Will the quasi -mother leucorrhea yellow during pregnancy, will it affect the baby baby?

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Today, I went to the half -year -old physical examination for my Xiaofebao. The doctor said that he had developed well in all aspects.Alas, every time I take a shower, watching the folds on my belly of my little two treasures one layer by layer. He laughed in the bathtub’s innocence. The high and high -seeking thing I saw beside him completely ignored the essence of his chubby.Fortunately, pure breastfeeding babies will remove some milk crickets after breaking milk and lose weight.

The doctor saw that I still didn’t care about it, and couldn’t help but suffer to me: "Think about it, your baby is not good for now, why is it not good?The exercise time allows the baby to move as soon as possible, and soon start to learn to climb. "I nodded again and again, yeah, yes, I am the kind of lazy and moving person, and take the child to spread this bad problem.Going down, plus the winter, it seems to be too lazy to exercise, leaving only lying and fat!

The doctor saw that I seemed to have the symptoms of "pain before the non -", and then nodded slightly, gave up my shattered thoughts, and teased Xiao Erbao.Forgot to explain again: "Be sure to learn the ability to crawl well, and the baby will be very helpful to his growth!" In fact, when you encounter such a person in charge of the medical examination doctor, as a baby mother, why not be a lucky?Intersection

Holding Xiao Erbao from the third floor to the first floor, this is the really feeling that I felt that I was wearing a thick cotton coat.It seems that I can make myself more fattened for this reason to hold my baby more conveniently!While walking, I thought about where I went at noon today to satisfy myself.

At this time, a beauty who walked next to me suddenly greeted me. I looked up at Xiaomei. The original company’s colleagues, for a few years, did not expect to reunite in the hospital.After asking each other, Xiaomei loved Xiao Erbao. I saw her loose down jacket a slightly raised belly under her loose down jacket. She couldn’t help but ask her if she was here for a pregnancy test?She didn’t consciously touch her lower abdomen with her hands, and looked at me.

After a while, she said anxiously that she was half pregnant, but in recent days, the leucorrhea seems to have a problem. In addition to the odor, it is also yellow and sticky.She was so worried that it was not good for her baby, and she was worried that she was a symptom of miscarriage, so she came to the hospital to see.Doctors checked that it was moderate cervical erosion, so that it would really affect the baby.

First, pregnancy is a non -normal physiological stage. The physiological function and hormone level and endocrine conditions of pregnant women during this period are abnormal levels.Therefore, various abnormalities in pregnancy, such as abnormal leucorrhea may be caused by this.If it is only a pregnant woman’s leucorrhea yellow and there is no odor, this is actually very normal. The pregnant woman can check the leucorrhea situation regularly according to the time in the project schedule during pregnancy.After the end of pregnancy, it will naturally return to normal.

In another case, it is worth noting. If the leucorrhea of the pregnant woman is yellow, accompanied by the odor, it is necessary to consider that the gynecological inflammation is strange.If pregnant women have gynecological inflammation before pregnancy, the symptoms of inflammation during pregnancy are likely to increase the symptoms of inflammation, which will cause leucorrhea yellow and odor.Don’t worry about this situation, state the condition to the doctor in a timely manner, and strive to control the condition without taking the drug. It is better to treat it after production.At this time, it is no longer possible to entangle whether pregnant women can take a bath, and they must clean their personal hygiene.

Any abnormalities during pregnancy should be paid attention to, and abnormal leucorrhea is no exception.Land abnormalities refer to women’s leucorrhea in other colors or odors, causing itching.If such abnormalities occur, expectant mothers must handle it carefully, and there are many reasons that induce abnormal leucorrhea. They need to be diagnosed in a timely manner to treat them with symptomatic treatment.

There is no need to worry if it is just an increase in leucorrhea, because this is a normal physiological reaction of women during pregnancy.However, abnormal leucorrhea in the early pregnancy may affect fetal health, especially leucorrhea caused by inflammation, which has a greater impact on the fetus.

1. Pay attention to hygiene.

Under the underwear, keep the vulva dry and clean. Take a bath but use a shower.

2. Wear the right underwear.

Choosing underwear is to pay attention to using cotton panties with better water absorption, instead of nylon materials.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the genitals.

Due to the increase in secretions, it is necessary to clean the pussy, but pay attention, use water to avoid disinfection water to avoid destroying the vagina environment.

4. Understand the reason and apply the right medicine.

It is reminded that pregnant mothers must judge based on leucorrhea results, rather than self -righteousness.

1) Endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease: If the pregnant mother suffers from endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, its leucorrhea will also increase.Abdominal pain occurs.

2) Cervical erosion: If the pregnant mother suffers from cervical erosion during pregnancy, its leucorrhea is generally colorful and sticky like pus. Although there is no special smell, cervical erosion needs to be actively treated, otherwise, it is easy to cause the fetusAbortion appears.

3) Vaginitis: There are many vaginitis. Each vaginitis will have different symptoms. When suffering from fungal vaginitis, the leucorrhea will be yellow or white. Most of the texture is thick.Slag -like or cream -like.

When pregnant mothers suffer from trichomonas vaginitis, their leucorrhea is mostly diluted, yellow yellow, and foam appears. Sometimes it will be rice -like, gray color, and often appear obvious odor. IfNot active treatment, long -term stimulation of leucorrhea, is prone to vulvar itching.

5. Daily prevention.

1) Drugs must be used under the guidance of a doctor: medication is not right, and may increase the condition.

2) Medication in time: If there is any situation of leucorrhea or other discomfort in any case, go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

3) Regular examination: Even if there is no discomfort, it should be checked regularly. It is best to do a comprehensive gynecological examination at least once a year.

4) Put less tight pants: wear less tight or close pants such as jeans, and avoid wearing tight nylon underwear, you should choose cotton underwear.

The estrogen in the expectant mothers during pregnancy will change a lot, causing the pregnant mother’s body to change a lot.This change will require pregnant mothers to continue to adapt.And leucorrhea is a feminine of women’s health. Whether a female body has a health problem can be seen through the change of leucorrhea.Seeing her own leucorrhea, pregnant mothers will inevitably be anxious.

In fact, at this time, it is more important to relax the mentality of pregnant mothers. Keeping personal hygiene and actively cooperating with doctors will soon return to normal. For the baby, the earlier the treatment will have less impact on him.

Bless all the pregnant mothers to spend their unique pregnancy.

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