in water -like leucorrhea, and the amount of leucorrhea is very large.In addition, patients have symptoms such as low back pain and lower abdomen pain, which are typical manifestations of pelvic inflammatory disease.At this time, pregnant women should actively check to avoid inflammation from affecting fetal development.

The above is several changes in leucorrhea after pregnancy. If there are several cases below, you must seek medical treatment in time to ensure the health of the fetus. If you are not sure if you are pregnant, you can also check it through the pregnancy test stick or B ultrasound.The accuracy will be higher ~

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